{random} stories :: a botanical story

This afternoon I went to one of the Botanical Gardens in Lisbon, which happens to be almost on my street. It has been a long time that I wanted to visit it, but time flies and it never seems to be the right moment. A few days ago I saw some pictures of a Botanical Garden in one of my friends in Flickr and decided that this visit had to be made asap!

Today I really needed this time to wander around fresh trees, exotic plants, lakes and swans… I was missing a photography trip, and also needed to focus and to clear my mind with some dark clouds around my head.

I found that peace, but unfortunately I found a very sad scenery… it appears that this garden has not been taken care of just as it needs. Though I found some pretty scenarios for my photography session, I also found dirty lakes… with some very green water (it reminded me of Shrek!), greenhouses closed to the public, empty lakes and streams… it appeared to me that trees were being taken care off, animals too… there were even peacocks, which I always find fascinating… those amazingly beautiful feathers and that magnificent dark and shiny blue… oh nature has its own way towards perfection, hasn’t it?

So, as I told I also found pretty details to capture… here are a few.

{a green lake for shrek}

{a fabulous hawaiian skirt?}

 {is it growing in the sky?}

 {too attached?}

{a green sky?}

{a magical garden?}

 {two exquisite green hearts?}

See you around, friends!! May you all have a sweet thursday!

{random} stories :: creativity sneak-peeks

Hello there everyone, how are you?

Today I just felt like writing you, as it is been so long!

Well, I’ve been so busy in these last days… you wouldn’t guess, and I wouldn’t either! I’m on vacations for three weeks, while I don’t start on my new job and I just keep having so many things to do every day! To be honest, sometimes it gets difficult to deal with all these things, because I want to do so many things that I get a little disorganized… but to be honest again, I was always like this! I always felt that I’m a little bit of hyperactive when doing things around the house… I start something and then I have to go to the kitchen and manage to start something else too… then I go to the living room, I sit to peek Flickr and I remember that it is a good moment to post some of my pictures and/or leave some comments and when I look at the time… it is so late! To help, my laptop is so old, that it takes like forever to do anything. But as I respect the elderly… I truly respect the time that it takes to do what I want. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

Deal with your own “imperfections”… and this is one of my imperfections… maybe a special feature… oh well!

So, I have news!!! My Etsy sweet corner is filled with new goods!! Here’s just a sneak-peek!
{baking session}
{cherry session}
{cherry session}
{cherry session}
These are available on my corner as individual “sweets” and as a set… actually two different sets! As there are other pictures that may fit here, you can choose other one to complete the set! At twiggs’ place, flexibility is the word!
Other “sweets” on Etsy include…
{the single cherry}
{the white stork}
{the creamy flowers}
{the cotton flowers}
These postcards… which whose I truly hope to cherish your senses… were pictured in a very natural environment, as I used my weekend away from Lisbon to find a good spot to make them look even more pretty! Look at me, complimenting my own work… well… as they say, we must believe in our work, before expecting someone else to believe in it, right? So, that’s what I’m doing!

And as I seem to be always busy… yesterday I had this handcrafted moment… I always go to bed really, really late… I like to think about my work, I like to appreciate my Flickr friends pictures… read blogs, find new ideas and get inspired by so many talented people that I know or get to know… And like a fiew weeks ago, when playing a visit to a museum near my house, I felt inspired by this wall art that I saw, and thought about… postcards! Why not some DIY postcards? Will I be able to do it?
{inspiration part…}
Yesterday was the day they were born… through some old postcards, small pieces of wood, golden traces and love inspiration, as one of my favourite expressions is…
Love is all around us.
{one heart}
 {hearts & love}
{heart & path}

Well… and this is a way of saying that my sweet corner at Etsy is filled with goods and I just need clients so that I can share all these sweets and as promised… tea & cookies!

… So I leave you with another set that I’ve created… {squared pieces}

{the heart}
Take care my friends! See you tomorrow for some inspiration talents, and don’t forget… Friday it’s {at home… far away from home} day!

