friday i am in {love} with…

… being a woman. next tuesday i will turn 30. it is a major milestone as i believe every year is. but in our lives, as women, being 30 carries… a special flavour. but i believe that being a woman… carries a special flavour for itself. as we are so unique. inspired by mrs french from {blissful}… i will play the {i heart} game (not in any specific order).

{i heart friends}

{i heart small flowers}

{i heart freedom}

{i heart ballet}

{i heart shoes}

{i heart optimism}

{i heart love}

{i heart wandering}

… i heart knowing that you are there to make my day sweeter.

may you all have the sweetest of days.


interview with laura

hello fellow friends, how are you today? happy? excited for the holidays? oh i am… and i am even more excited because in the end this day i will be on a very short vacations, but still… vacations! five full days off work with a weekend full with concerts in lisbon, i will be listening some very new musicians and i can not wait. do you know {janelle monáe}? and how about {coco summer}? i know that she is very talented, but just by the way… she is sting’s daughter and what a voice!

so, asides from music, today is {at home… far away from home} and we have two guests today. curious? one girl + one boy. even more curious? the first man in {…a place for twiggs}? one grown-up girl + a baby boy. ok, i will unravel the charade. she is carrying the baby boy… he has not seen this world yet, but expected in a few months! curious to know who this mom is? clues…
{chantilly lace via etsy}

her name is laura evans. and she lives in germany. but was born in england.

1. hello… how are you? can you tell me something that describes who’s laura evans? 
i am a military wife & photographer (i also bartend but we’ll ignore that part)… & soon to be mum!! i spend half my life with my head up in the clouds, & thankfully have a husband who’s firmly in reality. i love to take pretty pictures, read books & spend time with the people i love (yeah totally cheesy). 

2. you were born in…
i was born in harlow, england & grew up in cambridge, england.

{laura evans via etsy}

3. and now you are in… … for how many years?
i live close to the city of kaiserslautern in germany, we’ve been here for 3 years & will be here for another 1 to 2 years (all depending on uncle sam & have no clue where we’ll head next).

4. Do you remember what were you feeling/thinking in the day you decided to go abroad?
i’d just finished rugby practice (yes i played rugby & oh how i miss it) & my then boyfriend calls telling me he has orders to germany & did i wanna come. well duuuuuh… & here we are!

{laura evans via etsy}

5. what do you like the most in your current place?
getting to travel… you can be in one of 3 different countries in 2 hours & another couple more in 5!

6. what do you miss the most from your country?
convenience… fish & chips… rugby… friends & family… small things as opposed to the major stuff!

7. let’s say that i’m going abroad for some reason… and i’m at the airport, on the departure side… your words for me would be…?
you’d better take a whole lot of pretty pictures! 

8. i would love to learn a word in your current language… what is your favourite word?
right now my friends call me “mamma” & “prego” & well to explain how much that means to me would take way too long!
{the balloon via etsy}

well, boys & girls… this was laura and her sweet life spent in germany nowadays…

she shared some of her memories from england…
{england in portraits}

and a little bit of germany too…

{germany mood}
dear friends, i hope you had a pleasant flight between england & germany! thank you so much laura! it was so nice to meet you! rugby, huh?

you can all say hello to laura in her {blog}, sneak-peek her {stream}… and it would also be an explendid idea to order some of fer whimsical fine art prints from {etsy}… don’t you think?

have a great day!


{random} stories :: my click factory

oh i am so thrilled to be back, i am, i am! i have something for you that is so interesting, so filled with fresh air, i can not wait to tell you! first some clues… just like i always like to do… and this time, clues come in a question + picture.

{what do these three lovely girls have in common?}

oh, you must know by now… these three lovely ladies have created an exquisite idea… called… {my click factory}… isn’t this such a magnificent name?

