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hello there sweet friends, how are you? how was your weekend? my weekend was a very good one… as it had friends, family and dinner parties… so… i guess all that is needed for a good weekend, don’t you think? oh, almost forgot… and also a wee-celebration yesterday with sales on etsy… so {thank you} sweet customers, you rock my world!

so, from time to time, i receive some questions about the sources in which i look for content for this blog. and i thought it would be interesting to share something about this… i actually am on the search every single second that i spend on the web. but on the other hand, and i guess that like so many other bloggers, we are not exactly on the search… but good and excellent thing fall on our laps… and this was one of these situations.

a while ago when reading some of my favourite blogs… i found {hello tiger} and opened another page, pasted the link and it all started.

“my name is tiger and i live in stockholm, sweden. i study text design and media technology. i love great DIY ideas, interior design, scandinavian design, faux bois, porcelain, checkered dresses, cross stitch, devon rex cats and vegan food.”


{hello tiger} is written in swedish, but there are several post also written in english, so for all of you that like me (and i say this with a sad face… remember my thing about sweden?) do not speak swedish… it is a good thing! you can find several inspirations about decor, design and diy tutorials… that will actually link to {elle interior’s diy edition}, where originally tiger publishes her tutorials.

you will find great artists, designers & photographers…
if you are a fan of scandinavian style…
if you wish to sneak-peek into beautiful houses…
if you would like to learn how to do original things with your own hands…
this will be for sure your kind of blog…
promise you!

and now… go and say hello to {hello tiger} on her blog here
or delight yourself with {from scandinavia with love} here

oh, do not leave your seat… as in a few hours there will be an exciting post about {blogging}.


friday i am in {love} with…

today i just did a simple exercise… and the interesting thing is that from a completely random exercise… i ended up with some curious coincidences.

for fridays i like to choose some beautiful things for which i fall in love… and this {friday} i am in love with… edition just started when i decided to finally dedicate some of my time to {pinterest}… it was a whole new world. a world that gathered in one single page (that seems to never end…) all mood boards from people that are pinning all over the world. the concept? amazing. inspirational? oh my… so much!

& today i have decided to look at my wall… and choose which ever page that seemed beautiful to me for some reason. 

the result?
a collection of beautiful & dreamy sceneries… with a bit of romance perfume…

the coincidence?
inalmost all of them were repinned by my dear friend {yvette inufio} in her board called {pretty things}

the board?
here it is… {friday} i am in love with dreams & romance. 

and now i hope that each one of you felt a little bit more inspired & happy…

wish for sweet things & dream about romance…

happy weekend!


interview with elena

hello good morning lovely readers… so it appears that it is friday, right? 

i know that for some of you american friends, you have celebrated {veterans day} but for us portuguese (and from what i know in some other countries too) we celebrate st. martin’s day. and here we eat roast chestnust and drink red wine… can it be more perfect for a cold fall night? i went out with {mr twiggs} for a dinner in a delicious restaurant that i am dying to tell you about… but not today.

today is {at home… far away from home} day and i have you here a lady that comes from ukraine… has beautiful brown eyes… and takes the most beautiful and bright pictures. 

her name is elena… but you might also know her from {pretty light}… and by what we see of her pictures… that makes an incredible sense… because light should really be her middle name.

shall we know a little bit more about elena?

1. hello! how are you? can you tell me something that describes who’s pretty light :: elena?
hi! thanks for asking me to do this interview! my name is elena, i love flowers and photography, to me it’s about finding inspiration in everyday things.

2. you were born in…
kiev, ukraine. it was still part of the ussr when i was born.

3. and now you are in… for how many years?
i live in toronto, canada… for over 9 years now. it will be 10 years in may, i can’t believe it has been this long, time flies!

4. do you remember what were you feeling/thinking in the day you decided to go abroad?
i wanted to live some place else for a very long time before i actually moved to canada. there are lots of things that i love about my country but there are also lots of things taht are upsetting and i wish were different.

5. what do you like the most in your current place?
canada is very large and beautiful, i still haven’t been anywhere other than ontario and quebec, but what i saw around here is amazing. there are a million of lakes, bays and beautiful waterfalls, the nature here is magnificent. but i think that what i like the most is the spirit of canadian people, their kindness and willingness to help others. i always felt welcomed here!

6. what do you miss the most about your country?
i miss family get togethers, girls nights and being silly, poppyseed pastries and black tea with a slice of lemon at a friend’s house, long walks under big trees in my favourite parks in kiev, babushkas selling bouquets of lilly of the valley flowers on the street, blooming chestnuts and lilacs, trips to the black sea in summer and the smell of steppe grasses and salty sea air in crimea.

7. let’s say that i am going abroad for some reason… and i am at the airport, on the departura side… your words for me would be…?
have fun, enjoy the new places and experiences, meet new people, make new friends and take lots of pictures and share with us!

8. i would love to lear a word in your language… what is your favourite word?
that’s a tough one… i guess that would be the word любовь (lubov), which in english means {love}.

… elena shared some pictures of ukraine…

… and canada…
this was an amazing journey through ukraine & canada… and for this i would like to thank {elena} for being so sweet and accepting this invitation… sharing her thoughts and experiences in changing countries.

you can all delight yourselves with her stream here… and also say hello to elena here! you might also want to join her on facebook… here… and explore her project with {annia} in {7500km away}, a project between two girls, one that lives in moscow and the other one in toronto.

i hope you have enjoyed this small interview… and i hope you are having a delicious friday!

with some luck, this day will be a happy day and the weekend will arrive soon!

have a sweet day, lovely friends!


