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by this time last year, we were planning our three week trip to new york! we may have bought the tickets by this time as well and the excitement started! the only thing bad that would happen on our return was me having a fatal problem with my external hard drive and lose all the new york photos. the positive thing is that there was a solution, a 1500€ solution by a company that claimed they could most likely fix my external hard drive and save all my work. but the negative part was that i didn’t have 1500€ for that and even if i had that money, i don’t think i would have spent it that way! i figured out that for 1500€ we could both fly again to new york and i could take all the pictures i wanted again, and the rest of the work… well, i had to do it all over again! it was a lesson learned for sure!

thanks to lightroom i could save half the files though in a much lower resolution, most edited files were completely ruined. but here’s the idea – i’ll make an album with the photos i could save and this way, new york will be with us forever and close to us (unless there’s a fire or something, but hey, let’s not get into those kind of problems, right?).

i’ll be ordering an album from blurb, with whom i’ve been working on photo albums and i’m so pleased with their quality! i also work with them here on the blog as an affiliated sponsor, which you might have already noticed. and if you are asking yourself what is an affiliated sponsor, let me share this with you!

think about all your favourite brands! those that make you excited to buy from, those that make you thrilled to receive a discount from… write their names on a piece of paper and google them with the following words “affiliate program”. you will probably find that those brands have affiliated programs which means you can join those programs, get a few fancy badges and links, place them on your blog and simply talk about those brands with your readers. if your readers click on those links/badges and buy something, you get a percentage, because you were the one that made the connection between your reader and that brand. and that is how i work with blurb, the book depository and moo!

some say that this is not a good advertising for bloggers to make, but i truly believe it is! why shouldn’t i take advantage of suggesting something to you that i particularly love? you don’t pay anything extra + you read my personal opinion on such brand and/or product + you get happy + you shop + brands get happy + i get a small incentive! it’s a win-win situation!

so for those of you who are thinking about making some photo album as a christmas gift or just for yourself, here’s the great deal!

Blurb 20% Discount Code - New York Photography, Travel Photography, Christmas in New York // Twiggs Photography

as soon as my album with these pictures arrives i’ll share it with you! can’t wait to hold it on my hands! if you are a blogger, and you happen to love blurb as well, you can also get on their affiliate program, just email me so that i can refer your name/blog to them! have a great saturday my friends!


    • hello jenny, thank you so much for your comment! new york is a dream… it’s funny because i always felt at home in new york and this time i actually missed my city, but i knew that a month after arriving home i would be missing new york pronto! :) you should definitely go!!!

  1. Oh New York is superb! it trully is the city that never sleeps. it´s so diverse, so fun, so full of life at any hour of the day! I miss it dearly. I´m doing a series on NYC on my blog with the photos I took there during my 10 years stay at the States. I still have soooo many places I wanna visit there! Hope to be able to go back there soon! I love the images you chose to share, Claudia, because each one of them brings very sweet memories of my days there! Thanks for sharing!

    • hello nat, so good to know that i helped to bring back those memories you have about new york! i also miss so deeply! cannot wait to go back! and it’s like you say, so full of life every time, 24/7. while some cities fall asleep new york definitely is not one of them! have a lovely weekend my dear!

  2. awww I totally love your photos from NYC, that’s why I felt quite sad about your disk drive, fortunately you’ve managed to save a lot of your works.
    I’ve never tried to print an album with my photos, but actually I have to try it out :) Please as soon as you receive your album share some photos :D

    • oh i will, i just need time to organize the album and then wait for the arrival!!! thank you for your feedback!

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