{treasure hunt wednesdays} :: miles of light

hello there friends, how are you?

today i shall bring you some beautiful and unique treasuries, in a very different style from the previous ones. one thing that i have realized through these months exploring blogs and etsy… was that i can not resist and was always drawn to clean images in a rustic background. and for these frequent inspirations i am currently striving for a rustic table for my living-room. err.. i mean… it is on the wish list, not actually striving for.

so, today i shall present you something very ecological, clean, with a smell of fresh nature. 

this is one of my favourite names of all times… {miles of light}

i truly hope you enjoy snooping around these treasures i got for you.

+ these amazing images, miss romina has a website that is a pure dream… and by this i am not over complimenting. it is a dream. what would you say to a website that has these words on the front page?

“the woman who dreamed with her eyes opened”

… please embrace yourself in discovery, and have yourself a moment to “dream with your eyes opened” in these beautiful & dreamy images… 

miss romina has divided her work in several editions… so we have {autumn}, {winter}, {spring} & {summer}. then {book projects}, {in the air}, {polaroids}, {wings stories}… and a lot more of exquisite moments. 

embrace & delight yourself in these {miles of light}
& do not forget to snoop clean & dreamy here!

oh, i almost forgot… {…a place for twiggs} is on facebook now!
have a nice & sweet week!

{sneak-peek blogs} :: life through the lens

hello sweet readers! how was your monday? joyful? so… today we have {sneak-peek blogs} and the blog i want to share with you is clean… simple… joyful… it makes me dream in pastel & soft clouds… & colours. i shall present you…

who writes in this {life through the lens}? the lovely kristi jackson.

I love to create things, I’m an aspiring photographer, a thrift store lover, a digital scrapbooker, a worrier, a little on the shy side, adorer of kindness & generosity, a seeker of simplicity, but my most beloved roles are being a mommy, wife, daughter & sister. My family is my life. ♥”

“I capture life through photography. Photography helps me slow down and look for details that I otherwise might miss. I feel most alive when I am creating & sharing things of beauty. I believe Aaron Siskind best describes how I feel about photography perfectly, “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

“I find inspiration everywhere from my children, nature, the simple things, soft colors, natural light, quotes and life.”

lady kristi has several tutorials on her blog, and one of the most popular ones & my favourite one was about {flower headbands}… how romantic.

… and besides these tutorials, one of her features is called {2 photographers 1 inspiration} and on a weekly basis lady kristi and lady melissa find themselves a prompt and invite everyone to share their idea. one of my favourites was {favourite colour}

will you accept one advice for the day? follow {life through the lens}. it will brighten your day… i promise! say hello to lady kristi here! sneak-peek her delicious treasuries here! follow her steps here! twitt twitt here! hope you have enjoyed this week’s edition of {sneak-peek :: blogs}. i sure did! thank you kristi, for being such a doll!

{random} stories :: hello summer…

hello there sweet friends, how are you? 

did you have fun this weekend? is fall there yet?

one month ago i started a new weekly edition called {sneak-peeks} always under different talents… bloggers, “handmade artists” & photographers… all meant to be posted on mondays. but something else happened in between… summer came!

so, and as every single weekend has been fully dedicated to summer well-spent-weekends, away from the beloved light of lisbon, and near to a very well-known beach for those surfer kind of boys, i have not been able to dedicate any time on sunday to write the post for the following monday. therefore… from time to time, i have been posting {random} stories… a few delicious (as i like to think) details of the weekend… or just stories on mondays… leaving those {sneak-peeks} to tuesdays.

today and as i have been feeling a little bit tired of this summer-thing-with-very-hot-days-every-single-day-for-the-last-three-months, i am going to honour summer (maybe this way, he will pack his shorts and move someplace else!), in order to feel with my arms open to welcome fall… (oh my sweet warm cotton and neutral colours).

therefore, today is a {random} story day with an “hello there summer… it was a pleasure to have you this year, but now feel free to visit our australian friends!”

and this is my {random} story for today and an attempt to wish a farewell good-bye on summer…

please, come back tomorrow… as we will have {sneak-peek} on a delicious-to-follow-blog!


interview with tina fussell

hello there friends!!! have you noticed that it is friday??? yay to fridays!! so, this week’s interview is about those who live abroad and we have some special guest… special because this lady has been moving around the world… a lot! when i found them, i was beyond thrilled with the idea, because i always thought i would be living abroad… and after all, i am still in lisbon. i am still in love with its light.

but the idea of living in several countries with your family and raising children in different cultures & languages is something absolutely exciting and it does make you grow stronger. so i believe. she is american, wife, mother of three… and a proud member of the {traveling tribe}. never heard about these fellows? sneak-peek {here} (after reading this, of course)! so, what is traveling tribe? explore!

