{thursday’s sweet treasuries}

do you ever feel you do not have time to gather all inspiration that fins its way over you?

i am feeling that quite often these days… time is so precious… it takes organization & planning… and yet bed time arrives in a glimpse of an eye and one must end the day to be ready for the next one. 

this week’s treasury goes to all the strong women that i have met or have come across with… by hellos or inspirational pieces. thank you for being so strong… but for being delicate, emotional, creative souls & inspiring hearts. 

{this goes to you} 

%2311 {thursdays sweet treasuries}

also a good inspirational moment for you… may come from this sweet magazine i have found through my sweet friends…

have a sweet day… ladies. if there is a man out there… please say hello!

treasure hunt wednesdays :: herriott grace

one day i found this… i can not remember where was i… nor what was i doing… but i know that as soon as i found it, my heart raced… because these were like a piece of a movie. they are dramatic… elegant… delicate… delicious… rustic… unique… 

this is a story. a story created by father & daughter. father & daughter that live quite far from each other. they love the same things. they once thought about sharing their greatness with others.

today i share this with you. {herriott grace}

 MG 0219 treasure hunt wednesdays :: herriott grace

 MG 0454  1  treasure hunt wednesdays :: herriott grace

 MG 0570 treasure hunt wednesdays :: herriott grace

 MG 1851  1  treasure hunt wednesdays :: herriott grace

 MG 4712 treasure hunt wednesdays :: herriott grace

 MG 2147  1  treasure hunt wednesdays :: herriott grace

 MG 2209 treasure hunt wednesdays :: herriott grace

 MG 4766 treasure hunt wednesdays :: herriott grace

{herriott grace} is about salvaged-wood, hand-carved & hand-curved.

sneak-peek at herriott grace here and read their stories here!

nikole has written my favourite blog description ever… “a savings account for things i like”… read her stories… 

have a delightful wednesday lovely readers!

i will be back tomorrow with another swoon story… this time in a treasury!


handmade by sarah & bendrix

once upon a time i fell in love.

i saw hearts all over me… & my world. hearts were everywhere and my feet were lifted up in the air… i was feeling so light, that i could fly.

i felt like sharing it with the world… i love you.

kolo.028 handmade by sarah & bendrix

{sarah and bendrix}

“each piece is made with love, care and attention and they would make a wonderful present for your loved ones or great addictions for your home. all pictures are handmade and designed by me. some of them can be personalised, some are limited editions, some one of pieces, made just for you.”

il fullxfull.164591391 handmade by sarah & bendrix

why {sarah and bendrix}?

“maurice bendrix’s love affair with his friend’s wife, sarah, had begun in london during the blitz. one day without warning, sarah, had broken off the relationship. two years later, driven by obsessive jealousy and grief, bendrix sends private detective to follow sarah. this was an affair which scandalized british society and inspired a best selling novel and two films. and one of my favourite books and film… the end of affair by graham green.”

il fullxfull.174528121 handmade by sarah & bendrix

“i studied fashion & interior design and have always loved creating, from drawing, sewing and designing homes to creating these pictures.”
il fullxfull.180430549 handmade by sarah & bendrix

“they are sentimental, modern, vintage, simple and beautiful.”
il fullxfull.181290138 handmade by sarah & bendrix

i found veronika’s work through flickr… and in that instance i fell in love with her amazing work. i asked her in a humble way, who had made these… expecting her to share a wonderful artist to be found. indeed she did share that amazing artist, although not to be found… herself.
il fullxfull.182032934 handmade by sarah & bendrix

what could be better to decorate and have a little bit of love than one of these? i am imagining my room painted white and one of these with a little bit pink shade…

have you started with your x-mas shopping? i would certainly feel more than happy with one exquisite handmade vintage art piece. so… maybe one of your beloved ones would be too.

il fullxfull.170080373 handmade by sarah & bendrix
have you imagined one piece that is unique to the next, being used old books from where veronika cuts the hearts… this is indeed the meaning of “unique”.
il fullxfull.180430726 handmade by sarah & bendrix
and this was it for today’s {sneak-peek :: handmade pledge} sweet readers!

i would love to thank veronika for letting me share all her treasuries with you!

you can sneak-peek at veronika’s work here!

or follow her stream here!

for a sweet gift, please be a beloved guest here or here!

have a sweet day & be good!


random stories :: would you like the sweet taste of…

… a cupcake being baked?

… cherries being placed on doilies?

i am offering two of {a place for twiggs} prints on this lovely {blog} and i would love you to sneak-peek.

it will happen for a week, starting on the 22th… 

3.+the+ingredients+%7Bframe%7D random stories :: would you like the sweet taste of...
 22.+the+red+cherries+%7Bframe%7D random stories :: would you like the sweet taste of...

these sweet prints are worth $34… and i will be sending them to whoever wins this giveaway!

keep your attention on {a place for twiggs}… and i will keep you posted!

i truly hope for a sweet friend to win these!

good luck!


if only i could…

hello friends, how are you? how was your weekend? i would love to know all about it! well, as i have been asking, fall has arrived here in this sweet country… & along with fall came rain. so, you can imagine my weekend! however i had fabulous moments yesterday with rip curl pro portugal 2010 with the most amazing surfers in the whole world… just in front of me!
so, similar with last monday’s theme, today i will let you with some fashion looks. last week i twitted with lady erin of {design for mankind} and she shared a fabulous online boutique with delightful pieces. i believe that i have a regular look in a fashionable matter of speaking, however sometimes i see such different looks, that i would love to adopt. maybe the lack of funds (this economical crisis isn’t really helping) or maybe the lack of stores available. but i will leave you with some of these… that i would definitely wear.
the name… {totokaelo}.


pair+%231 if only i could...
pair+%232 if only i could...
pair+%233 if only i could...
these all make me remind of {anabelle}, a sweet 21-year-old student that has a very unique sense of style and sees herself often mentioned on {a cup of jo}!
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may you all have a sweet monday!
twiggs+signature if only i could...