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hello fellow friends, how was your weekend? creative? indoors? crafty? cozy & warm? i tried to cover all these things, actually. tried to change a few things on the blog, as you can see the {sponsors} are already dressed up and on the blog already! they look gorgeous, don’t they? there will be a few interviews during this month about these talented friends, at least the new ones! today i am just starting with news on my {etsy shop}, as i started a {huge} sale this month and there are some fresh fine art prints… and i would love to share the fresh goods with you! let’s get started, shall we? you can click in each image, and you’ll be traveling to the shop in an instance!

and a special edition for valentine’s day…

i am really enjoying exploring creative thoughts and matching them with the pictures i take. it is something that amuses me for quite a long time. and one of my plans for 2011 is actually develop a posters line with some strong but simple sentences or words. and keep developing this line that matches words & sentences with images. do you think these look good? i would love to know your opinion!

also, a big {yay!!!} for me, as yesterday i made my 25th sale on the shop! please, mr january, could you please, please keep looking good for me? thank you! i am deeply appreciated! oh and for those that might not be familiar with the shop… i will introduce its best seller… {mrs olive green}. and her story.

once upon a time, i was invited to a wedding. this wedding happened in september and it was the second one that month. so i am not one of those that loves going to weddings. i am as happy as the next person, to see friends getting married, i am. but it is not my kind of thing. but it was our friend’s thing so we went. and it was such a windy day, oh my… it was a cold september day. but then the bride finally arrived and we could get inside the church. the priest was hilarious. a spanish fellow that reminded the bride & groom that things would not be easy. there would be the day where they would have some difficulty in reminding themselves why they got married. but that was the effort to be done. after a while i came outside and i had this amazing view… the bride had arrived in this old green beetle, and it was perfectly parked with a dark brown gate on the back. and mrs olive green was born. thank you to all the amazing customers that bought this lady from me! you make my day, always like the very first sale!

mrs olive green is available in 5×7 (sale price of $11) & 8×10 (bogo, buy an 8×10, get one 5×7 for free). i strongly advise you to hurry if you wish for this lady, as the shop will be on sale until the end of january! and after that, back to regular prices! twiggs

2011 wishes… by twiggs

{a great life story by twiggs}

my wishes for 2011 are…

~ i wish to have all strength & energy needed to keep going with the blog in a creative way ~ i wish to explore my creative side and try different approaches other than fine art prints ~ i wish to  have enough sales on my {etsy shop} to be able to afford {this} + {this} ~ i wish to learn how to sew & knit ~ i wish to keep my house warmed with love & health, next to mr twiggs ~ i wish to keep having my parents well & together, growing old in the most healthy way possible ~ i wish to have {these} by christmas ~ i would love to celebrate the arrival of 2012 in new york with mr twiggs

life is made of simple gestures & moments. we all recall small things that brought us joy in the past & makes us smile in the present.

happy weekend! see you on monday!

2011 {wishes}… by smaranda

happy saturday! are you having fun? i have all sorts of plans for this weekend, and all i ask is to get to sunday evening with a nice feeling of accomplishment of tasks. don’t you love when you go to bed on sunday and fall asleep with a delicious feeling of a great weekend you just had? well, in order for us to keep going in an explendid way, i shall finish our tribute to {2011 wishes}. have you thought about yours already? i bet you did. now, one thing only. portuguese are not that into new year’s resolutions around here, we eat raisins while we drink champaign at midnight, though i am not a fan of raisins and am not able of eating twelve raisins while i think about twelve wishes. i still think that someone who is able to do that is really good, and i am a woman, which means i should be able of multi-task. anyway, this was just a way of saying i thought about writing some new year’s resolutions, but then i really did not have the time to think about them and this first week was crazy. so, wishes shall make the same good looking picture for 2011. but before me… another girl.

friend #7: smaranda from {sma_kee}

she is adorable, sweet, feminine, deeply in love with lucian… a dreamer, a traveler, a wandering soul. a woman. a talented photographer. an explorer of her own skills. beautiful eyes.

“i’m 22, a dreamer… and I want time to move slower…”


smaranda’s wishes for 2011 are…

“the beginning of this new year finds me packing and unpacking, moving from one city to the other in order to continue my studies… and because i still don’t know where february will find me, my wish for 2011 is to be able to travel. to see as much as possible of this beautiful world we live in, with eyes and heart wide open, to take in as much as i can take. i wish to make memories of beautiful places and beautiful people, to see every day as a surprise, as a challenge, as a gift, as an opportunity. and this is what i i wish to every one of you, discover parts of this world that you haven’t seen before and make them yours, take their spirit in your heart, you will feel much richer! have a happy 2011!”

friday i am in {love} with…

… chevron. i wish for a chevron pattern around the house when spring comes, to make it lighter. to add a different sense of style.

1. chevron art 2. chevron painting 3. chevron art wall 4. chevron rug 5. chevron diy 6. chevron vase 7. chevron noteset 8. chevron stripe notebook 9. chevron pattern postcards 10. chevron tea towel 11. chevron bath basket

don’t you just love the diy rug and these notebooks? and what about those vases?

all images: pinterest

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