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Hello there friends!!!

As promised here I am with {sneak-peek :: handmade pledge}

But first… if only you knew how hot is in Lisbon right now… I really don’t know what to do! It’s almost 11p.m. and it is as hot as 32ºC or almost 90ºF… we are not used to this… we’re not. For this and only this, I feel the right to not go to work tomorrow. I believe I have that right. How am I supposed to sleep in this heat? Ok, now I will stop complaining, put my feet back on the ground and get it over with it, because I have to sleep… I must work tomorrow!

So… this week’s edition is about… I guess I can say this, my favourite store on Etsy! It is!

{green collection}

I would buy every single product and I would love to have done something like this! Actually I tried to do something similar, before I even met the artist. One of the things I love the most is to wander around Lisbon… portraying its traditional corners. 

This lady does it in Paris.
This lady does it by Colour.
This lady does it almost Randomly… without appearing that way. 

This lady is the lady behind… Little Brown Pen.
{white collection}
She takes pictures in Paris… and just like Etsy considers it… for me it is handmade

Handmade success writen through 4067 sales since August 2008! 

Her name is Nichole… and let’s see how it all started…

Last winter, my husband, two young sons and I moved to Paris. It was a spur of the moment decision inspired by living in the moment. Our boys were not yet in school, we were not tied to any location for a job (we both freelance), and we had always wanted to live in Paris. So off we went. 

Almost immediately, I started taking photos unified by color theme. It all started on a particularly gray day, when the colors popped against the pale skies and the white Haussmman buildings. I started snapping photos of red (cafe chairs, buildings, metro signs, etc.), and it tipped off an obsession that led to hundreds of photos in other colors. I enjoy the serendipitous nature of the discovery, and I never know what I am going to find or shoot. 

I’ve really enjoyed posting the photos on my blog, and I’m happy to share my point of view of a beautiful city. 

We’ve moved back to the US, and reside just outside of New York City, but we’re back in Paris every eight weeks for business and pleasure. Eight weeks is about as long as I can stay away!”

These are some of my favourites… delight yourselves!

{yellow collection}

{red collection}

{green collection}

{everything is softly wrapped in this reusable canvas drawstring gift bag – hand stamped with an original Rose Window illustration}

And the most precious one…

{heart in montmartre}

Besides the store, you can find Nichole and Little Brown Pen here and here and here!

I would like to thank Nichole, as she was always so nice and sweet, answering my questions and allowing me to go through her work!

See you on Wednesday for some {treasure hunt wednesdays}!!

{random} stories :: creativity sneak-peeks

Hello there friends!!

How are you? How was your weekend? I hope it was a great one! I went away for the weekend and I’ve had a very relaxing saturday… and a very homemade sunday… eating and chit-chatting… how nice, don’t you think?

Well… today we won’t have yet {sneak-peeks :: handmade pledge} because it’s being ready, but not quite ready yet (and it will be a really good one!)… however I will leave you with some happy drawings. 

I’ve been discovering myself in this field, and I find myself having the greatest of times, drawing simple things like flowers and birds… and then challenging my Illustrator skills, once again! 

These will be soon on my Etsy store (so I believe!)… and I truly hope you like them… but if not, and with all due respect, I will just quote one person that I admire very much, though we never met, but she said something once that made all sense for me and it was like someone putting into words what was on my mind.

The lady behing fabulous blog “Travelling Mama” once said:

“Creating becomes a sacred act between myself and whatever is before me and what I create is not nearly as important as simply creating for my own satisfaction”

{something inspired by Janis Joplin… and you’re wondering “a bird and JJ?”}

{always think positive}

{always think positive… twice}

See you tomorrow (so I hope too)!

number’s editorial :: anna-maria

Hello lovely girls/boys (I wonder if there is any boy reading this!), how are you? Hope your week has been great… Yay, it’s Friday and I’m so in love! So, today we have our usual column {number’s editorial} featuring… a lady with some big blue eyes!

{do you know these flats from anywhere?}

The lady that owns these marvellous flats (which I believe was the first thing that caught my eye) has a love for scrapbooking… delights us with such vintage mood pictures, featuring one other lady… lady brownie hawkeye, and as I told her before… she has the touch of a professional fashion photographer, that could be making Vogue magazine’s cover

{friday – 71/365}

{brownie tuesday}

The lady that comes from Lodz…

Let’s see what {Anna} has to say about dreams and the {number} 30!

Number :: 30
“In about a year and a half I’m going to become 30 years old. I truly hope that until that day nothing will have changed in my life… for worse. I’m very happy these days, I feel fulfilled in my personal as well as professional life, although I admit that I have some dreams that I wish to come true, making me the happiest person on Earth. For the time being, I’ve set myself just one trivial goal – to become mobile since I’ve had driving license for over seven years and despite that, I do not drive a car, which limits me and makes dependable on others.”

Letter :: D
D like a DREAM. I adore dreaming, in my dreams I’m always just the way I imagine myself to be; I live in a wonderful place – a little house surrounded by flowers, filled with a bevy of children (usually two boys and two girls). In my dreams everything is always perfect, they motivate me to act and reassure me that it pays off to try hard and to wish all the best for my family and my friends.”

