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do you like christmas?

do you enjoy lights & garlands?

do you start to think about your holiday decoration in… august?

… i kind of do… maybe not the august thing… but in honest i say that christmas is one of my favourite seasons of the year! i feel like a child in christmas morning… i love christmas lights… cold days… wandering at night on the busy streets and see the people rushing… enjoying the street decoration… 

for these reasons i must share with you, if you do not know already, this delicious magazine, that came out from the oven, just yesterday… by {creature comforts} and get lovely contributors!
Open publication – Free publishingMore christmas

enjoy… but take your time… it is highly addictive!

have a sweet day!


local markets :: tricotaria

hello there lovely ones… today is the day! yesterday i made the proud announcement of {local markets} and today we will have the very first feature. this lady was found through etsy and she is the one that proudly will start this new edition. so, with no further ado, let us hear what she has to say about her work.

can you tell us something about yourself?
hello! my name is andreia and i am the person behind the things you see at tricotaria. i am mother of four beautiful children (two daughters and two sons) and married with a very talented man and collaborative father. i always liked math, numbers, solving equations and reading… that’s probably why i became an economist… i learned to sew and knit very early. my mother taught me and i couldn’t be more grateful for that because now i realize i really love doing it! i grew up surrounded by handmade things, since my parents are both artisans. i really enjoy making new unique things, mainly my own designs!

how did tricotaria start?
recently, as a mother, i began to knit and sew for my little ones, in my scarce free time. i’ve also knitted some scarves and necklaces to give to my friends and family as presents. and then, in the beginning of 2010, i found etsy and decided to start selling the things i love to create.

what inspires you?
a colour.
a texture.
a shape.
a need. (it often happens to me: i’m looking for one thing and do not find in stores such as i imagined it… so, that’s the time for doing it, by myself.)
a quality material. (I give lots of attention to detail and quality, so i try to find high-quality materials to work with. high-quality portuguese materials are at the top of my searches.)

what advice can you give for those small business owners in our country?
~ being focused on what you can do better and that differentiates you from other similar businesses all over the world.
~ being persistent and not give up.

what do you think would be helpful for small business owners in our country?
having a good product is not enough; promoting it is a very crucial part of the work that small business owners have to do. i find it is very helpful to belong to a community of other similar business owners that help each other promoting their work. that’s what happens within etsy communities and with initiatives like this one. i would like to thank you claudia for this nice interview!

and now a fresh news… {…a place for twiggs} is hosting the very first giveaway!! yay!

{tricotaria} has the pleasure of starting the lovely giveaways that will be hosted by {…a place for twiggs}… on a regular basis (so i wish).

so, andreia is offering a sweet necklace, worth $16… handmade with love & care… in golden brown. you can see more items like this one {here}!

soft and stylish necklace, hand knitted with a high quality portuguese thread.
it is named {engaged} because it has two linked turns and it is composed by two knitted tubes with many knots.

it has two turns: one measuring about 50 inches (130cm) and another one measuring about 28 inches (70cm). you can use it in different ways… two or even three rounds around your neck.

{engaged ~ sweet offer}

{the sweet comment rule}
1 ~ visit {tricotaria} on etsy and leave a comment with your favourite item

{the aditional entries & points}
2 ~ spread the word through facebook or twitter (do not forget to use @aplacefortwiggs in your twitt) and come back with the link so that we can count it
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giveaway end on monday, 8th november (lisbon time)…

do not forget to come back and see who has won the amazing prize!

thank you so much andreia for being a part of this lovely edition and for being the very first one! you might also want to join the amazing group {local markets} on facebook! and this was it my lovely friends & readers! see you tomorrow for more lovely things & treasures!

did you enjoy finding about tricotaria? look here for more portuguese talents!

what is local markets? a community dedicated to the very best portuguese talented & independent artists that strive for an original work and exquisitely executed handmade design & photography. once a week, there will be a special feature for these artists, to spread the word about their talent, to introduce you to new & fresh work. local markets is an original feature from a place for twiggs. you can read more about this feature here and join the facebook page for news!


