number’s editorial :: yvette inufio

well, hello again! i am back… for a sweet edition of {number’s editorial}. today we shall have another lady that handles her camera like magic… her photography is soft, dreamy, romantic, delicate… and everything that will take you into a world with soft colours, delicate fabrics, and magic light…

{yvette inufio via flickr}

yvette is the honored guest today… 

“with the help of my camera, any tiny detail turns into an enormous wonder. thanks to “her”, I can express feelings and color my life. i enjoy discovering things, looking into forbidden places, into those mysterious corners not all deign to look: they are not interested. those tiny spaces do not even exist for many people, but they do for me. i stop to look at the trail left by the ants, i feed the doves while butterflies sing songs in my ears, my cats and i tell each other secrets and try to decode the hidden messages drawn by the clouds. inside me, there is a world, outside me, another. they are both different, they both have mysteries. as many mysteries as stars are in the sky.”

and now let us read her thoughts on some questions…

{yvette inufio via flickr}

number :: 36
i will be 36 years-old next year and i believe that will be awesome…

letter :: n
n is for natural… like natural light. natural light is always an element i seek for my photography. and nature is also a perfect word that starts with an {n}… 

a perfect day is when i…
…can spend more time at home. relaxed, doing things i like… when i feel harmony in my house… and specially when none of my cats goes missing. 

one thing i would love to learn is…
… to play the violin.

would you rather be an english woman in new york or a new yorker in england?
well, i believe that the correct answer for this would be… being myself living in new york!

yvette inufio for {…a place for twiggs}

i hope you have enjoyed this little moment dedicated to one of the most admired photographers… because she has such personality and… i believe just as you, i can recognize her photography so easily, because she has a specific mood, that no other can pretend.

thank you yvette for being this week’s guest!

you can all read through her {blog}, sneak-peek her {flickr}, and of course… take some of this magic for your home, through her shop on {etsy}.

i hope you are having a delicious thursday!


{thursday’s sweet treasuries}

hello sweet friends, how are you feeling? happy? excited or feeling a bit anxious about christmas presents & decorations? well, yesterday was a very quiet day… pouring rain outside, quite home inside, christmas movies & chocolate cookies with coffee. a few moments of catching with news on twitter and one amazing {christmas list} to be inspired by my kind friend, laura. in case of you going there, one quick note: don’t you just love that planner?

well, i felt inspired by notebooks… and from then on came globes & bikes. 

{it seems i can never place a nice & clear version of the treasuries i gather on etsy. if anyone does have a clue in order for this come out in the right way… i am all ears!}

laura from {laura evans photography} says she is addicted on etsy… who can blame her? do you feel the same way? there are so many delicious & precious things on etsy! i wish i could just pick every each of these precious things to put under my tree! 

have a rocking thursday!


{treasure hunt wednesdays} :: christmas wreaths

hello sweet friends, how are you feeling in this delicious wednesday? today is a religious holiday, so third day in a row with no work, just fun! yesterday was my birthday, as you obviously know (or had i not mentioned it a zillion times), and it was quite a sweet day. i spent the whole day cleaning around + cooking + baking, but it felt so good to finally sit down with my friends, having a glass of red wine over long talks… and laughing.

well, to continue this weekly edition concerning wednesday’s treasure hunt, if you do not recall, or had not the opportunity to read, last wednesday i changed this edition a little bit, because it was december and everyone was talking about christmas decorations. so instead of the usual focus on a favourite shop of mine on etsy, i decided to focus on christmas decorations. last week’s topic was {interior decorations for x-mas}.

this week is {christmas wreaths}

first row…

second row…


and what happens around twiggs’ house?

have a sweet wednesday!


local markets :: rosa e chocolat

hello friends, i am back for another {local markets} edition and as usual, i will share a national talent, this time concerning handmade things with so much love. i am not sure if you have noticed, but several artists that embrace this handmade life feel inspired by their children. pregnancy & motherhood makes a woman stop for while… and then often she explores another side of her… finding herself.

today we have a different story, still a real life-story… and in common with all the others… everything is made with love.

{rosa e chocolat via flickr}

amor = love

her name is isabel… and she is portuguese. let us meet this lady!

{rosa e chocolat via flickr}

can you tell us something about yourself?
my name is isabel freire, i live in coimbra and i am 46. i am an interior designer, a wife and a mom of two: a 12 year-old boy and a 7 year-old girl. right now i am home, dedicating myself exclusively to {rosa e chocolat}… besides a wife and a mother, of course! i always had an appetite for creative work, my mother taught me and my sister how to knit, crochet and embroidery at a very early age, and there were always thread, wool and fabrics at home. on the other hand, my dad was more concerned about brushes, canvas, papers and pencils, so influence came from all sides back at home.

