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hello friends, how are you?

i can’t believe that it is friday already! i know i have mentioned before that lately i feel time flying, but i can’t help say it again… time flies! 

so, today we will have a different {shall we eat something}, as a delicious recipe to be posted today didn’t get here on time (that mail pigeon should exercise more!), therefore i am able to do something i have been wanting for quite a while… share a delicious recipe myself, just for the pleasure of “this is delicious, i want to bake these”

…and you read it right “i want to bake these”, which means i didn’t. but i will. that is for sure. and by the way, why did i not bake these cinnamon rolls? because i am always too busy with photography. here are some of my favourites!

just for a little bit of detail, today’s recipe reminds me of traveling. i think that the first time i ate one of these was in new york, when i was trying to speak english with a foreign worker… and we weren’t getting along. the word “cinnamon” was too hard to understand for me, as he kept asking if i wanted it with cinnamon! and i remember arriving in berlin and when we got out to explore the city, this was what i ate first.

what’s the recipe?
cinnamon rolls

where did i get it from?

this recipe is ikea-inspired too… and as i am that fan of swedish things, not only i heart ikea… i also own a swedish car… so what am i waiting to explore sweden? i also don’t know!

1 package Trader Joe’s plain pizza dough*

3 tablespoons butter, melted
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon


1 tablespoon whipped cream cheese
1 tablespoon buttermilk
3/4 cup confectioners’ sugar, sifted

*or any other kind, however if you find this one, should really work!
preheat oven to 375 degrees. combine cinnamon and sugar. on a lightly-floured surface, roll pizza dough into a 9-inch square. brush with melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, leaving 1/2 inch border of plain dough around edges.

roll dough to form a tight log, pinching to seal the seam shut. with the seam side down, cut evenly into six pieces with a serrated knife. place in buttered pan, and brush tops with any remaining butter.

bake until golden brown, 20 to 25 minutes. cool for a few minutes before icing.

for icing: whisk cream cheese and buttermilk in large bowl until thick and smooth. sift in confectioners’ sugar; whisk until smooth glaze forms, about 30 seconds.

drizzle glaze over buns with a spoon. or, if you want to get fancy, fill a plastic ziploc bag with the glaze, cut off the tip of one corner, and drizzle in a professional-looking zigzag. serve warm & call your friends for a sunday brunch!

{delicious, huh? sneak-peek here!}

so, this was on behalf of summer days… which remind me of days spent exploring foreign cultures and delicacies like this one. 

dear kitchen, for me you are a special place. you are one of biggest rooms in my tiny house and i just love the way the sun peeks in every morning. i love to prepare delicious things for me & loved ones. you are a place where love for food is explored. i love to cook. i would not trade this room for any other. and i would not use your cabinets for any other thing than what should really be inside. instruments to explore and share.

so, this was the edition for {shall we eat something}, i promise you a more documented one in the future!

until then i hope to keep meeting you here! have a delicious weekend, my friends! and do not forget! next week, we will have {sneak-peek :: photography} and this week’s guest in a major talented woman!!

{treasure hunt wednesdays} :: slide sideways

hello lovely readers!

it is wednesday! noooo…. already? for sure? yay to wednesdays! 

today we will have a short version of the {treasure hunt wednesdays} as this has been such a busy week (thank god for new job!)

so this week, i shall present you one of the nicest presences on etsy… i believe that they are all about happiness… relaxed moments and soft details. here are {slide sideways} or jacqui & scott.

 Having a love for handmade objects and always making things for friends and family, as well as each other, it seemed only natural to make things to share with you too.”

“Everything we make comes out of a love of crafting; which means we take no shortcuts. Every piece of fabric has been cut and screen printed by hand, then is sewn together on Jacqui’s trusty Singer. Even our paper is hand cut, to fit inside standard frame sizes.”

“Why go through all this trouble? Well, because these are things that matter to us. We want to create a high quality product that you will proudly display in your home, but we also want to keep our environmental footprint as small as we can.”

“Mostly we hope our designs make you feel good and bring a smile to your face.”

they made me smile, that is for sure!

say hello to this lovely couple here!
visit them here!
be kind & bring the smile to your face here!

handmade by nina invorm

hello sweet friends, how do you find yourselves today? i truly hope you had a great start of the week, because even with a lot of work, i think this has been a good monday!! however, it is tremendously hot again in lisbon, so it gets a little hard at night to get some sleep… small place… very small place… very hot house! so, here we are again with this {handmade pledge} edition, and today we have a very talented lady that brings joy to our lives… even when we have a cup of tea, or eat a piece of cake. do you have a clue? this lady has been delighted in these last few months, because she is carrying a beautiful baby girl… this lady has very talented hands and creative mind… as she creates the most splendid ceramic pieces… with pops of colours and details that are pure delight for me… she draws garlands and decorates her ceramics with bunting images… and these are my favourite!!

“i’m Nina, i’m 27 years old and i live in the netherlands. i’m part-time working on my Ninainvorm shop, i work mainly with ceramics, screenprinting and collage.”

“but i also love photography, graphic & interior design and writing, and try to combine all those interests on my blog, besides that i’m finishing my thesis at university, which is a pretty difficult process, and in december i will have my first baby, so times are pretty busy here!

i’ve always been interested in art, design & craft, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that this interest started to get a more serious shape. first I started my blog, that was mainly about interior design and documenting my own creative process in decorating my house and making ceramics.”

