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hello fello friends, how are you doing today? are you having a good week so far? guess what, december for us from sunny portugal is filled with holidays… and it starts today with one… and next wednesday is another one… and then, as you all know, there is christmas and new year’s eve. so december is a really excellent month for us… for me, because i love christmas (and can i say again that i will be having my birthday next week?).

{attik72 via designsponge}

so, i was wondering… these wednesday’s editions are about… treasures. treasures often found on etsy. a full feature, though in a very short version, on one of my favourite shops on etsy. but i was wondering… it is december, it is the oficial month to go around the house and prep it for x-mas. so… i have decided, this month there will be a special edition on wednesdays concerning several aspects of christmas, such as decoration, table setting, packaging… good? or dull? excellent? yay!

here i go then… today i choose {interior decoration for x-mas} as the first topic!

{nice room via pinterest}

{kitchen via pinterest}

{minlillaveranda via pinterest}

{christmas in denmark via doorsixteen}

{cozy fireplace via blissful}

{ikea via emmas}

{christmas in denmark via doorsixteen}
so… as you can see there is a certain pattern here… i heart scandinavian design & christmas decoration… i die over a white wooden floor… a huge and vintage wooden table… if only i could replace mine. 

well, have you started your christmas decorations?

have a great wednesday!


{random} stories :: an etsy story

hello fellow friends! i just came back in order to call your attention to all the goodies that are on {etsy} right now, by the hand of… me! i did some shooting in these last days… and this is what i have to share with you… original fine art prints from {…a place for twiggs}.

and remember i am offering a {bogo sale} for all of these 8×10, which means you buy one 8×10 and get to choose any 5×7 for free

shipping… everywhere else outside portugal is $5 + $1 if you wish for a tracking service.

this counted as a promotion until december 8th, then a special promo during {black friday} & {cyber monday}… but i have decided to keep this going on until december 6th!

i am waiting for your best orders… i bet some friends would be delighted with some of these fine art prints! all orders ship with something from lisbon… and in a beautiful package!

wish for more delicious promotions? they are just happening in my friend’s house… kristi from {life through the lens}! and you might as well read her interview on {ucreate} too… that should be a delightful moment as she will teach you to do something that you should need in this kind of weather!


local markets :: saídos da concha

hello hello, how was your monday? it was a rainy one here with very cold temperatures, but i was at home working, so it kind of felt good! did it snow where you are?

oh, almost forgot… have you read yesterday’s interview with {madeline bea}? i really suggest that you read this, because she gives us some insight on cameras & lenses… and we always wish for some of that information, don’t we? she is a nikon girl… so, if there is another one of you there… i strongly suggest you to read it!

so, today we have another edition of {local markets} and today i will interview someone that actually introduced me to flickr world, as she was invited to {ikea family live} and from then on… i believe that my life was never the same. i remember that afternoon perfectly. i was sitting on my couch and reading the ikea magazine. and then i felt amazed by what this girl was saying and her lovely handmade house.

if by now you do not know who is this girl… this should help!

her name… constança or concha. she is the one behind the lovely shop called {saidos da concha}.

can you tell us something about yourself?
i am constança, a 28 year-old portuguese living in rural england. i studied law and history, but now i sew for a living.

how did {saidos da concha} start?
in the autumn of 2006 i bought a book in a london bookshop about making things with fabric {home made vintage} by christina strutt. some days later i went to a craft fair in lisbon and brought home some of the vendor’s cards. i quickly discovered a world of crafty blogging and a month later i had my own blog.

what inspires you?
colour combinations inspire me enourmously. autumn trees, wildflowers, interiors… i always notice colour first.

what advice can you give for those small business owners in our country?
i am not in a position to give advice. i just urge you to be true to yourself, open your eyes and work hard.

what do you think would be helpful for small business owners in our country?
i wish that handmade goods were more appreciated. people are quick to say that they ate expensive and compare prices with high-street shops, but when you make somthing with your own hands, using top-quality materials as well as time and care, prices must ncessarily reflect that.

concha is also a very sweet seller, as i have been already her customer. last may i had to attend a wedding and i ordered her a clutch! and i adored it… it was simple, yet perfect with an amazing customer service!

{local markets} was filled with colour today and for the record… {saidos da concha} is on {etsy}, {blogger} & {flickr}. i know you want to… don’t you? say hello to concha? say how much you appreciate her things? maybe a little present for x-mas? i know i would again! those scarves are to die for!

did you enjoy finding about concha? look here for more portuguese talents!

have you been featured on local markets? grab a button and place it on your blog!

what is local markets? a community dedicated to the very best portuguese talented & independent artists that strive for an original work and exquisitely executed handmade design & photography. once a week, there will be a special feature for these artists, to spread the word about their talent, to introduce you to new & fresh work. local markets is an original feature from a place for twiggs. you can read more about this feature here and join the facebook page for news!


photographs by madeline bea

hello sweet friends, how are you feeling in this cold monday? it is very cold here and a littlebit rainy as well! how was your weekend? i have seen several snowy pictures, so i think that cold has been almost everywhere… which is perfect for indoor days… with warm fireplaces, hot tea & cupcakes! 

so today we are having {sneak-peek :: photography} and the lovely guest is someone you might already know! she has a bright talent… and does amazing portraits. i will let her present her work, but first let me just tell you that this will be a very good insight for those who wonder about cameras & lenses. and here she is… maegan.

