once upon a time a {lovely} artist :: my fair ladee

“i love handmade & ruffles. i love vintage & flowers. i love classy & unique. i want you to feel happy, pretty, and inspired when you purchase something from me. whether it be vintage, or specially handmade.”

il fullxfull.182304482 once upon a time a {lovely} artist :: my fair ladee

il fullxfull.184781013 once upon a time a {lovely} artist :: my fair ladee

 “i think every girl should embrace being a lady.”

il fullxfull.185336727 once upon a time a {lovely} artist :: my fair ladee

“this is me….
i am married to a wonderful, wonderful man.
i am a utah state university graduate, in the field of communications.
my husband and i have the sweetest baby boy, who is just over one year old… and is silly as can be. 
i love to design and create.
i love my family. i love my friends. i just love people.
i really enjoy traveling! 
i always look forward to holidays.
with any spare time i have i love to shop, read, decorate my house, exercise, make my baby boy laugh, explore new places, eat yummy food, spend time outdoors, sew, watch movies, watch “the office” and “friends”, and stroll around town doing anything with my husband.”

and this was {my fair ladee}.

i fell in love with these pictures first and instantly felt the need to know more about this feminine corner…

as support is something very appreciated among etsians, here i am promoting another talented lady. 

i know that i have shared this idea with you over and over again. but i shall say this once more…

x-mas is quite around the corner, my lovely friends… and i know i would love to have one of these sweet headbands… so this means that probably some girlf friend, sister, mother, girlfriend of yours would probably too. why not sneak-peek into {my fair ladee}?

have a sweet day!


random stories :: stories from kim

so, as promised here i am again with some talented artists. as you may well know i have a small shop on etsy… and on one of these days i was investing some time reading etsy forums… exchanging some ideas, and also among inspirational searches, i found some very talented ladies… which have also become artists in which {…a place for twiggs} believes.

… let me share with you {freshcut illustrations}

il fullxfull.134673029 random stories :: stories from kim

il fullxfull.128920112 random stories :: stories from kim
il fullxfull.128007767 random stories :: stories from kim
“i am a designer and artist with a love for eclectic design, typography and graphics. i’ve spent some time in architecture school and various other art related projects which have led me here. my love of graphics, paper and contemporary art influenced me to try and meld the three together to form freshcut illustrations.”

you can visit kim and explore her artistic work herethere are more goodies to be appreciated!

and if you have time… please say hello here!

have a sweet day, 


{random} stories :: creativity sneak-peeks

a new {group} was born yesterday… and i am so happy to feel all this appreciation & care in uploading beauty into the group. it has been a bright day, though the rain… due to all your talent & creativity.

mosaic5be799035a48e22554cfce5b15721efb6781b062 {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks
{thank you}

1. Me parece que no merecía quedarse en el archivo, 2. Photography makes my heart sing, 3. Wellness ~, 4. pink & cream [Explored + Front Page, (thanks!!)], 5. Pink balloons that make me happy, 6. best day in a long time, 7. Detalles …, 8. My dream, 9. Ros

i believe you will feel welcome… please join us and bring your brightness…
i would love to hear from you… whether your doubts, your accomplishments, your challenges.


{sneak-peek blogs} :: simply hue

hello lovely readers, how are you today? is your week starting in a good way? i truly hope so… i love when my week starts in a very positive way, it gives me energy & strength to keep on going for the rest of the week! but in order to help you a little bit with this, i thought about sharing one delicious blog with you… however the odds are… you have already meet this lady… talented & creative lady. her name… vicki. her last name… dvorak. her blog… simply hue, art, colour and inspiration.

simplyhuebanner {sneak peek blogs} :: simply hue

who is vicki?
“an artist, a photographer, lover of life, people, nature, chocolate, old movies, italy, france, vintage anything, coffee drinker, horse lover, full of wonder… a free spirit. love the country, visiting the city, moody coffee houses, easy conversations, real people, laughing until it hurts, warm hugs from kids. above all… a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend.”

il fullxfull.185521723 {sneak peek blogs} :: simply hue

simply hue is a delicious blog. and i say this with all my heart. every time i think about simply hue, i think about faded yet happy colours, positive thoughts, happy people, beautiful photography, talented artists. it is like cream over strawberries… sweet and tender.

il fullxfull.170250670 {sneak peek blogs} :: simply hue

i happen to find this blog also very interesting because, just like {…a place for twiggs}, there is a very honoured edition which main point is to promote artists, photographers and designers. vicki says on her blog…

“as an artist/photographer myself, it was a rewarding experience for me and i received such positive feedback that i decided to feature artists on a consistent basis and make this the main focus of simply hue”.

il fullxfull.183748291 {sneak peek blogs} :: simply hue

asides from this lovely blog, vicki is also the “editor” behind {creative challenge}, a flickr group.

“welcome to simply hue creative challenge! i hope that this new flickr group will motivate us as artists, photographers, and designers to keep our work fresh and new. i know i need a little boost from time to time.”

il fullxfull.175385888 {sneak peek blogs} :: simply hue

so this was it about delicious blog for today! i would like to send my happy wishes for vicki for her week and do pay her a visit, it will brighten your day! you can visit vicki {here}! if you fell in love with these pictures, please take your time to visit her shop {here}! she would love you to join the {creative challenge} group! i will be back with more inspirational artists today! twiggs

stories in lisbon

1. príncipe real
2. príncipe real
3. cinemateca

lisbon has been chosen as…

2009 europe’s leading destination
2009 europe’s leading cruise destination
2009 europe’s leading city break destination
2010 europe’s leading city break destination

do you still have any doubts? so, this is a new edition on {a place for twiggs}.

{stories from lisbon} :: stories to inspire you to come to lisbon for a city break… or a whole week. i promise you will not regret. lisbon is the most beautiful city in the whole world… when the sun is shining. paris may be the city of lights. lisbon is the city of light… natural light.