interview with julia

it’s friday (yay!!!) & friday i am in love… i am.

yay to all fridays in the world… as they arrive with such a sweet taste in our mouths…

& for a tasteful friday, i shall present you a delicious & different interview today… under the {at home… far away from home} edition.

why is it delicious? because i invited this lady…

mosaic421b1da2032afd379fa801fc0297219930d21b1b interview with julia

do you recognize her?… her name, julia. but you may also know her under {chaulafanita}.

& will it be different?… because it will be in spanish. you read it right. no translation.

here it goes… but before just a few words on this incredibly creative lady, she was a real sweet-heart when i asked her and always making herself available for any translation doubt… or something else i needed! however, i have decided to put this is spanish, not because i do not know how to translate, but because i believe that this particular fact will turn this interview into something more delicious!

… and here we go… 

1. Hello… How are you? Can you tell me something that describes who’s Chaulafanita :: Julia? Hola. Estoy bien! Bueno, Chaulafanita es una mujer a la que le encanta sacar fotos y escribir en su blog. Mientras que Julia es además de una Chaulafanita, una mujer casada de 27 años, sin hijos que vive en Madrid!

2. You were born in… Yo nací en Guayaquil, Ecuador.

3. And now you are in… … for how many years? Llevo en Europa ya 3 años. Primero vivi en Alemania, luego el año pasado en Dinamarca y ahora vivo en Madrid desde enero de éste año. 

4. Do you remember what were you feeling/thinking in the day you decided to go abroad? Si que lo recuerdo. Puedo aun verme apagando la luz del que había sido mi cuarto de soltera por muchos años. Estaba muy nerviosa porque no sólo me iba a vivir al extranjero sino que me iba a casar/vivir con el hombre que amaba. 

5. What do you like the most in your current place? Sinceramente lo que más me gusta de vivir aquí es que no tengo ningún problema para conseguir la comida de mi país y que puedo hablar con mi idioma materno sin problemas :) 

6. What do you miss the most from your country? Naturalmente lo que más extraño es a mi familia y mis amigos.

7. Let’s say that I’m going abroad for some reason… and I’m at the airport, on the departure side… your words for me would be…? Saca muchas fotos porque créeme que luego te arrepentiras si no las sacas pero sobretodo… vive cada día con intensidad y hazte amiga de mucha gente!

And last but not the least… I would love to learn something in your language… can you tell me what’s your favourite word? :) Oh, esto si es difícil. Pero bueno, en realidad tengo muchas palabras que repito pero quizás haya una pequeña frase que digo recurrentemente: ” De ley”. Eso puede significar: “ok, de acuerdo, de una, claro, por supuesto, está bien, etc”. Por ejemplo si alguien me pregunta si puedo hacerle un favor y yo le quiero decir que si, que claro entonces respondo:” Si, de ley!” :)

let us have a breeze from ecuador, shall we?

two+images+ecuador interview with julia

… and now the beautiful country where julia lives… españa.

two+images+madrid interview with julia

what i loved the most in this interview? the detail about turning of the light in her single bedroom… saying goodbye before going away to another country and asides from that… getting married. it is just a intimate memory… and romantic.

but then… this is how i see julia quite often in her pictures… a romantic and intimate woman.

gracias julia por esta entrevista tan intersante y íntima, eres una mujer muy talentosa!

if you wish to explore julia’s world… sneak-peek here & here!

& do you feel like reading some of her words, as well? well… hop in here!

… as a talented lady, she has also her creative spot… delight yourself here!

if not too much, and if you are a fan of facebook, you can find julia here!

follow her twitt twitt here!

have the sweetest of weekends, dear friends!
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{thursday’s sweet treasuries}

so i confess… since last week i became addicted in exploring etsy & asides from finding sweet treasures… i had a delicious time in gathering them.

i just found a way to connect to more people, to know them… to explore etsy’s so-many-times unexplored talents. 

today… & from now on, i shall present you {thursday’s sweet treasures} to share those findings with you. 

first… a few things about me. 

~ i love photography.
~ i love lomography.
~ i love my holga.

a few days ago someone posted this question on holga’s flickr group {why do you use a holga?} and although sometimes it is hard to explain… i just came with this answer… & it felt just right.

i shoot with holga, because…

1) i fell for her in the minute my sweet boyfriend gave her to me

2) she is totally unpredictable

3) she is the one who decides

4) she has flaws

5) there is nothing compared to the thrilling emotion of going to the lab and ask for developing and waiting for results… just like a little girl

6) because you are always exploring

7) because i feel important with her on my neck, even next to someone holding a canon 5d

therefore, this first {thursday’s sweet treasuries} is about {lomo love}, although i realize that this is not the common photography philosophy among my flickr friends & maybe most readers. hope you discover a new world.

