interview with jackie

yay, fourth day in a row… fourth interview on {photography}, by five amazing, talented and such beautiful ladies. as you may know, my camera is pretty simple, though i dream about a professional camera, and this insight is being so interesting and enriching for me. i am learning so much from their answers! muchas gracias guapas! if you want to remind yourselves of other interviews, you can catch up on {françoise rachez}, {euge de la peña} and {valeria spring}. today we are having a lady that is so loved by everyone, the lady who is behind {la vuelta al mundo} . i remember bumping into her pictures on {flickr}, and from that moment on, i had her as a reference in photography. hoy tenemos jackie rueda!

1. so, we are here to talk about {photography}… let’s start with a very important detail… where did you learn your way through {photography}? when i was a child i would always borrow my dad’s beautiful pentax spotmatic, until one day he gave me my own slr canon as a birthday present. later, i graduated from journalism with a major in audiovisual, which means that i studied photography for two years. taking pictures has been my passion my entire life.

2. what camera+lens do you use the most? i have two cameras and several lenses (and an incredibly long and expensive wish list) but if you see my flickr stream you’ll notice that most of the time i end up using my 50mm 1.4 on my canon d7 (and lately the 35 mm too).

3. what is your camera’s best feature? noise control = great images at high iso. it’s fast and the sensor gathers tons of light.

4. three must-dos for you concerning {photography}! having my camera with me at all times, even to go grocery shopping. that’s pretty much it!!

5. favourite subject to shoot? hands down, urban scenes! in second place, marianne and valeria, my beautiful daughters and cheap labor models!

6. after taking pictures, do you use any program to process them? all my photos are edited in photoshop cs5.

7. in three words… how would you describe your {photography}? happy, warm, feminine.

8. what inspires you to do what you do in {photography}? well… i’m in love and that rules everything: the good, the bad, the sad, and the beautiful things in my images. since i moved to montreal, i developed the habit of looking for beauty in everything around me (it’s a survival tactic) and you may notice that in my pictures montreal and its gorgeous four seasons inspire me so much…

9. when you wander in flickr… what drives you to write a comment? i have very little time to leave comments and it’s sad because, come on, who doesn’t love a little encouragement?  i feel remorse for not always being able to write the things i feel when i see my contact’s pictures, especially those of my former students, but when i do it, its 100% honest, not because i have to or just to be nice. the photo has to touch me somehow.

10. would you like to try anything different from what you do in {photography}? i’m dying to spend some time just photographing strangers in the street. it’s something that i almost never do because it terrifies me, but i really like it. my zoom will be so happy (now it’s bored to death in my bag). another thing i’d like to do is that kind of melancholic, moody, evocative long exposure images on the rocky sea shore that british photographers do all the time. i have no sea, so that’s what i call a challenge!

thank you so much for having me here on you blog, claudia. this place is not just pretty… es bellísimo! gracias.

muchas gracias por todo, jackie… gracias por aceptar mi invitácion, fue un honor para mi! y yo quiero una canon 7d también!! you can find jackie’s stream {here} and explore her website, “a journal of her love affair with montreal” {here} + her {l’atelier}, an online course about photography! un beso muy grande para todos y hasta mañana!

lisbon stories :: chiado & bairro alto

hello friends, hello! how are you doing? i hope you are all feeling good! i am feeling that this week has been really tough, i am feeling so tired lately, that i cannot wait to get to the weekend! i will be away for the weekend, and i will get the chance to be with this “little” guy here…

and i believe that this will allow for some rest, away from the laptop… and with mr twiggs, family & my two friends {canon} & {holga}! last weekend i had the chance to relax a little bit too, but then the week started with not much hours of sleep… and kept this way until today. and today i would love to share some things about the weekend, as i had the chance to do one of my favourite things in the whole world, which is wander around lisbon, relaxing, walking a lot, and taking pictures… in a very peaceful way. and because one of the goals of this blog is also to share with you some corners from sunny {lisbon}, because i am becoming deeply in love with film, asides from {lomography}… aaaand because i felt so inspired by {this}, i share this with you.

from top to bottom…

1. the lovely new store in chiado {voa}… oh i was delighted. i was too shy though to ask to take more pictures inside. but i will get on that again, be stronger, breathe and ask “can i take pictures, please? i have a blog, and would like to share this store with everyone!”

