number’s editorial :: laura gaskill

hola qué tal? comment çá vá, my friends? alles gut? oh, just a little travel around the world in a few words! but still one of my favourite is in german with “hallo wie geht’s?”, it just sounds so good! so my friends, feeling the weekend approaching? are there any sweet plans for this last weekend before christmas? i still have shopping as i am still on ideas. always been like this, last year i gave mr twiggs a fabulous pair of puma sneakers & on christmas eve i had to offer him a postcard with a picture of them printed and wrote a few lines like if they were talking to him “hello… we are on our way to your feet… but right now we just left the netherlands, went to germany & now we stopped for a while in france, however do not worry, we will get to you pretty soon!”

well today is {number’s editorial} day & i brought you a sweet lady, mom of an adorable baby… and who also has the most delightful blog. i have some friends asking how do i manage myself in order to keep me updated with my favourite blogs, and until now my favourite solution is to subscribe them by email, though i have heard that google reader is so much better. must try soon! shame on me, i know. but, as i was saying, some read the news in the morning, i hear the news while on traffic & i read my favourite blogs in a couple of minutes, writing a small note on comments. and this lady’s blog is one of my daily reads… clues?

{adorable bixby james + laura gaskill}

“hello! i’m laura gaskill, a new mama + design student in the process of creating a home i love on a tight budget.”

this seems really interesting so far, don’t you think? let us hear more…

“i launched lolalina in april ’09 as a way to share my design and style finds, as well as a space to document my personal journey towards living a life in line with my passions – my sweet life. i blog about my at times painfully slow (but fun!) progress in updating my 1930′s bungalow, as well as curating design finds, ideas on decorating and creative living, book reviews, interviews, and features on the work of designers, photographers, artists and stylists who inspire me.”

{baby bixby james}

laura gaskill is the editor of {lolalina} and she spreads the world with beautiful finds… she is the honourable guest today.

{laura’s office via lolalina}

number :: 31
31 is my age now, and this has been a {big} year for me because i had my first baby, bixby, and also have been settling into a new home – it is the first home purchased with my husband, and we spent the months of my pregnancy painting the entire house from top to bottom! also over the past year i have begun taking design courses, which is something i have wanted to do and dreamed about for years and years – in fact, my high school art teacher encouraged me to consider art/design school (and even wrote a letter to my mom, hoping she could help convince me!), but i was stubborn and thought going into a creative field wasn’t practical.

letter :: p
i will say {p} is for providence, my new city! i was born and raised in the san francisco bay area, but moved with my husband to providence, rhode island, two years ago, to be near his family… and because we can afford a house here, ha! there are a lot of things i love about living in providence – {risd} (the rhode island school of design) is here, as well as johnson & wales (a well-known cooking school), so there are tons of artsy type events and great food! but i will always be a california girl at heart!

{covet garden via lolalina}

a perfect day is when i…
wake up to see my baby’s beautiful smiling face!!

one thing i would love to learn is…
just one? learn italian, it is such a beautiful language. my grandpa was italian and i have traveled in italy twice and would love to go back! but there are so many other things i want to learn, like how to sew, knit, tap dance, and take better photographs!

would you rather be an english woman in new york, or a new yorker in england?
oh, a new yorker in england for sure! i can’t handle massive cities, and i would love to be in europe where you can hop on a train and be visiting another country in a matter of hours! as much as i am a homebody, i also have a major case of wanderlust and would love to travel as much as possible in my life.

{tea pot pin board via lolalina}

i would like to thank laura for being here & for being such a sweet guest, sharing her excitement in being here, which for me is an honour! i would strongly advise you to sneak-peek laura’s {blog} as she is quite a source of inspiration! laura is also making a {monthly photo session} with bixby james until he celebrates two years of age. other than that, there are diy projects, talented photographers, interior design inspiration… the sweet life, as laura likes to say… oh, one quick question… do you remember me always mentioning that i always have ladies as guests? ok… keep that in mind… there might be a surprise coming.

{treasure hunt wednesdays} :: christmas wrapping

remember this {edition’s goal}? today i will not write too much… i will just leave you with some beautiful ideas for… gift-wrapping! don’t you love to wrap your own gifts? one of the things i love the most about having an {etsy shop} is the final part of gift-warpping & shipping them. oh the feeling of an accomplished task… hum…

note: i do not know the credits for #2, if you do know, please let me know about it.

{…a place for twiggs} christmas gift-wrap

once upon a time a {lovely} artist :: mayi carles

hello there sweet ladies (i will just take the risk today), how are you today? i hope you are having a good week! oh ok, i will have to share something with you! do you know flickr? i was just kidding, of course you know flickr! so, yesterday for the very first time one of my images reached {front page explore}… oh happy happy tuesday! i took that while waiting for my morning coffee on monday. on mondays i work from home, so i get to have those simple pleasures from being at home, like waking up, taking a bath…wandering at home eating breakfast without looking at the time, thinking in the rush to leave & face the traffic. i can calmly sit on my living room and start working. well, but today, asides from sharing the happy news… i also want to share something else with you. a sweet lady and i have been preparing a special feature for today, something like… we would present ourselves in each other’s blog, this way we would also promote each other’s work with our friends + readers! you know how i am with clues… right? here are a few…

do you know this lovely drawing? it belongs to the most endearing mayi carles.

