{thursday’s sweet treasuries}

so… this month is all about the {pink}, isn’t it?

%2312 {thursdays sweet treasuries}

these are all from my favourite shops on etsy… that huge world of {handmade} and {vintage}…

and this reminds me that i must let you know that {a place for twiggs} on etsy has fresh goodies!

new+&+fresh {thursdays sweet treasuries}
the+red+currants+collection+no+frame+%234 {thursdays sweet treasuries}

i hope to see you there! oh by the way, there will be a {sweet giveaway} of two of {a place for twiggs} items {here} from next friday… for a whole week! but i will give you more details then!

until then… have yourself a pretty good day!


{treasure hunt wednesdays} :: baby, picture this

hello friends, how are you?

it is the middle of the week!! how have been your days? hope everything is going well for you!

on monday i exchanged a few twitts with {laura evan} about things we fave on etsy… which are good things to be back at when thinking about christmas presents. so… today i bring one of my favourite shops on etsy… she has an exciting name & a very simple description.

“a country girl at heart, living in the city. taking photos of the things i love along the way.”

the name… {baby picture this}… her name… {laura aziz}.

il fullxfull.141024102 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: baby, picture this

il fullxfull.141217049 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: baby, picture this

il fullxfull.142158971 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: baby, picture this

il fullxfull.159197418 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: baby, picture this

il fullxfull.159312994 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: baby, picture this

i hope this has been a delightful moment for you with laura’s world.

would you like to know more about her?

sneak-peek here!

she also has a stream, that she keeps updated!

explore here!

have a sweet wednesday, lovely readers!


{random} stories :: creativity sneak-peeks

hello there good morning! 

i don’t know about you, but sometimes when i travel through the net… from blog to blog… from artist to photographer… i  feel that i would not be able to gather all information that my mind is receiving… not even if i had all the time in the world? there are so many talented people out there… it will never end… and we must be able to gather all information… to keep our garden as beautiful as it can be…

don’t you agree with me?

so… in order to share beauty with you…

… in order to make your day more pleasant & joyful… i share my findings here…

{beautiful mae}

she brings us {calendars}…

calendars {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks

4846367511 3cc5e36e0f o {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks

she brings us {wallpapers}…

wallpapers {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks

Mae A4 white flowers {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks

… find {love mae} here & get these freebies… but remember… only for personal use!

who is {mae}?

“mae is the lovechild of peta, bec and emily. brought together by a mutual love of sweet, whimsical designs and the desire to create a working life that complimented their personal lives.”

hope you have enjoyed these sweet freebies to start your day!

have a whimsical day!


photographs by elle moss

today is about {photography}. i must say that i particularly love this edition… because in this edition i feature those that i admire the most in photography… my very own field too. of course, if we were discussing talent… please, do not notice me, because i am still learning, my camera is not what i could consider an excellent one, though she does everything she can to help me, and i would love to have more time to learn more & more…

so, this edition is about those i admire the most… and this lady caught my attention on those first days exploring {flickr}. she is talented. she is creative. she draws her own world. she paints the colours she wants. she has several roles… please meet… lady {elle moss}.

il fullxfull.126931609 photographs by elle moss
il fullxfull.180068783 photographs by elle moss
1. where did elle moss come from?
when i first stated taking self portraits, i wanted a bit of anonymity to protect myself from freaks and also for creative reasons…it was creatively freeing working under an alter ego. i took the letter of my first name, lisa (elle) and a name from my family tree (moss). tts memorable and pretty, and while i don’t regret using it, now i find it somewhat limiting artistically.

il fullxfull.131184667 photographs by elle moss

il fullxfull.143277799 photographs by elle moss

2. where do you get your inspiration?
mostly from old movies, music, tv shows and old photographs. mexican surrealist painter remedios varo has always been inspiring to me, artistically. i love the idea of traveling through art and making the world your own.

il fullxfull.168689857 photographs by elle moss
3. what is the best part of your day?
early morning when its just me in my bathrobe and a cup of hot green tea. i get up around 7am and enjoy an hour or two by myself.

il fullxfull.148117519 photographs by elle moss
il fullxfull.174429698 photographs by elle moss
4. what does elle moss means for you?
elle moss truly was life changing for me. i was a stay at home mom who had failed miserably at every attempt of something artistic. i had no degree, no job and spent my days homeschooling my son. it was rewarding, but something was missing. photography saved me in so many ways and continues to do so. there is nothing as rewarding as finding something creative that you enjoy and you are good at and going at it with everything you’ve got.

il fullxfull.172836055 photographs by elle moss
and this was a little bit about {elle moss}. i hope you have found this delightful & inspiring. would you like to explore more? elle moss shares her world {here}… & {here}… & {here}you can have these brilliant pieces of an enchanting world… sneak-peeking {here}thank you lisa, for being a guest in {a place for twiggs}. it was a real pleasure! have a delicious day, sweet readers!