Who will be our beloved guest?

Tip: extremely organized woman!

See ya!

step-by-step recipes :: chocolate cookies

Hello there my friends!!!

Here we are again with some tasty post!! I hope you have had a good week! I don’t know about the weather where you live, but we have had some pretty summer days in Lisbon! So, I’m enjoying some really good summer days while on vacations!

So, as you all may now in this column I invite someone to share a recipe, always a tasty one, of course, and some pictures made during the cooking/baking session! And to end this, the honourous guest has to finish a sentence about his/her feeling about the kitchen!

For this session, I invited someone really special. Oh yes, you must believe in every word I say about this person, because as you all may know talent has no age and you may be very talented even at the age of six, but even so… there are certain subjects where you have to me mature, and this gal is very young, yet mature and talented as she shares with us her world in unique images.

She’s 21, going on 22… and a student. She lives in Romania. She has green eyes, not blue. She has the dearest of friends and boyfriends, that has been with her for six years, and she’s no afraid of telling everyone “ti amo punto”. Her name is Smaranda.

So, this week I asked Smaranda to be my lovely guest here on {shall we eat something?} and as I was saying that I would do some cookies too, she made this amazing suggestion… “why don’t we share the same recipe, bake the same cookies and share the pictures and results?”

It would be a nice project, one recipe, two girls, two countries… one/two results :)

Oh boy, I was thrilled by this!!! I should thank Smaranda right this instance by this, because it was my very first time as a baker of cookies!!! :) So, as you may see, I agreed and we baked some cookies!

What was the recipe?
Coconut and Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 cup softened butter
1+1/2 cup sugar
2 whole eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
3 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon instant coffee granules
2 table spoons flax seed
1 cup dark chocolate chips
1 cup grated coconut
2-3 tablespoons coconut dehydrated flakes for decoration

{twiggs’ version}

How to bake it?

Stir together the butter and sugar until well combined, then add the eggs, the vanilla extract and the lemon peel and mix them.

{smaranda’s version}
{twiggs’ version}

In a separate bowl, stir together the flour, instant coffee, baking soda and salt. Add to the previously mixed wet ingredients in batches, stirring gently. If desired (and I do recommend it), add the flax seed.

{twiggs’ version}
{twiggs’ version}

Finally, add the coconut and the chocolate chips and mix everything together gently.

{smaranda’s version}
{smaranda’s version}

{smaranda’s version}

Smaranda added coconut.

{twiggs’ version}

Failing to go to a proper grocery store, I boutgh 200g of dark chocolate and sliced it. Next time, I must slice it in smaller pieces.

{twiggs’ version}

Instead of coconut I added some sliced almonds!

Now chill the dough for 30 minutes and dream about warm cookies. Don’t forget to preheat the oven.

{twiggs’ version}

{twiggs’ version}

Drop small balls of dough on a cookie sheet, distanced from one another. Add some coconut flakes on top of each one and bake in the oven for 11 to 13 minutes, until they are golden brown.

{smaranda’s version}

{smaranda’s version}

Remove the cookies from the sheet and place them on a cooling rack. Then call your friends.

{twiggs’ version
{smaranda’s version}

{smaranda’s version}

Quite delicious, don’t you think?

{smaranda’s version}

The cookie jar that actually started all this delicious cooperation!

{twiggs’ version}
{twiggs’ version}

Guess which one is homemade?

{twiggs’ version}

{twiggs’ version}

I’m not grabbing, but I’m very proud that after one day, they still have this melting chocolate!

So, this is a means to say…

Yay to homemade chocolate and coconut/almond cookies!!!

 To finish this… let’s see what Smaranda has to say about her kitchen…

Dear Kitchen, for me you…
…are a place of joy and experiments, of quick breakfasts before leaving for school or long time spent with the cooking book in my hands. You’re the tiniest room in my small apartment, but you can still hold together surprises, failures, successes, deliciousness, long talks over a good coffee, inviting flavors and hours of phone conversations with my mum (that would be me calling to ask about how to make a particular soup or the missing ingredients to my French potatoes and ending up talking about all the kitchen-unrelated things in the world). All in all, my dear kitchen, I couldn’t do without you!

