one of the main topics of this blog is actually food! i wrote it down on the description and i want to keep it that way, because honestly eating is a delicious thing to do. as i have confessed here, i eat way more than i look like and even friends usually say that they are impressed by the food i eat. well, i think i may be a little bit fortunate, because i can do that without any further “complications”! therefore, i created a feature a long time ago called “shall we eat something?”, and started by inviting some friends to share a recipe and take pictures of the actual process of the recipe. months passed and the feature changed a bit, but the main thing was always kept, the sharing part!

so, in order to make things easier for you, here is a list of the recipes shared so far! i hope you have one delicious day!

topic based recipes:
>> chocolate desserts
>> cocktails
>> cookies for the holidays
>> pumpkin recipes
>> tomato recipes
>> peaches recipes
>> frozen desserts

sweets for my sweet:
>> pear + raspberry frozen yogurt
>> watermelon paletas
>> banana cream pie
>> coconut bread
>> muffins
>> orange blossom cream
>> cupcakes
>> ginger puddings
>> cinnamon rolls
>> chocolate cookies
>> blueberry and strawberry muffins

breads & focaccias:
>> rustic bread
>> focaccia bread

salads are good for summer: 
>> summer couscous salad
>> salads

for a lunch break:
>> spaghetti with seafood
>> tomato, olive and goat cheese crostini
>> eggplant, caciocavallo and tomato quiche
>> salmon croquettes with caviar sauce
>> eggplant layers


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  2. I love your site it is a wonderful surprise .

    Eu realmente gosto de como você construiu seu site na minha opinião uma estética bonita


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