A perfect day is when…
“The weather is sunny and I can spend some quality time with my family and closest friends, go on a trip and explore new places, or simply chat and enjoy myself appreciating the opportunity of being together with the ones I love.”

One thing I would love to learn is…
“…to be less impulsive and more self-possessed. I guess I could also benefit from learning how to become more self-restrained for, unfortunately, I tend to stick to the “all or nothing” rule.”

Would you rather be an English woman in New York, or a New Yorker in England?
“That’s a tricky question. I think I’d prefer to be an English woman in New York. I’ve never been to the USA, though I’d really like to go to NY. I’m fascinated by the lifestyle of the people living there, the fast pace of everyday urban life, the way the New Yorkers are, live and work. I’m also amazed by the diversity of the city, the possibilities it creates, the omnipresent passion for art. Living in NY I would definitely buy myself a voucher for Broadway shows. Besides, I believe in numerology on the basis of the position of the stars, and thus I know that if I moved to NY, the position of stars in my horoscope would be extremely favourable for my career – at least that’s what I was told once… Living in England is definitely not an option for me – mostly due to the weather conditions.”

And this was a bit of sweet Anna… or Ania-Maria! I hope you liked this interview… Dream is really a beautiful word, and let me tell you Anna… thank you from the bottom of my heart for those words about dreams! Sometimes life can be harsh… sad news or less fortunate situations surround us… and sometimes beauty is hard to find… but we must keep our heads up and our hearts and minds open to good things and beautiful moments with whom we love… they will come to us! Just cross your fingers and keep your hope! So… Dream was indeed a perfect choice in this moment! If you wish to visit Anna-Maria’s exquisite stream, just sneak-peek here and for those who understand polish… you can read her blog {here}!

{treasure hunt wednesdays}

Hello my friends!!!

How are you doing this week? Hope everything is going just the way you wished for!

We’re in the middle of the week… and I thought about a new feature here at {apft}! 

It’s {treasure hunt wednesdays} and repeating a little bit what I did on Flickr with the {daily favourites}, I will from now on share some whimsical treasures with you! Hope you enjoy it!

This Wednesday I found Joanna Rutter :: Hand cut and crafted precious metal jewellery (and somethingh else too!)

Here are some of my favourites pieces made by Joanna…

{Walnut Scallop Bird Necklace}

{You’re My Favourite Hello}

{Tiny Chick Necklace}

{Nature Coasters – mix}

{Hedgerow Necklace}

You can find her pieces here  and read something about her here! Have fun and delight yourself!

Thank you so much for reading!! And see you on Friday with {number’s editorial} with some beautiful blue eyes lady! Who should that be? Does anyone have a guess?

{sneak-peek blogs} :: lovely clusters

Hello dear friends! How are you? How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one! August is here!! Many of you may be going on vacations, and for those I wish you all the fun you can have! As in for me… I’m delighting myself with my new job, that is going just perfect! It is so rewarding to change from a huge firm into a very small one! One is responsible for evertyhing and I had forgotten how good this feels! So, today is {sneak-peek :: blogs} day and today {apft} will feature an amazing blog I have discovered recently, but immediately fell in love with! How can a blog be so sweet and charming, that plays so well with colours, and every piece of it looks and almost tastes… perfectly? Let me introduce you {Lovely Clusters}…

“Hi! My name is Rachel Follett and I am a Designer on Maui, Hawaii. I like to think of my blog as a place for people to go to find beauty and relax. Escape into the world of dreamy images and tiny treasures. I hope that you feel this way when you come to visit. :)”

Why Lovely Clusters?

“My idea for the blog actually started with a sentence that I saw on Rachel Ashwell’s blog. On one of her beautiful photos she wrote “clusters of loveliness”. I just adored how that sounded, so I started thinking of a way I could use those words. I decided to create a theme on my blog where I would create a cluster of images whether it be by color, category or mini portfolio of an artist or designers work.”

On {Lovely Clusters :: Blog} Rachel shares other things about her life, shares beautiful findings and gives news about Lovely Clusters! Did you know that you can “Like” your favourite sellers? I already chose my favourite seller!! No, I won’t tell you who it was!

{favourite your favourite artists!}

Asides the blog… she also features {Lovely Shops}…

{one special shop featured}

{organized in such a lovely way…}

… you can also choose by {Product Cluster}… which means choosing by colour! Embrace {Lovely Clusters} and delight yourself with this unique and exquisite handmade treasures… Rachel combines them in such a way that I believe these fortunate sellers are having sneak-peeks all day long, because as in for me… I honestly want to check them all! Such talent in such a small space! To end… I will leave you with something else by Rachel, that shows the care and love she has for her readers…

“Lovely Clusters is also for the viewers to get excited about what they see and possibly have bloggers feel inspired to write a blog post about something they loved from the site.”

{featuring blue}

Well, this is it for today, lovelies! Embrace loveliness and visit Miss Rachel @…
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