photography… how it all began

once upon a time… an ordinary girl explored her unknown, but suspicious, love for photography. it all started in 2007. a very important person gave this girl a point-and-shoot camera, while she was visiting her favourite city… new york. from then on, she kept exploring and developing her love for the art of photography. while on vacation in her own city, she joined flickr and soon discovered that would be just the main step for the love affair with photography.

not being able to afford a reflex camera, she kept developing her skills with the simple point-and-shoot from canon. later she was given a lomo camera, which was crucial for her love for film to begin. she experienced a lot of frustration for the random results holga presented her, but never gave up. eventually they became good friends and holga often carries black & white film. holga is very light when compared to others, so when she takes her out for a walk, she loves to carry it around her neck, always ready to shoot. the girl created a tumblr account to share her passion for lomography with the world. it is called {a lomo love affair}.

a few months later she was fortunate to win an auction on ebay, this time for a beautiful yashica from the 70’s. the love for film kept on going… this girl is curious and wishes to explore the magic of film. she loves the grain, the colours, the unexpected results, she loves the waiting for the results. she tries different kinds of film and is always glad when someone suggests another kind of film for her to explore.

in the beginning of 2011, this ordinary girl was finally able to invest on a reflex camera, deciding for a canon 550d + a 50mm 1.8 lens. she kept exploring and developing her skills with digital photography, this time on another level. she is still learning… but that will never stop, right? you can browse through this photographic journey on flickr… and her work is also available for sale on etsy.

as a photographer, she also freelances as a portrait photographer, where she wishes to capture the beauty of the individual selves, children, families, love-birds and grown-up love-birds… you can explore her portfolio here.

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