{random} stories :: daily tasks

… and decisions. Somehow mixed… somehow a consequence. Decisions make your daily tasks change. Daily tasks are sometimes a delight… others a huge effort in order to get through the day. So, we stop. We think. We decide. We strive. We get a chance. We grab it. The question? Will it be a good thing? I truly hope so!

Today… these last days… this week… has been full with good and happy moments. However it has been filled with mixed feelings about other parts in life. Decisions made. Let’s face the decisions and expect for the best.

Be optimistic! – said my mind.
I know! I know! I’ll be optimistic! A day at a time! – I thought.
This will be a good thing! – said my mind.
I know! I know! This will be just another step! – I thought.

Moments in life… they are all important… some more than others. Some are made of decisions. This will be a good thing.

{guess what? sometimes we face new doors in our path… what a clichet! :p}

I don’t know if you, my friends… know Martinho da Vila, a brazilian singer… well, if you don’t know him, you should. He’s such a talented singer and composer. In this very moment I’m listening to one of his songs where he sings…

“Canta, canta minha gente,
deixa a tristeza p’ra lá,
canta forte
canta alto
que a vida vai melhorar…
mas vai melhorar…
será que vai melhorar?
só pode melhorar!”

… in english it would be something like this (I really hate to translate these things… I always think they sound funny afterwards :p)

“My friends, sing… sing,
leave the sadness behind,
sing strong,
sing loud,
life’s is getting better…
but it will get better…
will it get better?
Of course it will, that’s the only way!”

random stories :: one year ago…

One year ago…

I liked Photography…
I liked interior styling…
I knew I wanted to share something with others.

I love Photography.
I developped a sense for looking for beauty…
I opened my eyes to the world in a whole different way.
I developped my skills with processing and composition.
I love Interior Styling and have explored different perspectives and ideas.
I developped a sense for recycling.
I have friends with whom I share my ideas, my home, and the beauty I keep finding on my way.
I created a blog {…a place for twiggs}.
I created a label {…a place for twiggs}.
I started my Etsy Store (opening soon!)

This has been an amazing year for my creative side, with no doubt whatsoever.

Thank you so much Flickr and by this I mean…

{…thank you all, my dear friends on Flickr that have changed my eyes.}

interview with teresa

Again… another small project (oh my, this girl is full with projects!) This time, what pulled the trigger was this Flickr thing that allows us to meet so many wonderful artists, photographers, bloggers, designers, moms… and so on, and so on. And because I always wanted to go abroad, and was never able to do it (some things just don’t go the way you wished, and you must deal with it properly), I kept my attention to those that were away from their home, for so many reasons. So… {at home… away from home} was born! This time, I chose someone that shares something with me… the home country, as this is a portuguese girl living outside London. So let’s get to know more about {Sweet Berry Me :: Teresa}.

1. Hello! How are you? Can you tell me something that describes who’s Sweet Berry Me :: Teresa?
Hi Claudia! I’m really good, thanks! I’m a mother of two wonderful children, and I love it being a full time mum! I enjoy spending time at home with my family, in the Summer I like to sit on my balcony on the 9th floor and enjoy the view, I live just off a big park so all I can see is green, although I’m only 20 minutes away from central London, it’s like I live on the countryside, and in teh Winter I love to snuggle up with a blanket on the sofa and watch the kids play or read them a story.

I had a wonderful childhood, maybe because of that I have a passion for all vintage things, they are so pretty and have so much character. I love going to markets and charity shops to look for vintage things, I get so excited when I go to these places because you never know what you might find there.

I love Interior Styling, I like to look at pictures on magazines or browse on the net for beautiful houses. My taste is quite plain, I like white, white and more white with a few splashes of colours, I like cosy and simple country houses and Scandinavian style. I follow a few blogs of people from Nordic countries and I find it amazing how clever they are and the fact they all have such a good taste.

2. You were born in…
I was born in Portugal, in Peniche, a small fishing town, situated in the center of the country, it is a small cape surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and has wonderful sandy beaches. I lived there until I was 19 years old and then moved to study and work in Lisbon, where I lived for 2 years.

3. And now you are in… for how many years?
I have lived in London for 13 years.

4. Do you remeber what were you feeling/thinking in the day you decided to go abroad?
My partner decided to move to London and a few months later I packed my bags and came to live with him. I was really excited to move to such a big and bustling city. When we first moved we didn’t have friends or family here. I did and still do miss my family very much but it’s great the sense of achievement that you get when you have to survive on your own.

5. What do you like the most in your current place?
I like the galleries, the museums, the beautiful parks and of course, the many fantastic shops.

6. What do you miss the most from your country?
I miss a few things, the sunshine, the food, it tastes do much nicer back home, family and friends, and of course looking at the sea.

7. Let’s say that I’m going abroad for some reason… and I’m at the airport, on the departure side… your words for me would be…?
Enjoy it and try to learn as much as possible from the other country’s culture, all cultures have so much to offer!

8. What’s your favourite word in your language?
It’s difficult to choose just one word, because I think Portuguese language is so beautiful and rich, but this time I’ll say {mãe} (mother). Because that’s how I define myself now and also because I have the best mum who tought me so many wonderful things and she’s always been so supportive.


{countryside London}

I hope you have enjoyed this interview and if you are away from home, and would like to be a guest here, just let me know, send me an email to aplacefortwiggs@aol.com.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

{random} stories :: etsy! etsy! etsy!

It has been almost one year since the day I was at home enjoying all peace and quite (vacationing) when I decided to register on Flickr… If only I knew… Almost one year later, I can’t write down on a list how much I’ve learned, explored and experienced… and of course, I must also mention all those fabulous friends and photographers, bloggers, artists that I’ve met. If only you knew… And almost one year later there’s another change in the row… I’ll be experiencing the Etsy world as a seller!

Oh boy, my own store! The name… oh well, the name was quite easy… my label {…a place for twiggs}. It just feels the right thing! Hope I can see you there! I can offer tea & cookies while you’re experiencing my place!

Have yourself a great end of the week!!!

I’ll expect you tomorrow for a whole new column!

Kisses & Hugs,

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