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as a self-taught photographer, this has been a long and fulfilling path, but also a hard one. learning is not always easy and it often comes with several episodes of frustration. frustration when we ask ourselves “but why isn’t the camera answering as i expect?”, “why can’t i get my object focused the way i wanted?”, “why can’t i get the light the way i want?”… frustration also when we cannot afford the equipment we want/need/dream about. but on this matter, i also need to say that whatever equipment we have, all we need is to learn everything about it, in order to make it work on its best! for the record i started selling fine art prints on etsy, when all i had was a canon point-and-shoot. however, as i wanted to keep growing and make a living out of photography, i had to upgrade to a professional camera, but as i also love to learn from the very best, here are a few interviews with photographers about their style, equipment or any other topic related!

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wedding photography
>> caught the light
>> piteira photography
>> catarina zimbarra
>> jonathan canlas
>> joie lala
>> branco prata

portrait photography
>> christina greve
>> christine pobke
>> arlyne vanhook

photographers: their story, their style, their process
>> anna-maria
>> christina greve
>> natalie french
>> elena ferrer
>> isabel alcalá
>> libertad leal
>> jackie rueda
>> valeria spring
>> euge de la peña
>> françoise rachez 

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