{thursday’s sweet treasuries}

oh! oh! oh! do you hear him coming? this is from far my favourite season of the year. christmas means winter… warm homes, trees & decorations, lights, presents… & also my birthday as i was born on december 7th (yes, this is a tip for you!)… so december is my favourite month.

and because of this… i prepared this sweet little treasury for you!

happy thursday & happy thanksgiving my sweet friends! i am not american, and we do not celebrate thanksgiving, but i am sure that i have so much to be thankful. i am thankful for you, for all your support & inspiration! i would not be fair in choosing those who have been more supportive and/or inspirational, but you know who you are, because i often say {thank you}.


number’s editorial :: moline

happy thanksgiving sweet american friends! today is a very common day around here, but i wish we had that holiday, i believe that we forget to say thanks quite often & a time to stop to think would be very welcomed, though christmas is also here for that… but even so… it often feels so commercial.

so, today is {number’s editorial} day and i have a very special guest. they all are, but i have some sweet memories about this lady. when i registered in flickr it took me a few months to make it a pro account, but even so… when fall & winter approached i know that i spent a huge ammount of hours just exploring homes around the world through flickr. i remember reading on a {ikea family live} magazine a sweet guest (now a sweet friend) saying that she rather see homes on flickr than on magazines, because those were real. and a few months later i understood what she was saying. our guest has the most lovely home… just in warm and scandinavian style i so adore.

this is our guest’s home…

{moline via etsy}

her name is yvonne. also known as moline.

“i love to be a wife and a mother (of three). i am enthusiastic, open, have a thirst for knowledge, i am crafty, i am talkative, i love my life and want to share it. our home is our nest and it can be everywhere around the world. since we’ve been expats for the last 7 years, a part of us is still in istanbul and mexico city. we are now living again in Germany but with wanderers like us you’ll never know…”

let us start with her interview…

number :: 32
my number will be 32. i was 32 when the most amazing thing that ever happened to me entered into my life: i met my husband and from then on nothing was the same. that might sound big, but it is really is that big. since being a child i’ve been dreaming of a future life and these dreams were the wildest so people would try to safe me in saying: “nice thought, but reality is different!” but i was a firm believer in my dreams and convictions and the moment i met my husband i knew my life would take a different direction, a direction i always wanted it to take. and i haven’t been let down following my dream since!

letter :: j
first thought was the name of our youngest child: jakob. but then it came to me that it could only be {journey} for me. the journey of my life and all the journeys i took and will take. as a child i was very often roaming through my grandmother’s vast collection of postcards from all over the world. i sorted them by country or theme and always had a pile of places i wanted to visit. when i was travelling a lot during my time as a student she often reminded me that i had set the destination before whilst sorting through the postcards – see, there are no coincidences! and then i travelled a lot with my husband and our children. we even travelled to live somewhere else and i am thankful and happy that i had the chance to live for several years in two wonderful cities like istambul and mexico city. and after a few years in germany we are heading towards a new adventure: seoul. i cannot express how much this change of living space formed our family. for us it is the best journey ever and it is ongoing. the best part: we do it as a family, dog included!

{moline via etsy}

a perfect day is when i…
…am waking up by the rays of sun and bird chirping. i can turn around in my bed again, knowing the family will prepare breakfast downstairs. we will have breakfast together, the toast will be hot, not burned or cold, so the butter is melting on it. the breakfast will take a long time and when the children head off to play together my husband and me can sit, have another pot of tea and talk for hours – nothing needs to be done. we will maybe spend some time outside, going to the market or into the woods, walking by the river or just sit in the garden, reading, crocheting, talking, daydreaming. a perfect day will always include some sort of creativity. it maybe paperwork, knitting, gardening, baking – you chose. there will be a cake in the afternoon and we will be having tea time. i love these rituals. after spending the day together as a family of five. i will be looking forward to quality time with my husband – just him and me a couple. and before i forget: some chocolate during that day is essential!

one thing i would love to learn is…
…how to handle my fancy camera. i am not so patient to read through these 500 pages of manuals but i’d love to have somebody to teach me and then i could maybe also start using my photoshop in a correct manner. it would be wonderful to produce pictures like you and so many other talented people out there!