{mayi carles via etsy}

as usual… i love interviews and after a little research… i ended up with these questions… mayi ended up with these answers…

who is mayi carles? i’m a multi-passionate eco-designer + painter + creative coach + founder of a little blog called heartmade. i keep myself pretty busy around because i’m in the process of building my very own “creative empire” + empowering other creative hearts to build theirs too. that’s my story in a nutshell.

how did it all start? i was 2 years old in 1984, the year my parents framed my very first crayon doodle, which still hangs in my mom + dad’s bedroom in its shiny gold painted frame. at the age of 4, i took up my version of “mural painting”, applied mattel plaster and splattered tempera paint to wall surfaces. when i turned 7, apparently inspired by the otherworldly works of salvador dali, i drew on my little brother coco the first of many permanent mustaches. to say the least, i’ve been a little too curious + hyperactive for my own good, always testing the limits of those around me with all the tutu dancing + drawing on the walls + singing in the shower + playing with my mom’s make up + “borrowing” my grandma’s sewing kit + baking cupcakes + all the other crazy things i love to do. i guess, you can say it started when i was born.

{mayi carles via etsy}

what are your goals for your label? become the best in the world at what i do + be on ted + convince oprah that she wants me on her show + write a book + inspire other creative hearts to dream big + imagine better + much more.

why {eco-boutique}? because i believe beautiful design can be sustainable + responsible + mother earth friendly. plus, i love hugging trees. so i plan to do everything i can in my life time to guarantee my kids + their kids can hug them too.

{mayi carles via etsy}

now tell me… i read that you have a {one-on-one consultations} in which you talk about a happiness guarantee? how can you manage to do that? it’s very simple really. i’m committed to keeping every promise i make, so i back all of my products + services with a money back guarantee policy, which entitles my clients to a full refund if for any reason at all i don’t deliver what i’ve preached. i know it helps my customers sleep at night + gives them peace of mind. and that gives me happiness in return. it’s a win + win situation!

{mayi carles}

tell me one thing that you think you’re best at…
i do mayi carles better than any other living creature on this planet. i’m also pretty good at loving intensively + living passionately + creating things.

and another that you are no good at all?
fitting in + doing the 9 to 5 thing + being mean + settling + being mediocre. i’m terrible at those.

{mayi carles}

and with all this sweetness who on earth does not believe? mayi carles’ work is really precious and you can feel all the handmade love in all her products, and with all this strength & belief this lady will be on oprah within a matter of a short period of time (& of course… i demand some invitations, please!). asides all this here, there is another message within mayi’s words. it says {we can do it}… we just need to believe that we can. sitting around thinking & thinking & daydreaming may be just pure delight and joyful time, but we really need to start doing the things we need/wish to do! and step by step, things will happen and we will learn & learn, untiol we got that thing right, until some challenge comes again & we strive to face it. just go out there & do it! so, this is all for now. twiggs & mayi wish you a delicious & productive day! and take a little break to snoop around mayi’s {blog}, {shop} & {site}!

lisbon stories :: a pink city

it has been quite a long time since i have shared something about lisbon with you. whoever visits lisbon will remember several things about the city and the amazing light will be definitely one of these things. then they will talk about the narrow streets, the history in every corner, the traditional details… the food, the flavours, the coffee… today i enjoyed myself in editing a few pictures i had done in january 2010. i believe that i have improved so much since then, concerning photograhy. but even so, i would like to share some of those details that always get my eyes. today in a little colder processing than the usual… but on the other hand, in white + blue + pink there are also interesting stories to tell.

local markets :: 2 pink sardines

hello there sweet friends, how are you doing? i hope monday has been a good start for this week… are you ready for christmas? i still have shopping to do and still… no clues. this is not good, i know, i know! but i am still not inspired for those amazing ideas for shopping.  well, today i am bringing to you another edition of {local markets} and this could be a clue for me actually, as the ladies i will present really have their way with hands & fabrics.

“we are two portuguese sisters who have always lived among crafts. both grandmothers and mother used to fill our holidays and weekends with anything to do crochet, knitting, sewing or painting. nowadays we spend much of our free time making the items shown up here. we’ve been blogging for almost five years at {pano p’ra mangas} and opening an etsy shop {two pink sardines} is the biggest step we’ve taken since we started.”

can you tell us something about yourself? we are two sisters who have always lived surrounded by all sort of crafty materials: from threads to fabrics, from paints to porcelains… almost anything you can imagine. we were born in faro (south of portugal) but my sister vânia has been living in lisbon for the last two years. despite the distance we manage to work together, as we share projects, ideas and sometimes materials. we do this as a hobby as both of us have “day jobs”.

how did {2pinksardines} start? the shop is a sort of an extension of our blog {pano p’ra mangas}. for an etsy shop we needed a more “international” name, so after a long brainstorming, the name came up to our minds.

what inspires you? anything: a pink vw beetle you see parked in the street before you go to work, a shadow of orange tones given by the sunset, a smiling child, a book or a magazine. there’s nothing specific, believe us!

what advice can you give for those small business owners in our country? don’t give up doing what you like. we’ve been around for 5 years (as bloggers) and just this year we started to feel our effort being recognised by others than friends and relatives.

what do you think would be helpful for small business owners in our country? use first quality products, even if they are a bit more expensive they are worth the effort. make it as if you were your own customer. promote it the best you can – if you don’t know how, look for tools and advice, there’s plenty of information online.

now that you read everything, just one quick question… how sweet is this name {two pink sardines}? i thought so! but wait, do not go yet, let me just tell you that asides from these lovely clutches, {two pink sardines} are also responsible for cowls, hairbands, bibs, and several other things. you can just sneak-peek their {shop}, {blog} & guess… also on {facebook}!

so… are you done with your christmas shopping? if you are not, i would say… look for local & buy local. buy handmade… i know, it is more expensive, but on the other hand, if there is a chance there, think that that amazing thing you are holding was handmade with love, someone very real took the time to choose materials, buy the materials, and find the best way to combine those materials, in order to do something really precious. this is {local markets} philosophy… buy handmade, buy local. support who lives next to you.
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