interview with euge de la peña

hello dear friends!

how is your week going?

well… as in for me this week has flown so fast… and i have felt this every week! i don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but work has been going very well, and i start my week with a “ok, it’s monday… again!” and suddenly… i’m writing this post, which means it’s friday again! yay! and fortunately my weekends have been just a delicious thing spent among the loved ones… and sunny beaches! oh summer, summer… 

so, this week’s interview is about those who live far away from their home countries, and today i have another special guest. the way i see her… she is a sweet girl that leads me to whimsical places in her world… takes me to dreamy corners… bright lights and colours.

to be honest i love her name, although i’m not sure if i can pronounce it the correct way…

it starts with an “e”… end with an “e”… has a “de la” between the first and last name… and her surname reminds me of feather in portuguese… the lady who is going to tell the story today has a purple hat and it is the one behind these pictures.

so, let’s hear what euge has to say about “saudade”… one of the most difficult words to translate in the world, which means something like missing deeply something and/or someone.

1. Hello… How are you? Can you tell me something that describes who’s Euge de la Peña?
Hello dear Claudia!! I‘m fine, thank you! Well Euge is a young mother, in love with her family. I enjoy quiet places, being by myself, but also being with my loved ones. I‘m very impulsive, sometimes a bit messy. I love reading, travelling and photography….
2. You were born in…
In “the Paris of South America”, the beautiful Buenos Aires.
3. And now you are in… … for how many years?
Now I live in Buxtehude, a lovely town in northern Germany since April 2008. Living in Buxtehude makes you feel like you are in a fairytale. I once read that some people call Buxtehude “The Fairytale Capital” of the world. Because is where the tale of “The Hare and the Hedgehog” takes place in and also it is named in other German stories. 

4. Do you remember what were you feeling/thinking in the day you decided to go abroad?
I was feeling really excited about the idea of living abroad, meeting new people with different culture, learning a new language…. But at the same time I was scared and felt a little sad to leave my family and friends.
5. What do you like the most in your current place?
The old part of the town is something that I totally adore. Is beautiful. I also love it because I don‘t need to drive a car to go anywhere, riding bikes here is so nice and comfortable, everything I need is near. I love the quietness and that everything is so perfectly beautiful :)
6. What do you miss the most from your country?
I miss so many things of Argentina. I miss my family and friends. I miss the food (the Sunday “asados” at home, drinking “mate” and eating “alfajores” with my friends). Sometimes I miss the city, the culture, the way  people are… germans are so different… not in a bad way, just different…

7. Let’s say that I’m going abroad for some reason… and I’m at the airport, on the departure side… your words for me would be…?
Try to enjoy the experience as much as you can, do new things, learn the language, the culture, talk to people and be yourself :) 

And last but not the least… I would love to learn something in your language… can you tell me what’s your favourite word?
I don’t know if it is my favourite word, but is something I say often and is typical from where I come from: “Che” Which is used in so many ways. For example: it means: hey! or when you call somebody (a friend) instead of calling him/her by his/her name, you say: che! :)



so, this was another point of view of someone that went away in such a brave way! i honestly admire these ladies that grab their things and travel sometimes to the other part of the world, embracing new challenges every day! i wish i was one of those ladies… i’ve been wanting that for so long, but i think that my path has shown me that for now, this is where i should be! 

i should be embracing lisbon and keep wandering through these streets!

{apft} would like to thank euge for her honesty and kindness in answering these questions and being a part of this! thank you very much, eugita! and good luck on your demanding goal!

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{treasure hunt wednesdays} :: eva juliet

hello there, dear readers!

how have you been? did you like our sweet carmen talented skills for photography? i truly hope so… 

this week’s treasure is a lady (again, i know! i know!), and i have been a fan of her work since early days when i discovered etsy!

this lady has a beautiful name… eva. her last name is juliet. 

her drawings are delicate and sweet.

“everything you see here is made and designed by eva in her little design studio in quebec, a french province in canada. eva is an art director, graphic designer, illustrator, who is happiest with a sketch journal in one hand and a pen in the other (and a «café au lait» not far from her). she thinks that hand-written letters are unique and loves to fill her mind with positive thoughts. she likes meeting new people on the web so, feel free to knock and say hello!”

say hello to eva here!
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…and this is it for today, lovely readers!

photographs by carmen hache

hello sweet friends, how are you?

how was your weekend? my weekend was indeed amazing, as i had my first camping experience, but i will share more of it later… 

now it is time for sharing… sharing the work of one of my favourite photographers. as i became an addict of this flickr thing, i kept discovering more and more talented photographers with whom i keep learning so much, and for this i thank you all for being such an inspiration!

concerning my exquisite guest today, she is a very beautiful woman… with a very strong character… which is always present in her pictures. as for her own words, these are my favourite…

“soy autodidacta, inquieta, curiosa. no paro hasta dar con lo que busco. 
colecciono sonrisas y desde hace poco, abrazos.
disfruto de la soledad porque la tengo controlada.”

i shall present you carmen. carmen hache…

i’m a mom, pedagogue and ART lover painting, literature, music, photography…). i’m a self-taught  photographer still in the beginning with a lot to learn and i try to do it every day. wherever i go, photography comes with me!”