would you rather be an english woman in new york, or a new yorker in england?
since being a child a had a weakness for all things english. and this country and the people never ever disappointed me. i would so love to be an english woman. i would have that gorgeous british english accent that makes my knees weak. and then i would be in new york for a while. i love this city. it is so vibrant. and i would be there for a while only, because being english, I would love england more…

{moline via etsy}

and this was yvonne with some stories of her life. i am so happy to find out that you are heading to seoul, that must be quite an exciting adventure! and loved the fact that her perfect day includes someone making her breakfast and walks on the woods… that must be quite a day! i would like to thank yvonne for answering these not that random questions, and i wish her all the best with her family… as she was always so sweet!

if you would like to know more about yvonne’s life you can explore her {stream }… her {blog}… and even visit her {etsy shop} where handmade is the huge word!

have a sweet thursday my friends… i will be back with an exquisite green + red treasury made through etsy!


local markets :: giveaway

hello fellow readers! i am just back to let you know a happy thing! what? to proudly announce the {joanac} giveaway winner! there weren’t that many of you rushing for this prize, which means that the chances to win for the contestants were… huge! and again, in the most random way…


which means that the lovely winner isana pina from {ana pina atelier}!
thank you {joana} for giving me the opportunity to host this giveaway & thank you ana for entering your chances to win such a lovely print!
have a sweet wednesdays my friends!

treasure hunt wednesdays :: white owl

oh dear friends… i was hunting today… for lovely treasures to bring before your eyes… and this is what i found (make sure you click on these to hop into etsy)

this is {white owl}…

who is {white owl}?
“we are two sisters who love vintage and appreciate handmade things. we have collaborated on everything from films to photographs to art and jewelry. many of our materials are rescued from estate sales, flea markets and even our own grandmother! it is important to us to try to use repurposed materials as much as we can but we also love the mix of old and new.”

white owl was featured on {etsy featured seller}…
“we are courtney spivak and christina spivak, and we are sisters. we both live in michigan, where we like to shop for vintage finds and make them into jewelry! we have been making art and films together for years and we started making jewelry together in 2007. after being in some indie craft fairs we decided to start our shop on etsy and things have been really taking off since then.”

lady courtney even shared her creative process…
“we like to just hunt around flea markets, resale shops and estate sales and see what we can find. sometimes we will have a specific thing we are looking for, but more often a special find like a vintage charm or unusual chain will inspire a creation or a whole line of designs.”

and asides from this… they shared a bit of advice for etsians…
“make what you would want to buy. take good photographs. realize it takes time to get noticed, and be patient! sign up for etsy success emails- they are full of useful advice.”

and i hope this will give you an inspiration moment for your x-mas shopping… i would love some of these, they remind me of portuguese traditional jewelry, the lave and the flowers… and it is curious how i hated all this when i was little, and now i just find it so precious, elegant & charming. and charming is the word that i choose for {white owl} settings to present their work. what could be better than vintage books? loved the idea!

you can also explore their shop on {etsy}, say hello on their {blog} & even become a fan on their {facebook}! 

have a great wednesday my friends!


what else could i be wearing instead of what i wear?

and this was the longuest title i have ever came up with… but hey… why not, if this is the question that pops on my head when i saw what i am about to share?
so, considering that most readers of this {lifestyle journal} are women (and if there is any man out there, please raise your hand & say hello! i think i would love to have you as a guest!) i believe that fashion is always a topic on our minds, right? but please do not consider this as a fashion-victim belief. if i told you when was the last time i bought something to wear, you would be in awe… for like… a lot of time and would probably not believe me. but this is the thing, i believe in priorities. and i wish not to be one of those dr. phil’s guests that arrive there with 5 credit cards in debt and with no clue whatsoever about a solution. so, due to several changes in this last year, clothing was not the priority, and everything is going just great. really!
but this does not mean that i do not like to be a window shopper… and to choose my favourites. and today these were my favourites. some just because i liked the way the model looked, and we are never sure it will look the same on us! here is a bit of {madewell}.
and {madewell} has an interesting composition for catalogues, something that matches vintage & sophistication in a perfect way!
who said that fall & winter was just about dark clothes?
have the sweetest of tuesdays!
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