2. oh flowers in chiado. i tell you ladies, spring is almost there, and i cannot wait for it!

3. {hotel bairro alto} in chiado. may i advise you to stay here if you come to lisbon? you will not regret it! if not, at least go up there to have a brunch! the view, my friends… the view!

4. a very usual tradition around here, putting our laundry to dry outside. we are indeed a country with sunny days. even so… it has been raining for so long, that this “outside” thing, is not actually working! a view from {bairro alto}.

5. through my walks in {bairro alto}, i found out that doors and window’s shutters with heart shapes are pretty common. a lovely capture for valentine’s day.

interview with valeria

so we are back to the third interview on {photography… by photographers} latin-american edition, and i will remind you the schedule, so that you do not miss a thing!

january 10th – {françoise rachez}

january 11th – {euge de la peña}

january 12th – {valeria spring}

january 13th – {jackie rueda}

january 14th – {libertad leal}

today we shall have {valeria spring}… that recently launched her {red balloon photography} project! she comes from buenos aires, and currently living in seatlle with her husband and their two girls.

hello how are you today? i am great and excited to be here!

1. so, here we are to talk about {photography}… let’s start with a very important detail, how did you learn your way through photography? i went to photography school in my home town, buenos aires, right after high school. i’ve also taken a few workshops and taught myself photoshop googling around.

2. what camera + lens do you use the most? i use a nikon d90 and my favorite lens is the 50mm 1.4. i think i use that lens for the 95% of my photos. i am hoping to upgrade to a full frame body soon and the 85mm 1.4 and 24-70mm 2.8 are both on my wish list.

3. what is your camera’s best feature? hmm, my d90 is just so user friendly and light, so easy to handle.

4. can you give me three must-do’s concerning {photography}? practice, practice, practice, keep my photography unique, the bloom workshop.

5. and what is your favourite subject to shoot? children and families, but i also love photographing birds, flowers and still life.

6. after taking pictures, do you use any program to edit them? I use a acr – adobe camera raw (to process my raw images) and a {lot} of photoshop. i love post processing, to me it’s as important as the shot. i put a lot of my vision on my pp.

7. in three words, how would you describe your {photography}? storytelling, nostalgic and joyful.

8. what inspires you to do what you do in {photography}? my daughters have been my biggest inspiration and the ones that had made me want to get back into photography. also, vintage drawings, vintage book covers and posters have been an inspiration on my style.

9. when you wander in flickr, what drives you to write a comment? flickr had also been a {huge} inspiration and i have discovered many {amazing} photographers there. i usually leave a comment when the photo makes me smile or when i can’t stop looking at it or when it inspires me.

10. would you like to try something different from what you do in {photography}? yes i’m always trying to improve and learn more and more and trying new things to enrich my images. i have my own style and i wouldn’t want to change it, but i always add or twist things a bit to keep it fun and interesting. i can get bored pretty easily.

well, we have another nikon lady, but still… have not changed my mind about my love for canon!! from all these interviews, and being these photographers among my favourite ones, it is pretty interesting how different they are as photographers, how different are their inspirational sources, and even so, they manage to create and drive us to their beautiful, nostalgic, dreamy worlds, filled with sensitivity, colours… and love, so much love. as in blogging, in photography it is deeply important to be yourself and find your way. remember that images are worth more than a thousand words… and this magic it is only up to you, only when being yourself. have a sweet sweet wednesday, my friends! tomorrow we shall have another distinctive lady… a lady from around the world!