“i live close to the mountains in the north of madrid, spain. 
i walk barefoot around the world because I feel that the world is a place full with beautiful and unique moments and also things waiting to be discovered,  and when these things are indeed discovered…you can write a story, make an oil painting, or take a picture. i love all these artistic expressions, but i do my best through my camera. i tell a story with my images. i create with light. and i love to do it.”

“i started to take pictures when i was a teenager. i took my parent’s clothes and prepared different settings. of course i needed help and my best friends were my best models too. now my son and I are the models. i have learned a lot with my self-portraits.  it’s my way to make my ideas become real.”

i think the best picture  is the one that makes you feel something when you see it. this is the reason why I love portraits and sceneries where I can write something more about. flickr has been such an amazing experience because it’s a place where we share and find inspiration, enjoyment and learn new skills… a place where everything can happen.”

“about my personal style, i like vintage mood, soft colors and i need light in my pictures. the best moment of the day is when it gets dark. in this moment, the light is really magic.”

“i’ve worked as photographer in a jazz club for two years. it was an interesting experience, but now i prefer nature and outdoor sceneries…i enjoy playing with time, space, nature and my skills.”

{“realmente soy carmen. pero me gusta ser hache. h de hijo, h de héctor, mi hijo, h de martín hache, mi película.”}

if you would like to know a bit more of carmen’s work, you can visit her place here and why not sneak-peek her stream here?

one more thing about carmen… she is a sweet sweet woman… and I mean it because she helping me with my spanish skills… how adorable is she? 

gracias por todo carmen! 

step-by-step recipes :: salmon croquettes with caviar sauce

hello there friends!

how are you doing? it’s friday lovelies… it’s friday!!

so, we have our weekly interview… today is about food!

let’s get started!!

this week’s recipe is… i believe a gourmet kind of recipe… i really hope you enjoy this, because i am so thrilled for presenting this!

the lady behind the recipe is bulgarian and lives in sofia. my eyes were caught by her extremely exquisite taste in food photography… therefore a few words… an invitation… a positive answer and the cooperation was born! thank you rumi!

{rumi’s exquisite taste in food photography}

What is the recipe?

Salmon croquettes with caviar sauce!

For the croquettes
500 gr. Salmon filet
1 egg
1 tbsp. all-purpose flour
Salt, pepper
2 tbsp.  olive oil
1tpsp. Fresh green onion

For the sauce
200 ml sour cream
150 ml whole milk
80 gr soft cheese like Philadelphia
 1 tbsp. fresh dill
1 tbsp. caviar and another one for the decoration
Salt, pepper

For decoration
50 gr smoked salmon
1 tbsp.  caviar (preferably red)

How to cook it?

Let’s start with salmon…

Cut the fish into squares and put them in the blender.

In a deep bowl mix minced fish with egg and flour.

Add onion, salt and pepper…

With wet hands or a fork prepare your croquettes.

Arrange them in a greased baking dish  in a preheated oven at  180ºC.

Now is time for the sauce!

In a heavy based saucepan mix cheese, cream, milk salt and pepper all together. Put the saucepan onto a medium-high heat and let it cook about 3-4 minutes. Add fresh dill and caviar and you sauce is ready.

Now… let’s put together your gourmet course! Setting is very important!

Cut some slice from the smoked salmon!

Put them on your plate and place the croquettes on top.  Add 3 – 4 tbsp. from the sauce and decorate with dill, green onion and red caviar.

Your gourmet course is ready!

{Bon apetit!}

Dear Kitchen, for me you…
…are a place of relax, a place for happy moments with my family, a place for delicious experiments. You are my place! With all this staff, gadgets, pots, pans and tools you look like labaratoriya and I feel myself just like a wizard. Thank you darling!

…and this was the gourmet experience at {apft}! you can pay a visit to this lady and find out more about rumi bosseva here… thank you so much for such kind cooperation… and our first gourmet experience!

{treasure hunt wednesdays} :: nan lawson

hello! hello!

how are you friends… since yesterday? oh my, so many posts this week!!

well, this week’s hunted artist was suggested by etsy itself! how? so, i was trying to decide what artist should i talk about today and i had just a few options! this ain’t an interview like other columns i write here, but i wish for a really good thing! i believe that you agree with me, and feel honoured by this! this is about sharing… sharing beautiful… original… delicate… design treats… and delicious settings!

among the options i had for today… i don’t know why, but they weren’t on the right mood for me… although being some of my favourites, but this is also about mood, don’t you think? so… i  gave it try on etsy suggestions and found the lady nan!

so, the artist i just found today… was actually previously discovered by someone else before, but i can’t figure out who (if you know, please let me know… my memory is not that good, but i know that someone has already posted about this lady)!

and the lady says that…

“my mom calls me nan. i like to draw little drawings and take little pictures. i live with my partner in crime and two chubby kitties in an old house in silverlake, los angeles. there, we laugh, create and nap in happy family pig piles.”

the lady is nan lawson and here is her work:

{dear diana}

{mine is the heart that you call home}

{custom portrait for megan}


you can find more about nan’s work here
you can buy nan’s work here
you can discover her world here
… and twit twit here

hope you liked this nice gathering of images by nan lawson!

and remember… x-mas is just around the corner!

have a sweet evening dear friends & readers!
hope to see you on friday with some juicy recipe…
it has something to do with caviar… will you come over {apft}?

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