handmade by emma lamb

Hello my sweet friends! How are you? Did you have a sweet weekend? Truly hope so! For me this is a big day… it’s my first day at my new job! Yayyyy!!! Wish me good luck!!! But this post is not about me! Last week, I started these new columns {sneak-peeks} as a way of sharing with you some beautiful and interesting blogs, handmade things and photography by some talented people I got to know around here… boy, there is so much talent, somethimes I’m truly, truly amazed by all these beautiful things that my eyes get to see.

So… this time the main subject to get a sneak-peek is all the things that get deliciously handmade by some very talented hands, and planned by some very creative minds! Today… my sneak-peek goes to the dearest Emma Lamb!

{Emma Lamb herself}

As you know, this is not an interview… so I will just share with you what this young lady is up to for a long time! The middle name of Emma Lamb is… Crochet (so to speak!).

{Emma’s work in progress}

{Emma’s office}
Her bio wherever you find her is always very complete and here are a few words:


Hello! My name is Emma Lamb, I am an avid crocheter, knitter and embroiderer currently living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland.
The pieces I create evolve from my love of the ‘granny chic’ movement. Which for me represents quality hand crafted and vintage pieces teamed with bold but beautiful colour combinations. It is also about mixing old and new ideas, techniques, patterns, colours and textures to create something that is both fresh and modern, yet traditional at the same time.
Using primarily traditional crochet techniques I am aiming to create beautiful homeware pieces that anyone would love to live with and use in their daily life. Currently my range consists of vintage and retro inspired crochet granny cushions, floor throws, potholders, forever flower garlands, cleaning cloths, pincushions and gift cards.”

In fact, Emma has quite a taste for vintage things… or else we couldn’t find this in her home…

{via Flickr}

Besides crochet…

{via Flickr}

{via Flickr}

Emma has also…

… a store onEtsy.
{some products to purchase on Etsy}

… an account on Flickr.


{crochet garlands}



… a blog.


… an account on Facebook.

{custom order}

{miss marylin…}

And you can also find her on The Artisans Collective and Ravelry (but you need to register first!). And the last but not the least, just one more detail about Emma… it’s not handmade, but sure belongs to Emma’s heart as well… I introduce you to Spanner!



“I love crochet, embroidery, knitting, drinking peppermint tea, eating dark chocolate, sipping a good glass of wine, walking on the beach in the summer, my man and my wee cocker spaniel aptly named Spanner… :)”

And this is it, my friends! I hope you liked Emma’s work and getting to know where you can find her! Why not buying something handmade for your home? Or a special gift? I would love to get some of these for sure! And don’t forget… we’re still in July, but Christmas is just around the corner!

Take care!

number’s editorial :: nadine

Hello good friends, how are you today? It’s Friday! Yaaaaayyyy!!! 

Well, today is {number’s editorial} day and our guest is a beautiful woman, with an incredible taste in photography! Her pictures have this quiet and smooth feeling… sometimes with a few pops of colour that never seem to disturbe in any way, that peaceful mood. 

She is married and a mother of two sons, and as she says in her profile, she loves making life “a little more beautiful, cozier, tastier and funnier.” 

And this is a reason why I invited her over!

Her name is Nadine… but you’ll probably will find her under the name “herz allerliebst“, which according to google it means “charming heart”… and for me this applies to her in a complete way!

So, let’s hear Nadine!

Number :: 75
“At 75, I hope my husband and I are still happy and healthy together.  In my dreams I see me within my loved ones; my sons, their partners and hopefully some grandchildren. Maybe we are living in a cute little house nearby the sea.”

Letter :: C
“C is for… Chocolate (or cakes, or cookies) I can’t choose! I really love sweets and I never could live without them.”

A perfect day is when…
“…everything is as stress-free as possible.  I hate to hurry.”

One thing I would love to learn is…
“… to be more patient (if I want something done it has to be done right now).”