local markets

hip hip hurray! another edition on {…a place for twiggs}! ok, asides from being happy for this edition (and i will explain it in a minute), these few weeks i have been thinking about several things. first this blog… what is its main point… what do i want to achieve with it… second, and also related with the blog, i feel a major pleasure in promoting independent artists and am quite inspired by other talented people behind showcases like {papernstich}, {poppytalk handmade}… and third how can i match all this & the portuguese community, that i find not so united in this goal of growing businesses through a local community.

so when thinking about all these issues… and that first one is not quite clear yet, i began to think about creating this community, a local community… though it should never be considered a closed-to-the world community. instead a united community, united by the same goals and opened to the world, so that all interested people may join and strongly show their support to these talented artists.

what is {local markets} then?
a portuguese community dedicated to the very best portuguese talented & independent artists that strive for an original work and exquisitely executed handmade design & photography.

who can {join}?
this community will firstly be present in {facebook} as a page. you can join to show your support & maybe in a future moment, other projects may be put up, and you will get first hand news! in the future there will be also a blog, in order to showcase the very best portuguese, talented & independent artists & photographers.

and what about this blog’s edition on {local markets}?
once a week, there will be a special feature for these artists, to spread the word about their talent, to introduce you to new & fresh work.

can i {submit} my work?
well, if you are portuguese… then yes. you do not have to live here, but you have to be portuguese. portuguese people are well-known strivers so it is natural that there are several talented hands & minds around the world… these can join in too! but just one small note: as there is a main goal of choosing the best… there is a philosophy behind this, a mood, a way of thinking… so not all work will be accepted. but this is not because it is not good enough… but in order to keep this a high quality edition, artists will be carefully chosen.

interesting… i was analyzing {local markets} icon and it says “buy local”… this means you do not support buying internationally?
oh no, not at all. i support buy handmade. and as in a matter of supporting our talented artists, i support buying local. i may be wrong, but i guess we lack some kind of patriotism of our products, though this is changing in a significant way. this is just a way of supporting portuguese products, which does not mean in a direct way that i do not support international products.

the image chosen for this new edition is already shown in this blog and you can also copy it and place it in your website… spread the word about {local markets}.

tomorrow we will have our first {local markets} edition.

hope to see you tomorrow for some handmade support!

have a great day!


handmade by patricia pascovich

“mi nombre es patricia y soy salteña, aunque vivo en montevideo con mi esposo, nuestra hija maría y nuestros dos adorables perros, poro, un ovejero alemán y pepa, toda una pequeña dama. mi vida transcurre serena entre mis actividades creativas y mis responsabilidades familiares y domésticas.”

hello sweet friends, how are you doing? did you have fun on halloween? so that you know, we don’t actually celebrate halloween but it is a national holiday, a religious one. so this is a really great day too, because we get to stay at home and appreciate these fall days. 

so… in order to give you more reasons to appreciate this day, i shall present you a talented lady that makes things on paper that are beyond sweet and beautiful… the colours always soft but vibrant as well… every little details is quite taken care of… nothing is missing… and i believe that when you see her work… you feel like buying every piece so that your home, office & gifts may be filled with beauty.

before i let you read all this delightful interview, i would like to let you know that this interview is the first one written both in spanish & english… and it should be also in portuguese, as we have an agreement every time we write each other… she writes in spanish and i write in portuguese so that we can both learn each other’s language, how cool is that?

and now with no further ado… i shall present you patricia pascovich & and her brand {papersome}…

“before everything else let me thank you once again for this invitation, which is an honour for me. i imagine that you will translate what i am about to write, but please do nor forget to mention that this is an honour for me to be in {… a place for twiggs}.”

antes que nada déjame agradecerte una vez más por esta invitación que para mí es un honor. me imagino que traducirás lo que escriba y te ruego que no dejes de mencionar que para  mí es un orgullo estar en {…place for twiggs}.”

“so about me, i can tell you i was born in uruguai and i am married to an italian man from milan for the last 23 years, we have a daughter, two dogs and our lives are lived calmly in montevideo and we also live in punta del este in a specific time of the year. i could live there for the rest of my life, as it is a place where nature fulfils me and where i happen to have found that all my academic and artistic education was driving me towards a new passion… paper goods.”

“de mí puedo contarte que soy uruguaya y estoy casada con un italiano de milán desde hace 23 años y tenemos una hija y dos perros y nuestra vida transcurre serena en montevideo y una parte del año en punta del este. es allí donde siento que podría estar el resto de mi vida, un lugar en el mundo donde la naturaleza me colma y donde descubrí que toda mi educación artística y académica se dirigía hacia una nueva pasión: los papeles.”

