the shops

as i like to do several things, i thank every day for the possibility of working from home on my photography and design business! i work mainly with fine art photography, along with my lifestyle photography business, but i also design posters as these inspire me to keep up with a joyful attitude, with a twist of humor and vintage style as well! so, where am i online?

if you live in portugal and wish to order and pay through money transfer in euros, just let me know through email (

if you wish for larger sizes of the prints on the shop above, you can visit my shop on {society6}. they handle the printing & shipping of all the orders. i list most of my prints there for larger sizes options. here is a sneak-peek into it (click the image to jump to the website)!

as a lover of film, lomography and vintage mood photography, i also have the shop below… all started as a love affair with my holga!

and because i am a girl, cotton totes are something i love. in order to match my love for photography & cotton totes, i created the label {poppies are red} for these designs. also available through me (just send me an email with your order!) or the first {etsy shop}, though some may not be available.

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