I would like to thank Smaranda for being the nicest guest in giving her support while I was baking these cookies! And of course, I would like to thank her, also for being so fast in answering and sharing pictures and recipe!! I surely made it because of you, always so supportive! Thank you in every way!

Have a nice weekend, my sweet friends!!!

{random} stories :: creativity sneak-peeks

… from time to time, when going through my favourite Flickr streams and/or exploring others unknown… my eye was caught by squared, well-captured moments. What an exquisite shape to share the precious details of your pretty life (and these words were just inspired by a Flickr Group – This Pretty Life).

However, besides these findings through Flickr, I had been surprised by that shape a few months before, when I went to develop my first Holga film and the girl asked me “do you want them square or rectangular?” “really, I can have my lomo moments/experiences in a square shape? goooood!!!
So, this is kind of an introduction to a new project (this really has to end, I call “project” to about everything I do :p)… {squared pieces}.

{squared pieces} are squared precious moments/images of randomness that happens to cross my path.
And as a have a sweet little Etsy corner (have you been there yet? no? oh… you must visit! I have tea & cookies!), these will be soon available there!

Here are the first squared moments… the moments have always a few poetic words.
{squared pieces :: i feel the wind in your face}
{squared pieces :: i see hearts, i see love}
Have a delightful day my friends!

number’s editorial :: iro-ivy

Hello everyone! {Number’s Editorial} is back!! After a few days delay, already explained before… I’m officially back, and therefore let’s keep on going and going in the right pace! This time, my guest is someone very very special… well-known freelance decorator and interior design consultant, Iro… also known as Ivy! Ivy is born and raised in beautiful Greece, but as life brought her some surprises… she moved a few years ago to Frankfurt, Germany. From then on she has been going through all the experiences that everyone that moves from one country to another goes through… learning a different language, getting to know the city she chose to live in, moving to a different house, decorating it… getting to know the culture… people… but most of all, she has been touching our hearts with her words about feelings and values. In these last days she has also been sharing with us her delightful pictures of Greece… I must also thank Ivy, not just for being my guest here, but she was one of the first Flickr friends and I learned so much with her… so, here goes a very special “thank you” for being here!

Number :: 18
“… I remember returning from a dog’s asylum and bringing home the first dog that was to actually inhabit with us inside the house. I’ve had dogs and puppies before, a lot of them sheltered from the streets, as there are nunerous of them in Greece, but they all had lived mostly in the garden.
Bianca is her name, then about 1 year old was and still is a beautiful white, mixture, hunting dog with honey coloured ears and loads of natural mascara around her eyes. I still remember the “fight” that had to be given to convince my parents to keeping her.
But they had no chance, as I was very serious about it. I had even signed and adoption paper and had agreed in recieving regular visits from carekeepers of the asylum for the next few months, so as to check the progress!
All turned out well, as she gained the hearts even of my parents in just a couple of….days!…and in a few weeks she had already become a member of our family!

These days, still living with my parents in Greece, she ‘s sadly breathing her last as, she has reached 18 years of age (another connection to your suggested number!). We all hope for her to not suffer….and also hope to adjust well to life without her.

Word :: Bianca

Bianca!…what else?…not only for our dog but also beceause Bianca is the Italian word for white, the only colour I cannot live without in my surrounding. I love its purity and bright quality and especially love what a great canvas it can be for endless and easy creativity in our living spaces.”

A perfect day is when I…
“… I’m in peace with myself and tuned to my inner needs…

One thing I would love to learn is…
“… to be punctual

An english woman in New York or a New Yorker in England?
Neither, as for me Home is where the Heart is…

{Bianca and Iro}

{…a place for twiggs} would like to thank Iro for the honour of answering our challenge and being a part of this project!

Kisses & Hugs!
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