number’s editorial :: iro-ivy

Hello everyone! {Number’s Editorial} is back!! After a few days delay, already explained before… I’m officially back, and therefore let’s keep on going and going in the right pace! This time, my guest is someone very very special… well-known freelance decorator and interior design consultant, Iro… also known as Ivy! Ivy is born and raised in beautiful Greece, but as life brought her some surprises… she moved a few years ago to Frankfurt, Germany. From then on she has been going through all the experiences that everyone that moves from one country to another goes through… learning a different language, getting to know the city she chose to live in, moving to a different house, decorating it… getting to know the culture… people… but most of all, she has been touching our hearts with her words about feelings and values. In these last days she has also been sharing with us her delightful pictures of Greece… I must also thank Ivy, not just for being my guest here, but she was one of the first Flickr friends and I learned so much with her… so, here goes a very special “thank you” for being here!

Number :: 18
“… I remember returning from a dog’s asylum and bringing home the first dog that was to actually inhabit with us inside the house. I’ve had dogs and puppies before, a lot of them sheltered from the streets, as there are nunerous of them in Greece, but they all had lived mostly in the garden.
Bianca is her name, then about 1 year old was and still is a beautiful white, mixture, hunting dog with honey coloured ears and loads of natural mascara around her eyes. I still remember the “fight” that had to be given to convince my parents to keeping her.
But they had no chance, as I was very serious about it. I had even signed and adoption paper and had agreed in recieving regular visits from carekeepers of the asylum for the next few months, so as to check the progress!
All turned out well, as she gained the hearts even of my parents in just a couple of….days!…and in a few weeks she had already become a member of our family!

These days, still living with my parents in Greece, she ‘s sadly breathing her last as, she has reached 18 years of age (another connection to your suggested number!). We all hope for her to not suffer….and also hope to adjust well to life without her.

Word :: Bianca

Bianca!…what else?…not only for our dog but also beceause Bianca is the Italian word for white, the only colour I cannot live without in my surrounding. I love its purity and bright quality and especially love what a great canvas it can be for endless and easy creativity in our living spaces.”

A perfect day is when I…
“… I’m in peace with myself and tuned to my inner needs…

One thing I would love to learn is…
“… to be punctual

An english woman in New York or a New Yorker in England?
Neither, as for me Home is where the Heart is…

{Bianca and Iro}

{…a place for twiggs} would like to thank Iro for the honour of answering our challenge and being a part of this project!

Kisses & Hugs!

{random} stories :: and we’re back

“…and we’re back!”

I’m a huge fan of google and therefore gmail, which is my favourite -mail account! And from time to time, when the internet connection has a problem they manage to show gmail users specific messages to let them know what’s happening, which I find very comforting! And this “…and we’re back!” is one of my favourites as it reminds me tv shows!

So my friends, after a week off flickr and blogs I’m officially back!

I really needed to take some time off, as this last week was of a huge importance to me! I was working in which I considered to be my one of the best job opportunities as I was working in a multinational consulting company, but as you also may know these firms are known to be quite… I really can’t find the word now… but I was finding really hard to have time for myself, and other parts in my life, which I consider to be as important as work. So, I kept looking and looking and finally decided to leave for good. So, what was once one of the best job opportunities, slowly transformed into something that didn’t respond to my needs… I guess age has these things… it changes your priorities.

I spent almost a week announcing everyone, and as I had to respect a line of hierarchy I had to wait until my last day at the office to tell all my friends that I was leaving. So, these last days were quite hard… as things were moving very slowly… and the anxiety was taking its place in me.

So, to fulfill my last job obligations I went to a training session in a beautiful place in Portugal with a friend, that I was suppose to teach, and we had two wonderful days! The city is about 140km away from Lisbon southeast, at this time of the year it is very very hot, and… do you remember me talking about Martinho da Vila, a brazilian singer?

Well, he was singing at the bull arena in that same city and… he was staying at our hotel… two rooms next to ours!!!

Ain’t I a lucky girl?

Just listen to this {sound}… I leave you with some pictures of that amazing place, in which actually I spent my birthday last year!!

See you in a while… as there’s {numbers editorial} next!

Take care, hugs & kisses!

{random} stories :: projects

Projects. Something good in our daily tasks.

This blog was a project… born with the intention of exploring my thoughts and feelings… some were really (and still are) mixed feelings. Mixed feelings about the future, jobs, skills… it was almost a place where I would write about my doubts and findings. Doubts about my life and choices. Findings about my life and further choices.

I believe that we all think about this… maybe some of us are not willing to share these thoughts with others. Others want to share because they feel that somehow this will help them throught the discovery. We all have our ways to deal with our own life, days… nights… dreams and even nightmares, doubts, certains…

Be sure to live in a positive way, because good things will come in your way.

{csevenm via flickr}

As for me… through these last months a lot has been going on, and some of those things were shared here or in the usual place (which would start by an F… and end with a R… a six letter word…), and today I realised that I have begun several projects… some smaller than others.

1. Flickr as Twiggs in Lisbon
2. Blog as {…a place for twiggs}
3. Etsy as {…a place for twiggs}

{Twiggs in Lisbon} on Flickr

{…a place for twiggs} on Blogger

{…a place for twiggs} on Etsy

And besides these… other smaller… but sooooo important!

1. {postcards :: the…} project
2. {sneek-peaks}
3. {number’s editorial}
4. {shall we eat something}
5. {at home… away from home}

{postcards :: the red house}

{number’s editorial}

{shall we eat something?}
{at home… away from home}

Besides all these… in paralel version!

1. Creating a home
2. Growing my love for him

{tiny flat aka home}

{surprise! surprise!}

Oh boy… what a full year I’ve had!

Thank you so much for being a part of this too, as all of you…

… that read these words… go through my stream and take the time to write comments… those who write e-mails and share a more intimate side of you… those who happily accept to be a part of my columns… those who somehow encourage me in developing my skills and in pursuing my dreams…

… are a part of this too… so a huge {thank you}!

{take this, they are very sweet!}

{random} stories :: daily tasks

… and decisions. Somehow mixed… somehow a consequence. Decisions make your daily tasks change. Daily tasks are sometimes a delight… others a huge effort in order to get through the day. So, we stop. We think. We decide. We strive. We get a chance. We grab it. The question? Will it be a good thing? I truly hope so!

Today… these last days… this week… has been full with good and happy moments. However it has been filled with mixed feelings about other parts in life. Decisions made. Let’s face the decisions and expect for the best.

Be optimistic! – said my mind.
I know! I know! I’ll be optimistic! A day at a time! – I thought.
This will be a good thing! – said my mind.
I know! I know! This will be just another step! – I thought.

Moments in life… they are all important… some more than others. Some are made of decisions. This will be a good thing.

{guess what? sometimes we face new doors in our path… what a clichet! :p}

I don’t know if you, my friends… know Martinho da Vila, a brazilian singer… well, if you don’t know him, you should. He’s such a talented singer and composer. In this very moment I’m listening to one of his songs where he sings…

“Canta, canta minha gente,
deixa a tristeza p’ra lá,
canta forte
canta alto
que a vida vai melhorar…
mas vai melhorar…
será que vai melhorar?
só pode melhorar!”

… in english it would be something like this (I really hate to translate these things… I always think they sound funny afterwards :p)

“My friends, sing… sing,
leave the sadness behind,
sing strong,
sing loud,
life’s is getting better…
but it will get better…
will it get better?
Of course it will, that’s the only way!”

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