{thursday’s sweet treasuries}

as i had said… i would be back…

with this christmas spirit almost everywhere… it is impossible not to think in presents… yesterday i mentioned being {happy with the smallest things} (eventhough i just made a wishlist of clothes, bags and shoes… way too expensive… just because i could make such a list… and it would not become more than that – a list). and what really makes me happy is wandering around with a camera. if you are not new in this blog… or in my photostream you have realized already i have just a tiny camera (to match tiny apartment perhaps!)… and a holga, my sweet lomo love.

and if not said enough, all fine art prints i sell {here!} are meant to gather enough to buy my lovely wished-more-than-i-could-tell camera. rather than that… i actually dream over a vintage camera too. i am actually thinking in letting some clues around the house… as before christmas… there is also my birthday, so who knows?

… this week’s treasury is about that…
vintage cameras… vintage memories… and all the love and uniqueness it carries…
have a sweet thursday my friends…
and let all your wishes come out… some of them may actually come true.

why? you do not believe in that?

i do!


number’s editorial :: trisha brink

hello hello! i almost wrote “oh! oh! oh!”… ok, i know, i know… it is still too early! 

so are you looking forward for the weekend? i am… to rest a little bit, to be with friends, to wander around a beach, which will be good, because the weather is not that sunny and i also love beaches on the winter! i wish i could have a cottage somewhere in sweden to enjoy colder days in a swedish style! 

today is that day in which we have a guest to answer some random (well… not that random) questions! it all started because we all have this curiosity in getting to know people a little more… beyond pictures. 

i met this lady through flickr a few months ago… and though i can not remember exactly what brought me into her, i remember some salmon sheets and an optimistic and supportive lady! she was one of the few first kind people i had following this blog… so for me, she was sooooo sweet!

her name… trisha. and she happens to be a beautiful lady… in a very beautiful smile. 

number :: 37
… which is my age. i have a difficult time believing this! where has the time gone?! when i was growing up i always thought of people over 30 as ancient! i am not sure what age i’d say i feel… but i guess i’d tell you that most days i act my show size! age is attitude, don’t you think? i have just as much fun hanging out with 7 years olds as i do 67 year olds. that probably explains why i’m still so optimistic at 37. i still kinda feel like life is just beginning for me… that each day holds all kinds of opportunities in it. (…) so much has come from all this exploration… (…) life is really good at 37 for trisha brink!

letter :: k
this is easy! kids! i have two… they are tristan (7) and elliot (4). my husband chad and i are so blessed to have these great little men in our lives. i had two sisters growing up, so boys is a whole new thing for mw. i enjoy being consistantly amazed at how simple yet complex little boys are. we have all kinds of fun discovering, getting really dirty, and running wild in the wilderness. for all the girly-girl stuff that i sell, photograph and write about… i am two times the “boy” crazy mom! give me pink roses in my work world… and muddy boots at home. (…) life is never boring for me… confusing from time to time, wild and rambunctious for sure… (…) we work hard, play hard, and sleep hard here at the brink house!

a perfect day is when…
i wake up without an alarm. drink a few cups of strong but creamy coffee while eating homemade crepes filled with cream and bumbleberry jam (all made by my really sweet hubby). read some books with my little men and send them off with daddy to go spend some quality time in the wilderness of our great pacific northwest. i play with my camera and some lovelies either in my home or yard, and come up with a great blog post or massive flickr release. after dawdling around on the computer i get to craft all afternoon in a perfectly clean craft space (yeah right!)

lunch is light and snacking and another big brew of coffee. at this point i would spend some time with my devotions and pick a great meal to make for my men. as i chop, stir and bake… the boys come home and get cleaned up for a night of dinner and more books before bedtime. after munchkins are tucked in bed, my hubby and i watch one of our favourite movies and tumble into bed for a cozy night together in our humble old time bungalow! ahhhh…

one thing i would love to learn is…
organizational skills. i have the best intentions i assure you! who are these people that keep their craft rooms clean??? if only i could figure out how to start something creative before i have already finished the last creative thing i started… 

would you rather be an english woman in new york or a new yorker in england?
this is absolutely a no brainer! as i have been to both places, i would… without a shadow of a doubt… be a new yorker in england. you couldn’t pay me enough money to live in new york (unless upstate new york… as that is absolutely lovely). new york may be up to the minute “with it”… but i would never be able to put up with all the crazyness. i would prefer to hang out in a beautiful english garden with old fashioned things surrounding me. the history alone in england is unbelievable. i can always get what i want from new york with a good internet connection… but experiencing old world romance and countryside ambiance? 

well, for that i need a good cottage and a lovely expanse of green to get connected with my creator….and therefore my creative self. i’m one of those romantics i guess….give me a little “lizzy with her hems caked in nearly 4 inches of mud” and you’ll get a much better idea of who i am. i already have “my mr. knightly” and i’m content to sit home with pudgey fingered-toothy grinned boys while venison stew bubbles on the stove. who wouldn’t love to be a queen in their own country cottage?

and this was it… i happen  to find trisha’s points of view very comforting… like she has this sweet life and happy life with her boys around the house. the interesting thing is that when imagining myself with kids i always imagined that i would have two boys as well… i still do.

thank you trisha for being here and for taking the time to sit down and answering these questions! 

for the rest of you… you might want to visit her here… and here… trisha also makes beautiful jewelry… so you might want to sneak-peek here too…

and for now this is it… might be back here soon!

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