%237 {thursdays sweet treasuries}

oh, almost forgot… if anyone of you is also a confessed addict to lomography, feel free to {follow} me on tumblr. you may find the link on your right… under {lomo twiggs}.

see you tomorrow for a fresh interview {at home, away from home}… with a very well-known lady.

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{treasure hunt wednesdays} :: the notebook doodles

hello hello hello!

oh happy mood… i am feeling happy friends, happy to have discovered this treasure that i am about to share with you!

remember last week, when i told you that this whole change in my blog had something to do with sketchbooks? indeed i am a lover of this drawing art, i wish i could have that talent. i was even more amazed when i discovered this… (oh powerful twitter, i shall love you until the day i leave this earth)

“it’s like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks.”

sketchbook project jun10 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: the notebook doodles
{join here!}

so, in order to keep with the sketchbook inspiration, today i will bring you something that you can not buy… but you can enjoy a few inspirational moments with…

 {the notebook doodles}

5004849492 11f5228be5 o {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: the notebook doodles

4883382835 885aff1a5e o {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: the notebook doodles

pair+%231 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: the notebook doodles

4923439734 1682a640ae o {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: the notebook doodles

pair+%232 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: the notebook doodles

i just fell in love with these… how cute it is to alert all readers in her blog that “this is my handwriting not a font”?

you can say hello here!

you can also take a sneak-peek here!

feel inspired here!

& as this lady is available for commissioned work… 
why not writing her?

have a sweet wednesday, lovely readers!

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photographs by isabel pavia

hello my friends, hello!

how was your weekend & monday? did your week start in a good way? so i hope… i confess, i spent the day feeling a little bit sleppy, but it was a nice day, indeed!

so, today i have for you the weekly edition of {sneak-peeks}… focusing on photography. as you well know i am almost an addicted to flickr… oh my, the learning & inspiration are constant… the contact with talented people is amazing… and there is no other place where i could meet such nice & talented photographers and… asides all this, warm hearted souls…

when i am thinking about those i want to invite… i am actually really really careful. i love to invite and to know different people, people from all over the world. asides from photography… this is the thing that thrills me the most, getting connected to different people from all those different continents… people that live a life quite different than mine, people that travel, that moved away, that speak a different language, that have stories to tell, but besides all this difference, i often find those that have things in common with me.

… and for this edition, i invited one delicate lady… a spanish lady with dark hair and a very pure point of view. i am always delighted with the world through her eyes…

let us meet… isabel pavia. 

“I’m Isabel, mother, photographer, friend, lover of the simple things in life, like sea, traveling, details, light… I live in a wonderful place called Peniscola, in Spain, just in the Mediterranean sea… and the sea plays an important role in my life.”

Just daisies, they make me feel good photographs by isabel pavia

“I always find myself looking for light, details, shadows, smiles, flowers, sea foam… Wherever I go, photography comes with me, and the world has opened before me in a special way, showing me little things that were unnoticed before, I find beauty in places that previously I did not see anything. In short, thanks to photography my life is much richer, and this helps me to appreciate and  value greatly the world around me, making me happy with the small details of everyday life.”

 in the Mediterranean sea photographs by isabel pavia

“I started taking pictures when I was a child, I always had a camera with me.
I think I have loved photography all my life, but since my daughter was born, five years ago, I turned this passion into my lifestyle.”

4135657022 c2d4767e22 o photographs by isabel pavia

i feel so happy in witnessing her growth and I have pics of all this past time. I wanted to capture moments and have the opportunity to relive them, return to them and build a bridge over this gap of time. Photography has been my refugee in difficult times, my motivation to keep surprising me every day. I can not imagine my life without it.”

Shades of pink photographs by isabel pavia

“I love natural light, soft colors, details, bokeh, still life, nature and portraits. I really enjoy making portraits for kids and teenagers. I love outdoors sceneries, like nature and seaside.”

Image photographs by isabel pavia

“I registered in Flickr last year and I’m really happy to be in this wonderful community that inspires me so much. I have learned a lot in this gorgeous place.”

In our favourite place photographs by isabel pavia

“I am continuously learning from this wonderful world that fascinates me, and I would devote myself to doing photo shoots for children, teenagers and families. I would turn this passion into a way of life.”