{traveling tribe}

“between the five of us we have traveled to no less than nineteen countries and lived in three for more than five years total, including spain, morocco, and now denmark.  we have seen everything from the beaches of the mediterranean to the dunes of the sahara to the great wall of china.  travel is in our blood and having three kids has hardly slowed us down.”

“as of june 2010, we have begun our newest adventure of living and exploring the beautiful country of denmark.  it is here that we are sharing the process of setting up our new home and all the things we love about our new country.”

So, let read about tina & her family…

Hello… How are you? Can you tell me something that describes who’s Traveling Mama :: Tina Fussell? I am a wife, a mom, a traveler, and a bit of a romantic. I love to explore the world and find my deepest pleasure in creating from the inspiration I find along the way.

2. You were born in… Texas in the United States, but my family is Greek.

3. And now you are in… … for how many years? We just arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark almost three months ago and we absolutely love it!

4. Do you remember what were you feeling/thinking in the day you decided to go abroad? Anxious, excited, wild with anticipation, and at peace with our decision.

5. What do you like the most in your current place? That’s a tough one because there are already so many things I love! The atmosphere, the architecture, the people and the ocean are just a few things that I am already quite addicted to.

6. What do you miss the most from your country? My family and friends. Some days I just want to hop on a plane and go see everyone. It’s on those days that I am most thankful for Skype!

7. Let’s say that I’m going abroad for some reason… and I’m at the airport, on the departure side… your words for me would be…? Enjoy the adventure and do not take yourself to seriously!

And last but not the least… I would love to learn something in your language… can you tell me what’s your favourite word? Passion. Life is so short. I believe in waking up every day and living in with conviction and passion… just as I would if I knew it were my last.

Can you please let us know if you have already a favourite word in danish? Flodeboller! It was one of my first Danish words and it is a fluffy marshmallow covered in chocolate. Yet another thing I love about Denmark!

and now let’s dream a little bit with these images… and we never know, if i visit copenhagen in these next three years… i might just invite tina for a cup of coffee, because these images are so beautiful and moody!

{downtown copenhagen}

{north copenhagen}

well… this was our interview for this week! {apft} wishes to thank tina for her kind patience as sometimes, our communication was not the best one (i think that gmail & aol are not the best friends!), and for being here, it was indeed a real pleasure to have someone that has been {away from home} for so long!

do you wish to say hello to tina? sneak-peek {here}!

do you wish to follow her stream? explore {here}!

do you wish to know a little bit more of this adventurous family? hop in {here}!

{random} stories :: happy happy day

hello sweet friends, how are you?

today i am beyond thrilled & excited… and i am ready to share the joyful news with you.

this week has started in a most usual way, well… in a happy way, as {…a place for twiggs} was born one year ago!

but then… a unique moment came. the moment when i received an e-mail of a mr. sergar, writing nice words about my work, and asking me for permission to use my {vintage balloons} to use on flyers & posters for a music party that will happen in berlin (19th september).

first thought: oh my, someone really likes my work enough for this?

second thought: well… maybe this is just someone playing with me. let us see…

third thought: oh my, it is true, someone really wants my work, payed for my work, and actually spread the word about {…a place for twiggs}…

my sweet friends… i am happy as i could be & i am so proud that i can share these news with you, knowing that you will be happy with & for me!

some of you already knew as i asked a few friends for pricing advice. and this is the moment to thank you for answering, you were so helpful. and my dearest friends… all of you, this is exactly the reason why networking is that amazing, because we honour friendships, respect & encourage our friends’ work. and there is no pricing for this.

thank you for being a part of my world & being that kind.

oh, i almost forgot… this was the final result!



feel free to read more about {bleepgeeks} here!

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