2011 {wishes}… by carmen hache

oh i love my latin friends. that being said, let us go straight to this strong woman wishes. well, actually just one thing. i have been on flickr for more than a year, have been meeting such lovely friends… talented photographers… and yet, people keep surprising me and making my day with the most simple of gestures. carmen has this effect on me. she is powerful, intense, creative, feminine, sensitive, a friend, kind heart… a huge heart. me encanta que seré capaz de verla en un mes. me encanta que ella haya escrito una historia para los deseos para 2011.

friend #6: carmen hache from {hache photography}

“la fotografía me permite robarle al mundo pedacitos con los que recompongo mi mundo interior, me permite crear e inventar, mostrarme, aprender y enseñar… me lo da todo. soy autodidacta, inquieta, curiosa. no paro hasta dar con lo que busco. colecciono sonrisas y desde hace poco, abrazos. disfruto de la soledad porque la tengo controlada.”


{hache photography}

carmen’s wishes fro 2011 are…

“dear new year… i have to write you a letter with my wishes. please let me sit down close to you so that we can talk about. i wish you to let me feel like a child. i think it was easier when we were younger and we spent our time without thinking… we only {lived our lives}… i wish to walk barefoot and jumping into the puddles. i want to have more time for me. i have a lot of books to read, films to watch, projects to do and i need more time. i wish to have time to spent with my friends. they are my life. you know… i wish to hug everyone i love. i wish to travel again. perhaps i’ll start with lisbon… i don’t know. but i want to travel more. and i wish to go to africa because i have a lot of smiles to pick there… please new year… i hope you don’t forget me. i have a lot of things to do and a lot of things to live.”

what more can i say after this beautiful letter? please new year, can you bring some of my friends to lisbon, so that i can meet them, hug them and smile with them? thank you.

2011 {wishes}… by laura evans

yay! i am happy, happy as a {bird with a french fry} because it is friday and i cannot wait to sit back and relax this evening. this week has been quite busy, trying to catch up with everything after the holidays. phew… i will finally have two days to rest… errr rest is not quite the expression, but it feels so good to have the time for myself and to date a little bit with mr twiggs. well, but i am here to share a few more wishes for 2011. this time we shall have a lady that is expecting a baby boy and also a talented photographer. she lives in germany and was before a {guest} here.

friend #5: laura evans from {love. laugh. believe}

“i have a degree in photography & previously worked in a school as a photography technician, helping children learn everything there is to know about photography. my photographs are a chance for you to view the world through my eyes, see the things i see & experience life as i do.”

{laura evans}

laura’s wishes for 2011 are…

“honestly there is only one thing i wish for in 2011… a healthy son… with 10 fingers & 10 toes. we’d prefer that he had neither my husbands looks or personality but his smarts (yes i said smarts) & sense of duty & the fact that he is down to earth & sensible & can make me laugh like no one ever has. & his ability to love unconditionally. i want the lil’ dude to be happy & our family to grow together & explore & discover. it’s been a long journey getting to this place & an even longer one is starting but whilst i understood how to love & laugh… this past year has taught me to believe in my hopes & my dreams & that wishes can come true.”

i was so moved when i received laura’s wishes. they feel so honest and straight. indeed among all wishes we have & resolutions for the new year, we shall all remember that health is the most important thing. to be healthy is half way to live a good life… we will feel our heart ready for love, our mind ready to explore the world.

a little {treasury}

… do you know what could be a magnificent gift for you? time. time is priceless. and often we do not manage it well. we scream for more, more than we strive for money. time i precious. it allows us to do things, to accomplish plans, to fulfill dreams, to enjoy our days… our hours… our minutes. it is precious and we need to take better care of it. in a time where time seems to run faster than we wished for, we dream about peaceful moments to enjoy ourselves & all others we love… we dream about time to do those things we love. we dream about a quiet time… to close our eyes & dream.

2011 {wishes}… by patricia montero

… a few months ago i came across this lady on flickr, left a comment on a picture… but did not add her as a friend. sometimes these things happen. we think about something and then, it slips just like that. nevertheless, i was so happy to cross her path again and accomplish that task, make contact. what a nice surprise it was, i found a lovely lady, filled with kind & warm words… and the best… another talented photographer with a latin soul, perhaps another friend with whom i will keep learning how to speak (and mostly write) in spanish! pati’s wishes for 2011 are…

friend #4: patricia montero from {pati montero}

“i do enjoy working as graphic designer everyday… but, what about a click or a sketch every now and then after that?”

patricia montero

{patricia montero}

pati’s wishes for 2011 are…

~ a whole year full of life and joy
~ a warm home to receive us after a long day at work (or at the daycare)
~ 365 of love next to my best-friend
~ to be the mother this wonderful human being needs and deserves

i always love joyful wishes… that touch our hearts with love & warm feelings.

2011 {wishes}… by heather thompson

oh hello you all! how is your week going? the first week of the year will soon be ending, and it seems that it just started… don’t you feel the same? well, there is one excellent thing though… the weekend is coming and i will be able to catch up with a lot of work from the blog change. this is like decorating a house (err… a place), so there are a few things left to do. i can give you some inside information about that, because i believe you could be feeling a little curious! the first thing is that we’ll be having… {sponsors}, oh excited twiggs! do you wish to aplly? just read this note {here} and write me! i will gladly help! well, let us keep going, as today will be another busy day! remember those wishes for 2011? i invited some friends to share them with us… and today we shall have the third lady.

friend #3: sweet heather thompson from {gathering spriggs}

“my name is heather spriggs thompson, an artist and designer based out of nashville, tn. since 2003 i have worked as a faux finisher/ decorative painter in homes and businesses of nashville.  gathering spriggs is my vintage inspired design blog featuring articles on design, decor, artists/designers, color trends and boutiques from around the globe.”

heather’s wishes for 2011 are…

~ flourishing creative connections with other artists and bloggers
~ renewed confidence in my own work
~ being able to support myself financially via gathering spriggs
~ learning healthy boundaries that bring peace and joy
~ one luxurious vacation to a faraway destination: thinking about california or london!

i must confess that i felt somehow identified with some of these wishes for this new year that has started a few days ago. but in these wishes wrote by heather i truly hope she will be able to renew her confidence in her work, as she is incredibly talented and a very sensitive person. and that, my friends, makes all the difference!

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