{…a place for twiggs} could not wait and asked for a interview… let us continue, then?

hello chicas, how are you? so tell me… who’s idea was this?
hi claudia! thank you very much for inviting us to this post, we are happy to appear on your blog as {my click factory}!!! in fact, the idea came from many people, some time ago,  we talked about doing a blog to use as a showcase and over time, some flickr friends urged us to do it.

so and what is {my click factory}?
{my click factory} is first of all a window to the world and for the world. on this blog, we talk about art in general, clearly focused towards photography. we want to support the work of many artists that we know every day and also show our own work.

{gabriela da costa via flickr}

that seems to be a great idea… and what are your goals for {my click factory}?
our main goal is to get to people with interesting information on this blog. we want from {my click factory} a dynamic site, so people can find useful things during their visit.

one of your offers is about wed-design, so let’s say that i wanted to re-design my blog… what would i need and how would we do this?
time and patience, maybe is the main thing. it’s important to understand if that is what you want to do, before you start to define the style you want for your blog, you want your site to be vintage, modern, minimalist, what do you want? every day we visit many different blogs from all categories and have to say, that helped us a lot with inspiration. when you are able to define the style, and you get a layout and start working on the header, the rest comes much more easier on you. but… you know, three heads are better than one!

and one other thing… let’s about the why… you thought about this because you felt the need on the market… or your creativity had to be explored and you felt chemistry between the three of you?
it’s a mixture of everything. we are friends for some time, we have always worked individually, but we feel a mutual admiration for our work and one day in a casual chat on other friends, we decided we could take advantage of the holiday season to promote our work, however, the need to broaden the horizon came when we began to work seriously in the blog design, was at that moment that {my click factory} found an identity.

well thank you so much, but before we go… looks like christmas is coming… what would you ask santa claus for {my click factory}?
many readers!!!!! (ajajaja) the best gift in the {blogger world} are many readers and supporters who bring us very positive feedback, and of course… of course, many clients also!!!! 

all are welcome to {my click factory} this week we are promoting our digital editing services to design your personalized christmas cards. looking for a gift?  you can also visit our etsy shop (individual), where you will find a wide choice of fine art photography, maybe a original and beautiful gift on this christmas!! thanks again for the invitation claudia! from the three of us (françoise, gabriela and julia) we wish you and all your readers a happy christmas holidays!

{julia davila via flickr}

and i thank you all for letting me share these sweet news to all my sweet friends & readers!

what do think? there is never too much talent to share… and i also believe that joint ventures are always the best way to success… because all this comes down to… relationships. and these are the most important!

take care & have an exquisite thursday!


number’s editorial :: lila

hello sweet friends, feeling good today? whow, i received quite a feedback yesterday concerning christmas decorations & scandinavian interior style. maybe it is all the white, that give us a feeling of serenity, peace, warm… when matched with warm lights, vintage details… above all i love a house that it is warm and feels like lived in. 

so, before going on to our guest today, i will remind you that yesterday {advertising season} has opened here in {…a place for twiggs}, which means that i will be receiving your offers to start advertising in 2011. for more details, just send me an email!

well, let us continue to our guest. first this lady comes from a far far side of the world. but she was not born there, nor she has spent her whole life there. she is there now. not even a clue, right? i shall continue…

“old faded blue jeans, barefoot on wet sand, the wind on my face, wet hair, a sea shell in my hand… many sunny blue days and few raining and gray… sleeping late… jazz and blues… laughing for no reason at all… feeling loose and breeze… finding beauty to capture, anywhere, everywhere… in love… yes… in love with life!”