Would you rather be an English woman in New York or a New Yorker in England?
“OK, here is something embarrassing about me: I’m addicted to the TV series “Gossip Girl” and as therefore my virtual home is on the Upper East Side anyway, I would certainly choose New York.  In real life I‘ve been to New York seven years ago and I loved it from the first moment I came up the subway stairs in the middle of Manhattan. I’m still able to sense that prickle I felt back then.  I would love to go back to New York one day.”

And this was it! I must confess that I just loved Nadine’s last answer! When I got the e-mail with her answers I just laughed because she was being so genuine and… I also loooove “Gossip Girl” and I guess I have already told you about my love for New York, so I totally understood her!

You can pay a visit to Nadine and say “Hello” on Flickr and on her charming blog!

So, I would like to thank Nadine for answering these questions and becoming another lovely guest over this blog! 

Take care and have a wonderful weekend, my friends! And don’t forget, netx Monday we’ll have…

{sneak-peek :: handmade pledge}



{random} stories :: mr. twigg

Hello there my friends!

I hope you are all doing great, as it is wednesday and the weekend is almost there! As many of you may know I’m on vacations until next sunday, and I will start my new job on monday (wish me good luck!), and I have to tell you that these vacations have been a pure delight.

Although being in Lisbon all these weeks, I just found myself in peace doing all those things around the house that needed to be done… wandered around Lisbon, mostly by botanical gardens… explored my photography skills… and started new columns here on the blog!

However besides these things sometimes I felt my pictures and my work (so I call it!) were not giving me the feeling I wanted them to give… do you know when you do something and you’re pleased… but… you have that slight impression that that work is not finished yet? 

Well… these last days I worked on my blog and its character. I knew something was missing. Sometimes I don’t even want to count the hours I spend around these grafic/design things, but it’s really a passion. I’m not sure if I would like to work on something like this, I’m sure I lack so many skills… but I do enjoy it so much, that I don’t even notice the clock ticking…

So… {…a place for twiggs} has a new image/character… and the main news is that I did all by myself!

What do I mean by this?

That I drew mr. twigg on a white sheet… and transformed it on Illustrator.

Oh boy… it was not easy… but the truth is it was not that difficult! For someone who knows the ways around Photoshop, can easily learn Illustrator for some (very) basic steps!

And now… here’s mr. twigg himself!

Have a sweet week, my friends! See you around!

{sneak-peek blogs} :: ishtar olivera

Hello dear friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend! I just went away from Lisbon another weekend, but the truth is that I miss this little spot very easily! What have you done on your weekends? So… as you may all noticed, this is something new here at {…a place for twiggs}, as usual, news are becoming very common around here! I think that vacations spent at home are also good to clear our minds, we get to feel free to do those things that usually we don’t have time to… and all this time, has another benefit… we become more creative! At least I feel this way so much these last weeks! But to start… welcome to {sneak-peeks}!

{sneak-peeks} is a new column at {…a place for twiggs}, that will happen every week, on mondays! So, this weekly column has the purpose to take you into a sneak-peek on different subjects, and these will be:

{sneak-peek :: blogs}
{sneak-peek :: handmade pledge}
{sneak-peek :: photography}

This means that on a weekly basis, we’ll take you into an inspiring journey through beautiful and interesting blogs by talented bloggers, talented artists that create exquisite objects with their own hands, and present to you talented photographers, that inspire us with their unique images and perspectives. So, today we will have also a talented person that besides having a blog, it is also a talented photographer and artist. Today we will take you through…

{beautiful header with Ishtar’s drawings}

Ishtar Olivera presents herself in the most simple way…

“Illustrator, I´m an illustrator who loves all the beautiful things in life! Arts and crafts, photography, sewing… Creativity is my life! Welcome to my blog, welcome to my world!”
{a few of Ishtar’s images of her world}

According to Ishtar…
“I can tell you that my blog first started as a place to showcase my work and illustrations, but with time I wanted to give it a try writing “real posts” about things I loved. It kept evolving -always is- and now I feel more than happy, not only to share the things I love, but also to encourage people to be more creative! When people write me and tell me they are putting into practice the tutorials, feel inspired to take more photos, draw… This makes me feel like I´m really contributing and giving a small part of me to the world.”

