{random} stories :: creativity sneak-peeks

…as promised…

In a moment where lightness and courage are feelings that must stay close to my heart and mind… I think it would be a good moment to remind me of the small things that really provide me with an amazing sense of delight and pleasure.

i%27mdonesearching {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks

I truly hope I’m done searching for one thing. True Love.

Concerning other things… well… those I’m still looking.


{random} stories :: sweet feelings

… sweet feelings are warm feelings…

We feel warm when we feel comfortable… when we feel at home… when we feel close to our loved ones. We feel the sweetness in our days when there’s warm in our heart and thoughts.

These last days were not that sweet nor warm. Actually part of those days were exactly sweet and warm… but always with a dark cloud above me. I miss lightness in my days.

Have you ever felt like you must end something, although you don’t know when that end is happening… nor what is coming next?

Hope so. I would know that this feeling is not alone. 

IMG 7806 {random} stories :: sweet feelings

Which ever answer you have for me… please let me remind you (actually… myself!) that you should have always the courage to put an end to bad moments in your life… to choose a different path… or just to look for a path that makes you feel happy and… light. 


film stories :: embrace random results

Oh boy… it has been a real challenge since last Christmas… when my dearest Holga came to my hands. I was thrilled! “Yayyyyy, I have my very own lomo camera!!! I’m such a special girl!”

i+love+my+life film stories :: embrace random results

 Well… special or not, I guess that’s really not the point, but what’s really important is…

{…to free yourself from all the habits that you engage before and…

…embrace random results.}

… sometimes it’s not that easy. Either because you forget to take off the lens cap (oh yes, that happens!), or you forget to advance the film after shooting, which means you’ll get a double exposure (which is ok, if you really mean it)… and because the final result will always, but always be a surprise.

Holga has her own and very special {personality}.

These are my {random results} so far…

mosaicfb2f5ea70364a5016aa62a9009f0a735506b0014 film stories :: embrace random results

{Well… but I won’t give up you, dear Holga.}


{random} stories :: creativity sneak-peeks


This a part of another project I’m currently working on called {postcards :: the…}. This name is due to the fact they are meant to be postcards (in a future day… far far away), and also because their names begin all with the word “the…”.

This is meant to be a simple project, with simple moments of still life.

I hope you enjoy these… and remember, these came from a place where there are plenty more. Just keep in touch!

the+blue+door {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks
{the blue door}

the+chapel {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks
{the chapel}

the+orange+vespa {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks
{the orange ride}

the+pink+rosemary {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks
{the pink rosemary}

the+green+tea {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks
{the green tea}

Kisses & Hugs,

number’s editorial :: helen

And so this is it… the very first edition of {number’s editorial}! (Yay!!)

As for all that don’t remember or don’t know… Number’s Editorial will be a monthly edition, where we’ll have a guest that will share some things with us!

What things?

1. There will be a number chosen, and our special guest will consider that number as years of age and share something from the past or the future, regarding that age!
2. There will be also a word chosen alphabetically (starting on “a”) and the guest will share also something about that word!
3. There will be finally three sentences to finish…

So, our first guest is a pretty and romantic lady, and her name is Helen… She lives in Vancouver with her husband and she’s allergic to cats and dogs… so she cherishes her plants!

Flickr+Announcementv01 numbers editorial :: helen

And here’s her interview…

Number :: 7
“I don’t have distinctive memory of when I was 7 years old, but it’s around the time when I started elementary school. I remember lots of homework, yup, that’s what any Chinese kid would remember :) But I also remember during summer time, everyday after school, I would watch bees and butterflies flying over sweet little wildflowers on my way home. I also remember buying yogurt flavoured popsicle from an old lady who always sells them in front of our school. Oh, just thinking about it makes me smile! Thanks for travelling back in time with me!”

Word :: Apartment
“Growing up, I lived in 4 different apartments, 1 house, 3 townhouses. Although I live in a townhouse now, I miss and enjoyed apartment living. The word instantly reminds me of all sorts of lovely small apartments, such as your home, and Iro’s home, I “visited” via flickr and blogs.”

A perfect day is when I…
“… wake up naturally to sunny blue sky, then spend time just hanging out, cooking lunch with Nelson (my husband), after lunch, I would meet with my girlfriends to do some shopping or try a new dessert place. At night I would call home and talk to my loved ones who are living on the other side of the Pacific ocean. Lastly, I would take a hot shower and crawl into bed, fall alseep under my fluffy and warm blanket with Nelson :)”

One thing I would love to learn is…
“… the ability to “go with the flow”. I’m a planner, so being spontaneous is hard for me. I also realize there’s no way to have a plan all the time, so I want to be able to enjoy my life with or without any plan.”

Would you rather be an english woman in New York or a New Yorker in England?
“Hmm, this is a hard one. My interpretation is both situations have the similarity of adjusting to a new environment. With my experience as an immigrant, I’ll be comfortable in either situation since I know I’d love to explore in both cities.”

{…a place for twiggs} would like to thank Helen for the honour of answering our challenge and being a part of this project!