Bench Monday  Spring edition  photographs by isabel pavia

i absolutely find isabel’s pictures pure and filled with delicateness… often with the innocence of a child.

she wrote these words in her profile… and i have connected with her through this.

Allá donde voy, la fotografía va conmigo, y el mundo se ha abierto ante mí de una manera muy especial, mostrándome pequeños detalles que antes me pasaban desapercibidos; descubro belleza en lugares en los que antes no veía nada. Esto me ayuda a apreciar y a valorar muchísimo el mundo que me rodea, haciéndome feliz con los pequeños detalles cotidianos.”

+ all this talent i must also thank isabel for being so sweet with me, always with patience in answering through all sorts of e-mail accounts… showing so much appreciation in being here, when i am the one sooooo thankful in having her here as a guest. 

thank you isabel. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

& after this {sneak-peek} i bet you are willing to explore isabel’s world… and you really should do it… i garantee you moments of pure joy & delight.

say hello to isabel here!

explore her world here!

join me, joining her here!

and this is it for today my sweet friends!

signature photographs by isabel pavia

step-by-step recipes :: eggplant, caciocavallo & tomato quiche

hello sweet friends, how are you?

are you excited for the weekend? what are your plans? tell me about it!

as in for me… can you imagine that i will be attending another wedding this weekend? oh boy… 

so, this week’s edition is about {food} & we will have a visit from another italian lady. i often go around groups in order to seek for beautiful & interesting… & creative images, and this lady’s images caught my attention right away. her stream is all about food and arranging settings to present the several elements in the correct order. 

her name is tania… and she has a blog about food called {dulci in furno}.

mosaica7ca78e8cc8e686d5bec9ae1230a7dff71bbd17b step by step recipes :: eggplant, caciocavallo & tomato quiche

so, before you get all curious, let us head for our recipe!

what is the recipe?
eggplant, caciocavallo and tomato quiche

2 ready puff pastry sheets
4 eggplants
12 tomatoes
5,30 oz caciocavallo cheese
oregano to taste
basil leaves to taste
salt to taste
olive oil to taste
vegetable oil for frying (preferably olive oil

how do we cook it?

wash, dry and cut eggplants into small cubes. 
put in a bowl, sprinkle with salt and let rest for 1 hour. drain, dry and fry in hot oil stirring occasionally. add salt and oregano to taste and let cool.

Quiche 1 step by step recipes :: eggplant, caciocavallo & tomato quicheQuiche 2 step by step recipes :: eggplant, caciocavallo & tomato quiche

wash and dry tomatoes and basil leaves. cut tomatoes in half, remove the inner part and cut into small pieces. cut basil elaves into small pieces and caciocavallo cheese into sticks. put tomatoes and basil in a bowl, add salt and olive oil to taste and stir.

Quiche 3 step by step recipes :: eggplant, caciocavallo & tomato quicheQuiche 4 step by step recipes :: eggplant, caciocavallo & tomato quiche

spread one roll of  puff pastry over the baking tin and spread the eggplants on top of it and press with a back of a spoon. pout the tomatoes with basil onto the eggplants and press with a back of a spoon. spread with caciocavallo sticks and place the remaining pastry sheet on top. fold the edge of the pastry  and press it. riddle the surface using a fork. 

Quiche 5 step by step recipes :: eggplant, caciocavallo & tomato quicheQuiche 6 step by step recipes :: eggplant, caciocavallo & tomato quiche

bake in the preheated oven at 395°F for 30 minutes about or until golden brown. let cool and remove from tin. serve.

Quiche 7 step by step recipes :: eggplant, caciocavallo & tomato quicheQuiche 8 step by step recipes :: eggplant, caciocavallo & tomato quiche

dear kitchen…
“thanks for the wonderful moments I spent with you and for having so much patience, you’re not tired of me and the flour scattered everywhere.You help me to relax, to experiment and to create, you are a fantastic place. What would I do without you!?”

what do you think, my friends? would this be a nice choice for your lunch today?
maybe a nice suggestion for your weekend lunch!
i just love these quiches & asides loving to cook, i never tried cooking these… maybe this is the moment!

thank you so much tania!!! you were very nice and always so respectful in asking so many questions, in order to have everything under control!

you can also visit lady tania in her blog {dulcis in furno} to read this recipe in italian & others quite delicious as well!

sneak-peek her {stream} too, as it is so clean & fresh!

may you have the sweetest of weekends!

twiggs%27+signature step by step recipes :: eggplant, caciocavallo & tomato quiche