{rosa e chocolat via rosa e chocolat}

how did {rosaechocolat} start?
it all started with some pillows i made for my beach house and back then i decided to upload some photos on flickr. everyone told me that those things i was doing as gifts for my friends were lovely and i ended up deciding i would upload some pictures on the web and wait for people’s reaction, mainly from those who did not know me. it was a fantastic experience, soon i had lots of reactions, lots of comments and one thing lead to another… and it has been four years now. i have also met great people on the internet that helped me in a great way both in tips, explanations and they are a huge inspiration to me! thank you my friends!

what inspires you?
i am inspired by beautiful things! my friends from work, the sun or rain, smiles, simple things that happen on a daily basis… and architecture and design, of course! painting, illustration, colours, texture… as you may noticed i love mixing things, so maybe it also inspires me.

what advice can you give for those small business owners in our country?
i would say to try to be as original as possible, because doing the same as everybody else… will lead nowhere. be persistent. i know sometimes it is difficult and a little daunting, but without persistence, hard work and perserverance, victory is not as tasty as it could be, right?

what do you think would be helpful for small business owners in our country?
we live in a small country that still thinks that you must buy what is cheap. so it’s always hard to live from sales in our country. but in order to achieve other markets you need to belong to a community, such as etsy, which will give you a greater visibility. it is hard to survive in a country where everyone finds things really pretty, but then find them too expensive to buy. it is hard when people do not think about the time spent in making by hand something in particular, the care and tender we put in everything that is handmade. handmade does not mean putting all ingredients in a machine in order to mix and end up with something industrially made.

and this was the {local markets} edition for this week! it is curious because the exact reason why isabel told us that it is hard to sell handmade in portugal, was the very much reason why i have decided to create {local markets}… in order to promote national talent. and yet, also this is a very slow movement. i believe that we should unite. really unite. i believe in joint ventures. we can go far alone… but if we go together we can reach much more.

by the way, you can find {rosa e chocolat} on… {flickr}, {etsy} & {blog}! do not miss a chance to say hello!

you can read all the previous interviews back in november, as i set up a monthly calendar… for you (click on the calendar… it will take you on a journey!)

and with this i say farewell for today my friends! i am having a super duper busy day today, cooking for my friends + baking for a birthday cake… and i expect nothing but having a sweet & entertaining evening with a glass of red wine, laughing with my friends!

see you tomorrow, sweet friends!

xoxo, twiggs

random stories :: i was born 30 years ago…

… exactly at this hour… 12.30pm, december 7th, 1980. apparently i woke my mother at 4am… and made her wait until lunch time. well, who said it would be easy? although i gave her 30 years of pretty easy life with me, considering what she had to put up with my older brother. i was a piece of cake!

{piece-of-cake dressed in red}

i believe i have shared this already, but here it goes anyway… a few weeks ago i read someone asking on tumblr {how old were you when you felt happier in your life?}… 

and though i have some pretty sweet memories from my early years, i really must say that i am happy now. it will sound a clichet, but i do love my life as it is. and by loving it… it makes a whole lot easier on living a happy life. but do not mistake this with a happy 24/7. it does not happen that way. living a happy life means that you feel fulfilled. feeling fulfilled does not mean that you have achieved all your goals. having goals is another part of living a happy life. because you strive to achieve those goals. achieving goals is easier when you have someone that believes in you, other that yourself. and having family + friends to back you up, does make it a little easier. 

but none of this happens 24/7, there are those days when it gets pretty hard though. but, i am a strong believer that we do need those days. we do need to face the wall… pick up the map again and look for another way to keep going. 

well, enough with philosophies about living a happy life… but before i continue let me just say three things… (1) i do not know anybody else that feels this happy about birthdays… i thought this would change over the years… but apparently not! celebrating like i was a kid, only with red wine instead (2) i received the most adorabel postcard from denmark from my sweet friend tina fussell… you melted my heart! thank you from the bottom of my heart! (3) as a birthday girl… i shall share some wishes. quite abusive really. not a word about $.

{i wish for a rustic dinner table}

{i wish for this white floor}

{i wish for a vintage camera}

well… this pretty much covers some of my materialistic wishes for now or this upcoming year.
i am not at all a materialistic person, i can really live with less, and have been trying to do so for a year, but if i am allowed to {wish for wishes}… just today, these are some of them!

and for now i say see you in a while… i will bake some chocolate cookies now!


note from birthday girl. you can sneak-peek {here} the 30th thing about me!
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