“papersome was born in our kitchen, between desserts and long conversations with my daughter maria, that was 17 at that time. we both wanted to live a creative adventure as mother and daughter, as we felt united by some sort of special sensitivity, that made the drawings fresh as maria was but had also the sense of discipline and experience given by me.”

“papersome aunque cause gracia surgió en la cocina de casa, en charlas de sobremesa con mi hija maría, que en ese entonce tenía 17 años. queríamos vivir una aventura creativa entre madre e hija unidas por  una sensibilidad especial hacia el diseño con mucho de su frescura y una buena dosis de mi experiencia en la disciplina del dibujo.”

“we have decided to start these prints of reversible papers and a full set of gift stationary (paper, tags, postcards and stickers)… it was a very rich experience, as it had a very pleasing acceptance through a sweet drawings shop. in the meantime, maria went to college and now she is focusing in her career, as i still embrace my notebooks always with an handmade touch, mainly for our friends. however everything else just kept growing in a very natural way… through word of mouth, blogs, requests and all the joy for these handmade things.”

“decidimos hacer juntas una impresión de papeles reversibles y todo un set de complementos de regalo (papeles, tarjetas, postales y stickers para dejar de usar cinta adhesiva). fue una experiencia riquísima y tuvo una muy buena aceptación en nuestro mercado a través de una deliciosa boutique de diseño. pero mientras tanto, maría empezó la universidad, a enfocarse en su carrera y yo a disfrutar  armando mis cuadernos y taccuinos en forma artesanal para hacer regalos entre nuestros amigos.
todo lo demás fluyó naturalmente, el boca a boca, el blog, más pedidos y un mayor entusiasmo en el encanto de lo personal y hecho a mano y no tanto en lo industrializado.”

“later, papersome made part of {manos del uruguai}, a wonderful shop that showcases all arts & crafts made in uruguai, well-known in the whole world and with more than 40 years of history. {manos del uruguai} is the perfect place to showcase these small collections made with such passion.”
“más tarde, nuestros productos entraron a {manos del uruguai} una bellísima tienda muy representativa en nuestro país y conocida a nivel internacional y con más de 40 años de trayectoria. el lugar ideal para comercializar mis pequeñas colecciones hechas con tanta pasión.”

“papersome is the result of an experience that fills me with life, colour, texture & daily poetry. it allows me to grow even in a more personal way… every day. as i wrote on my blog… it is quite an achievement to transform a dream into a personal language, handmade in peaceful moments in my house, and inspired by a simple life that i share with my family.”

“papersome es el resultado de una experiencia, que me llena de vida, color, textura y poesía cotidiana. me permite crecer en lo personal un poco más todos los días, y como  digo en mi blog, el logro de haber transformado un sueño en un lenguaje personal, realizado en la serenidad de mi casa e inspirados en la vida simple y esencial que comparto con mi familia.”

lovely readers, i hope you have enjoied this interview, though a bit long, i was not able to cut any part as this all sounded such a sweet story and every detail was felt like very important…

patricia is a very sweet friend of mine and i really fell for her work… i believed that i needed to share it with you, so that you could also enjoy these sweet papers, tags & postcards. so… i would like to thank her for being such an interesting guest and this was also a very important moment for me… to introduce her to you.

you can find patricia over in flickr

and in her blog

hope you have an exquisite day with your friends & family!


friday i am in {love} with…

… recycled objects for interior styling…

i confess those wine crates are really on my mind for the past few months. i already have one which is a small wooden box! but until i figure out what to do with this lovely one, i drool over these…

be creative. be eco. respect nature… and re-think your way of living. this is almost like taking the {handmade pledge}, don’t you think?

aren’t these good? today i am really in love with these…

to find these and plenty more, please join on {pinterest}. whow… was i missing a whole new creative & inspiring world!

oh, i almost forgot!

in order to show you how much i am into these recycled wood thing, i will share with you my last work, that will soon be on {etsy}… found this piece of wood, painted it white… and now it is a beautiful piece for display!

{until then, you can always see other fresh goodies on etsy}

have a sweet weekend, lovely readers & friends! 
do you have any special plans for this weekend?