{simplesmente lila via flickr}

number :: 20
20 was the age i met and married my husband… my life was never, ever the same.  we married and moved from Brazil to New Zealand, i had to learn to speak a new language really fast and adapt to whatever came after that. we, brazilian woman, specially from middle to higher class, live a very sheltered life, and sometimes we miss a lot of fabulous experiences because our parents never allow us to stretch our wings to far from home or to far away from their dreams for us. i was the black sheep of our family… sorry mum and dad! (kids don’t do as i have done… or on the other hand… go ahead, do as i have done! no regrets there!)
my husband was, and still is, on hotel business and we have to face lots and lots of relocations and traveling through the years, and raising kids in foreign languages was not an easy task. i left law school to become a full time mum… do i regret that choice? never! i was blessed with 3 gorgeous kids in my life. and, because of that choice i became a photographer to take my children’s pictures… you can join the dots from now.

{simplesmente lila via flickr}

letter :: m
i am happy! i have got the m… because m is for maria (my first name, of course) did you know that? lila maria! is a kind of brazilian tradition to have {maria} has a second name… maybe not anymore. m is for {mother}, so full of love & wisdom, i love my mum and i love being a mother too! m is for {maturity} and with maturity comes wisdom, courage and grace. m is for {melon} and i do love melon, with blue berries for breakfast! i could just keep on going as so many joyful words start with {m}!

{simplesmente lila via flickr}

a perfect day is when i…
… wake up slowly to the sound of birds singing or the sound of rain falling softly on the roof… bliss!

one thing i would love to learn is…
… to cook. just because i am a raw vegan does not mean that food should be only about salads and juices every day. i went to a raw vegan restaurant the other day and the food was so delicious. i cried of joy! and orgasmic experience, believe me!

would you rather be a english woman in new york, or a new yorker in england?
i am a brazilian with a mixture of three european races, and such mixture os hard to shake from your genes! i love europe… england would be my choice here! i love history… simply love the past mingling with the present without loosing its original taste. new york is beautiful, but is another kind of beauty. a bit like dubai in many ways, all fast and furioys… so plastic fantastic. not my cup of tea at all!

{simplesmente lila via flickr}

i know that i could be repeating myself, but i always feel amazed by different lives… lila shares the same language with me, as we both speak portuguese. but that is about it. nothing else is similar. she lives on the other side of the world, she has 3 children… she has traveled around the world… and she is a raw vegan. she left law school to become a full time mum. and she lives in dubai. isn’t this an amazing story?

lila is also on {flickr} & {blogger}…

thank you so much lila… it was such an honour to meet you & get to know you a little bit more! you live an extraordinairy life! 


{random} stories :: advertising season is now open!

“the man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”

{retro sweetness via pinterest}

lovely friends… i believe in this. i believe that {…a place for twiggs} is a place where you can stay for a while, for interesting news, in a cozy & warm environment. it is a place where you drink a cup of hot tea while you read the news.

{…a place for twiggs} has been here for more than a year. but also it stood almost like a private journal for a year. since august 2010 it began its activity in a more constant frequency, delivering sweetness to its readers, insight on important matters, fresh goodies for its friends.

{work hard, be kind via pinterest}

from october to november, {…a place for twiggs} has doubled its pageviews from 5000 to 11000… and it is still growing. how did it grow so fast? because there is fresh air in this place. because it strives for good insight on those topics you wish to know.

+ next year {…a place for twiggs} will have its own domain, increasing the professional look…

+ every other month there will be a major insight on something exquisitely important, with no less important guests, which will bring all interested readers to {…a place for twiggs}, therefore you.

+ {…a place for twiggs} has at least two stories published every single day (excluding weekends), sharing with its sweet readers news about…

~ talented photographers
~ interesting blogs
~ amazing handmade artists
~ stories from sunny lisbon
~ weekly treasuries from etsy
~ weekly collections of exquisite friends over flickr

all this generating traffic to this place… therefore you.

+ {…a place for twiggs} is on {facebook}, {twitter}, {flickr} and has its own {flickr group}…

{abby try again via etsy}

do you wish to be a part of this?

you can for the exquisite ammount of $10/month. it is a low rate because times are hard, and i want to promote that saving is an excellent thing. but investment is also an excellent thing. so, just email me at…

for sweet details!

stay warm & grab a cookie!

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