“the art & design blog community had already been inspiring me a lot, but when i became actively part of it i started to get more and more enthusiastic to become more creative and take my own craft to a higher level. so step by step it all evolved, and throughout the years i developed my blog & shop more and more, and i was lucky to get a lot of attention from magazines and other blogs and websites for my work & blog.

i started my shop with mainly ceramics, but after a while i also started selling my collages and (screen) prints.”

“having your own creative business is pretty challenging, but also rewarding. it’s wonderful to be part of such a flourishing and inspiring online community and to be able to show and sell your work to people all over the world. sometimes the world feels so small when you’re blogging!”

“i don’t have very specific goals, though i’m always keen to learn more, improve my skills and find ways to professionalize certain aspects of my work process. sometimes I dream about working on a larger scale, with a more serious production process so that i can work with larger series, but on the other hand the small-scale handwork also definitely has it’s own charm.”

“my work can be bought in my {etsy shop} and also in a few local shops in western europe.”

asides from these beautiful ceramics, nina also creates colourful prints… just like this one!

you can say hello to nina {here}! you can follow her work (and little girl!) {here}! you can delight a friend or your home with pops of colour and lovely bunting {here}! and this is it for today, lovely readers! i hope you have enjoyed these amazing pieces from nina, and say hello to her!

{random} stories :: summer stories

hello there sweet friends!

how was your weekend? i hope it was a delicious one… because i really enjoyed mine. i went to the beach… and let me tell you that i just love beaches in the morning. is there any sweeter moment than a beach early in the morning with just a few families and their kids… playing in the water, walking on the sand… what a delicious feeling! 

then i had a party with a few friends and today a family & friends lunch and… beach. it has been quite a unique weather, i might say… as in this side of the country… wind and cold are a constant presence. so, being able to enjoy these peaceful and sunny moments were pure delight to my mind… heart… & soul. i dedicated a few moments to just wandering in the beach… with my loved one… and also alone, enjoying photography experiments. 

… i leave with a few details of those delightful moments. 


{shall we sit for a moment?}

{did you?}

… see you tomorrow with our {sneak-peek :: handmade pledge} edition!!!
have a delicious start of the week!


number’s editorial :: brittni

hello sweeties! can you believe that it is friday already? oh my, time flies!

well, today is {number’s editorial} day and i couldn’t be happier! why? because this day has arrived! 

i think my lovely guest has sent me her interview… about two weeks ago (yes yes, friends, i work on a very busy and organized schedule!) and in the very moment i read it, i felt excited about posting it!! it is so interesting and filled with delicious details… details behind one of the ladies that is frequently present on my stream… always with daily inspirations and beautiful things to share!

…and i also must confess that i had a little problem reading her “name”… i always read it in such a different way… and it is sooo simple. do you know who is this lady? maybe you’ll find out with this smile…

{be curious… here!}

“Hi! I’m Brittni Mehlhoff and I am the editor and owner of papernstitch the blog and papernstitch the exhibition site.”

so… miss brittni is our lovely guest here… and let’s hear what she has to say about number’s and soft memories…

Number :: 10
Let’s see… When I was ten, I was in the 4th grade. That year for Christmas my parents got me and my brother our very own cats. One for each of us: Ginger and Clara. We were both so surprised because we had been asking and asking and they kept saying no. But it turns out, they had had it planned for months. 

On Christmas morning, after we had opened all our presents, my mom handed us one more. A small box and said, “it’s for both of you.” Inside the box, was a tiny note. It was a clue to where we would find our next box. Our parents sent us on a little treasure hunt, searching for clues around the house, until finally we were at the last one. “Close your eyes and open your arms.” And that’s how we got our cats. It was great.

Letter :: E

Well, I have two. I hope that is okay. E is for EvaEva Hesse: an amazingly talented artist who I was borderline obsessed with when I was in college. One of my favorite professors introduced me to her work, and I was just enamored by her story and the body of work that she produced in her short life, particularly her sculptures.

And completely switching gears, E is also for Eclair. I have a major sweet tooth and will pretty much eat anything that is covered in sugar. I know its wrong, but I guess that’s just part of the fun.

A perfect day is when I… 

... have nothing to do, no obligations for work, and the sun is shining through the window.

One thing I would love to learn is… 
… how to play the piano. My dad use to play when he was a kid, and from what my grandma has told me, he was pretty great. I was always very musical growing up; loved to sing and entertain people. But as time went on, I just kind of lost that spark. And now I wish I would have never let it go. 

Would you rather be an english woman in New York, or a New Yorker in England?
This is a tough one. But I guess I would have to say a New Yorker in England, considering I’ve never been to England. Sounds like an adventure. 

… and this was the interview with our lovely brittni… her inspirations and memories. by the way… every time i looked into her blog i read something like “papersnitch”… go figure. i would like to thank brittni for her kindness in sharing these thoughts with us… and for being such a sweet-heart in answering all my questions/doubts. 

you can say hello to lovely brittni here… 
twit twit twit here… 
delight yourself with her inspirations here
buy a vintage find here

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