“thank you so much for having me here today, twiggs! i’m so honored to be in your lovely space! and i’m thrilled to be discussing photography…a hobby i love so dearly!

i never thought about taking more than snapshots until the soap making business i owned required some beautiful and creative product photos of my handmade artisan soaps. life, and the addition of my third child, has caused me to give up the soap making business…but the photography stuck and i’m not sure it’s going anywhere…ever! in it, i have found a way to find beauty and understanding in a world that can be huge and overwhelming. photography enables me to find my focus and find beauty in the everyday.”

“i find that i am most inspired by the little things that i see, touch, and feel everyday; the way colors combine to create emotion and feelings, the texture of fibers and layers, the smell of warm soup simmering in the crock pot on a chilly fall day, the way my little girls smile when they find a pretty leaf. it’s all in the details and the way they make up this grand bigger picture…this big beautiful picture!

there is a lot of inspiration to be found online as well. blogs, flickr, other photographer’s websites all serve up a plethora of eye candy that can cause me to loose whole days! but it’s easy to get intimidated and loose sight of our own original style. i think it’s important that your ideas come from very authentic places within…but i do love looking at pretty pictures! and that often motivates me to create something beautiful as well!”

“within my images, i tend to have a dramatic focus on one particular element in my composition and allow it to lead viewers to the feeling that i had when i was capturing my subject. the external details contribute to the story, but it’s that one focus point that really directs the emotion of the image. sometimes this is a face or a hand, sometimes it’s the flower’s petal or the jar that holds them, and sometimes it’s the light that is illuminating the whole scene. 

i hope that when the viewer sees the image, they somehow understand the story i am trying to tell. but art is subjective, and part of the enjoyment of art is the viewer’s own interpretation stemming from their individual life experiences. So in this way, our interpretations mingle and expand…it really is a beautiful thing!”

“i currently shoot with a nikon d90. i happen to love it… although i do hope to upgrade one day. however, it’s important to understand (and for me to remember) that it is not the equipment, but how it is used. i have seen some remarkable images taken with camera phones. 

i want my photography to be about my subjects and my skills, not about my equipment. that being said, i do think there is a lot of value in a good lens. i have a 50mm 1.4 that i use for portraits and the high quality glass makes an almost palpable difference in image quality. i love the gorgeous bokeh and clear, well defined subjects. but again, you need to know how to get the most out of your equipment. i have a couple of other lenses that i use on a semi-regular basis but my “nifty fifty” is by far my favorite!”

“people always ask me if there was a particular book or a website that helped me to learn photography. but I must say that the single most dramatic influence on learning the art of photography has come from daily practice. 

from august 2009 to august 2010, i practiced photography daily by taking at least one photo every single day. the challenge really helped me to learn how to use my camera and taught me so much about lighting and composition. i believe in the power of daily practice so much that i promptly began another {year of daily pictures} and invited all my blog readers to join me! we currently have 118 participants… all supporting each other and encouraging us along on our journeys. 

if there was one book i could recommend, it would be your camera’s owners manual. sorry… but it really is as simple as learning your camera and how to make it do want you want to get the kind of images that your looking to create.”

“i have found so much love, joy, and understanding in the art of photography that happily encourage and support anyone who wishes to develop their own photographic skills. it’s a beautiful thing to be able to recognize beauty in everyday life and share that vision with the world.

twiggs, thank you so much for having me here today, for spreading the word about art and artists, and for sharing your own wonderful work with the world! xo”

{maegan beishline is a wife, a mother to three, and a photographer. she shares her journey on her blog, {life set to words}. you can find her prints for sale in her {etsy shop} and you can find out more about her portrait business on her {website}.

and these are some of my favourite from maegan…

i wish to thank maegan for being the lovely guest for today’s sneak-peek on photography!

i hope you are all having a great monday!!

i will be back with more news from the {flickr group}… today it will be a very strong theme!


friday i am in {love} with…

… today i just fell in love with these… because they remind me of film… romance in a more vintage mood… youth… delicateness… femininity… in black & white.

1. enjoying via {party tights} 2. juan vidal portfolio via {buen-av-entura} 3. â via {krisztina toth} 4. cause of the elephant via {electric frenzy}5. embers in air via {cleonymous} 6. magnolia via {lolitanie}

have yourselves the sweetest weekend & a special thanksgiving for the american friends (do you know that you represent 87% of {… a place for twiggs} readers? yay for you!)

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