{wednesdays on etsy}

hello hello! how are you friends? i am so excited because today is already wednesday!! yay! wednesdays have always had a sweet taste for me… it is the middle of the week, from now on, is weekend countdown! yesterday i went to the movies with mr twiggs and… it was a great disappointment. do you also hate when the trailer is so good that makes you want to see a movie so much, and then you see it… and you leave the movies… like… “what was that?” please, movie directors & screenplay writters… can we have really good cinema this year? thank you! oh before i can get on to our weekly edition, can i just remind you (at least for those a bit absent) that this week, there is a really good series of interviews, with amazing behind-the-cameras-insight by some of my (and yours too, i believe) favourite photographers! what cameras do they use? what is their best feature? what do they seek with their photography? 10 questions about them… and about how they see {photography}. you can read the first two interviews {here} & {here}. so, let’s keep on going. in these last few days i have been dedicated more than the usual to {pinterest} & etsy, and of course have been finding these amazing things. and the best? spring is close. really.

do you want to comment? now, i am not a mother. but if i was, if i was ladies… i would certainly surround my son (always imagined myself with four boys! crazy, right?) with these fluffy & colourful handmade toys! one note concerning this finding on etsy, it was not mine! i was on twitter and someone (please please forgive me for not remembering who) shared a link, i clicked and found this. so if this is you, please write me a note on comments, will you? because these are amazing!

meet pablo!

and this was palmiro!

do you really want to resist?  now, {laura contemori} does everything by hand with a lot of love, lives in italy and describes herself as…

“una girella di liquirizia, un sorriso all’improvviso, una sorpresa sotto il letto, una fossetta sulla guancia, una protea in un vaso rosso, uno sguardo furbo, un puntino nero in un foglio bianco…”

if i understood italian, i would translate, but i do not. so… a little mistery on our wednesday is always good! but there is something about a smile… and of course, someone that is able to do these lovely toys by hand, must live a happy life. you can sneak-peek into her store {contemori | bottega creativa}, by clicking in each image or just {here}. laura is also on {facebook}. and this was a little bit of spring for today! no, we are not having spring temperatures in lisbon, but i must confess that yesterday when going to work, i was delighted to see that some trees are blossoming! oh happy happy me! see you in a bit, with another latin-american girl!

interview with euge

as mentioned before, today we shall continue with {photography… by photographers} interviews, in a week dedicated to latin-american ladies. our second guest will be {euge de la peña}, a sweet friend of mine, that was also a guest over {a place for twiggs}. she is from buenos aires, and currently is living in germany, and her talent & creativity for photography is well-known around the flickr community.

hello! how are you feeling today? hello dear claudia, i’m really happy today and i hope you too!

1. so, we are here to talk about {photography}… let’s start with a very important detail… where did you learn your way through {photography}? i always loved taking pictures, since i was a little girl but i started learning and reading about photography when i joined a flickr group called {la vuelta al mundo}. there i met wonderful photographers and thank to their work i became more and more interested and felt the need to lear how to shoot better. i know i still have a looooots of things to learn and i’m really looking foward to do it!

2. what camera+lens do you use the most? my nikon d300 and my nikon 50mm 1.8

3. what is your camera’s best feature? the viewfinder and the 51-point auto-focus.

4. three must-dos for you concerning {photography}! shoot in manual, shoot in raw and enjoy!

5. favourite subject to shoot? i love still life, so anything i have at home that inspires me becames my favourite subject to shoot. i also love urban photography and when i’m outside i try to focus on any little detail i can find!

6. after taking pictures, do you use any program to process them? yes, photoshop.

7. in three words… how would you describe your {photography}? mmm that’s a hard question… i guess it reflects my world, what iam… sometimes my mood, sometimes my home, my town, my things…

8. what inspires you to do what you do in {photography}? i love photography because it is a way for me to escape from my daily routine. it helps me to relax… to connect with myself and my emotions. i really want to continue improving and maybe one day become a professional photographer! who knows?

9. when you wander in flickr… what drives you to write a comment? when i like a photo, i write a comment… it is always nice to comment, like a way of saying you are following somebody’s work… like a support. i also always try to comment back when i have a chance. i really wish I had more time to do that!!

10. would you like to try anything different from what you do in {photography}? i really want to learn how to take good portraits , maybe i will try to focus on this during this year.

i hope you had a good time reading euge’s answers… she’s a nikon girl, which means that so far we have had a canon & a nikon girl. i must confess, my heart beats for canon. but what about yours? what camera do you have or wish to have? i would love to hear about you! and by the way… tomorrow, our honourable guest will be {valeria spring}!

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