Actually, one of the most amazing features on Ishtar’s blog is that she has created a few tutorials that besides colourful and pleasurous for the eye… they are pretty easy to follow and inspire the readers in being more creative and explore new skills.

You can learn about photography, carving, drawing… and I think that Ishtar will have more to come, because she indeed has so much pleasure in preparing these for us! You can explore your skills here!

Besides exploring Ishtar’s blog, which I really hope that you’ll do this right after reading this post, you can also feel inspired by her photography in Flickr!

So, this is it! I really hope that you liked this new feature that I have here at my place! I also would like to thank Ishtar for allowing me this guided tour into her world! Thank you Ishtar!

And to all of you, have yourselves a sweet and peaceful week!!!

interview with mari

Hello hello!
How are you been doing these days?
First of all, I’m so sorry for not being able to post some inspirational talents, as these days became a lot more to handle than I was expecting, but instead I prepared you a very interesting interview!
Today is {at home… far away from home} day…
…and our guest is a very organized woman, as she herself says it that way. She lives in California and presents herself as “happily married with my geek husband and two cats, who are not getting along…yet”. She loves to organize, but she doesn’t see herself as a minimalist.
As I told her already she inspires me so much when concerning home organization! I remember from the first weeks in Flickr, when I discovered this well-organized home, all in neutral colours… so peaceful and warm at the same time! And she inspires me that much, because every time I look at my cabinets… not looking so “straight”… I think to myself “How could I get these things organized in a clean way?” So, in a matter of speaking I almost think about her home and these good-looking shelves in order to focus on what I want!
Her name is Mari… and you may all know her from almost bunnies.
So, to remind you of our goal with this column, {…a place for twiggs} invites guests that live far away from their home country to share with us some things that they felt when making the decision, they feel nowadays… and by this, it will help you that are thinking in moving to another country, or for you that live far away from your first home and feel yourself in this same place.
Sharing experiences… is also a way of learning.
So,let’s hear from Mari…
1. Hello… How are you? Can you tell me something that describes who’s almostbunnies :: Mari?
I live in Orange County, California with my husband and two cats. I love organizing and I’m always looking for something I can organize.
2. You were born in….
Tokyo, Japan
3. And now you are in… … for how many years?
Orange County, California. I was in OC for about 4 years before I had to go back to Japan in 2002. After surviving a 3 years of a long distance relationship with my now-husband between Japan and here, I was able to come back here for good and it’s been 5 years now :)
4. Do you remember what were you feeling/thinking in the day you decided to go abroad?


I was really excited when I first decided to come to California to go to a college. I’d been to California twice before that as a teenager, but I remember my English was so horrible so this time I wanted to be able to speak English fluently while I go to college.
5. What do you like the most in your current place?


One word. “Weather”. Tokyo, Japan where I grew up had lots of cloudy and rainy days and it would really affect my mood. Here it’s sunny most of the time I get energized so I get a lot of more stuff done.
6. What do you miss the most from your country?


Although I’m pretty lucky, there are a full range of Japanese markets and restaurants in the area I live in now, I still miss depachika so much. Depa is a short slang for department and chika means basement. In Japan food stores are usually located in the basement of a department store. The department stores are usually located near or at a train station – It is SUPER convenient just go in there and get some food before you go home after a busy day at work or if you just wanna grab something and eat right there.
7. Let’s say that I’m going abroad for some reason… and I’m at the airport, on the departure side… your words for me would be…?
If you are only going for a week, I’d say “Have fun!” but if you are going for a couple of years or more, I’d say to you “Try to learn their language and culture and do your best to blend in!”
And last but not the least… I would love to learn something in your language… can you tell me what’s your favourite word? :)
My husband loves it when I say “Ara?” which means something like “hmm?” When you question something.
Thank you so much, Mari for being here at {…a place for twiggs}!!! I would love to visit Tokyo, so this has had a sweet taste for me!
Let’s get to know a bit of Tokyo and California, shall we?
Thank you so much for reading this!
Have a wonderful Friday!!!! The weekend is almost there!!!! :)
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