{thursday’s sweet treasuries}

… today i am thinking about illustration.

i keep finding these sweet… lovely… tender… delicate… with a little bit of humour… all that sugar & spice we need to feel happy.

one day… when my tiny apartment turns into a decent one (no, no huge apartments for me) i would like a wall for these. maybe on my office (oh yes, i will definitely get one office for myself).

hope this will get you a little bit of happiness too!

happy thursday!

Untitled 3 {thursdays sweet treasuries}

and because i told you about {poppytalk handmade} yesterday and maybe you had not the chance to sneak-peek this incredible juicy catalog… 

i will leave you with the artist discovered under the {illustration} theme for today.


yellowsuitetsy {thursdays sweet treasuries}

i will come back tomorrow with more juicy interviews!

hope you all have a sweet thursday… 

twiggs+signature {thursdays sweet treasuries}

{treasure hunt wednesdays} :: magalerie

friends, friends, friends… how are you?

after a full day on blogging yesterday here i am (again, i know) to share with you the usual weekly edition of {treasure hunt wednesdays}. today i chose a girl from paris. 

her name is anne.

pair+%231 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: magalerie

she lives in france.
pair+%232 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: magalerie

she was born in 1976.
pair+%233 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: magalerie

she lives in paris, though having lived in new york.

pair+%234 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: magalerie

she must have a sweet-tooth.
pair+%235 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: magalerie

she is a romantic.

and i hope you will pay her a visit, because her shop {magalerie} is like a visit to paris!

and i could use a visit to paris…

would you go with me?
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{random} stories :: bloggity sneak-peeks

as i took the day for delight myself over blogs & blogs & blogs… i was fortunate to discover plenty of delicious treats for a day at home.

so, i will leave you with these treats i found through my very favourite blogs…


have you been here? of course you did, this is one major place where we can treat our eyes with the very exquisite “beautiful, decayed & handmade” (i just love these words all together).

“browse our october lookbook, featuring vendors from “indie love” (this month’s theme at poppytalk handmade). all images link up to each participant’s virtual table!”

these are so fresh, are they not?

lady joy and lady meg wrote a book, that i am wishing for so much… (but first must have a little bit more sales!). the book is called {creative, inc., the ultimate guide to running a sucessful freelance business} and it seems to be a honoured guide for those that feel a little bit lost in this word of business. 

you can hop on {chronicle books} and get what seems to be a true eye-opener… & according to them…

As the hipster classic Craft, Inc. did for crafters, this book will teach all types of creatives—illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, animators, and more—how to build a successful business doing what they love. Freelancing pros Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho explain everything from creating a standout portfolio to navigating the legal issues of starting a business. Accessible, spunky, and packed with practical advice, Creative, Inc. is an essential for anyone ready to strike out on their own.”

the ladies are participating in parties hosted to present the book and these are the pictures from {oh joy} & their los angeles party. 

6a00d8341c6a0853ef0133f4adc5aa970b {random} stories :: bloggity sneak peeks
{pictures by charley star}

i would have loved to be in this delightful party! if you happen to live in new york (asides from a great envy) i would not miss the next one, this thursday!

and this was it, lovely friends… a day full with posts!
tomorrow we will host {treasure hunt wednesdays} with a perfume of photography from etsy world!
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{random} stories :: creativity sneak-peeks

today is a national holiday, so i am staying at home, indulging myself with reading all my favourite blogs (and my list is quite a list!) with all the time i have as a right. 

yesterday i spent quite a few hours updating my etsy store {a place for twiggs}… so here are the first news.

fresh+goodies+5x7+%231 {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks
fresh+goodies+5x7+%232 {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks
fresh+goodies+5x7+%234 {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks
fresh+goodies+5x7+%233 {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks

fresh+goodies+5x7+%235 {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks
and i am proud to present other goodies from the {sweet place}, now with a different size… 5×5. 

fresh+goodies {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks

if you realize, prices are the same between 5×7 & 5×5… and that happens for a reason. the lab asks me for the same price in these sizes, so there is no difference between these two availables sizes. 

shipping expenses suffered a raise, also for an excellent reason. this way i can provide you with express mail and the goodies are delivered in a fast pace to your beloved home! 

& remember that along with the goodies you offer yourself or you loved ones, there is always a fresh vintage breeze from lisbon… and the sweet perfume of lavender or rosemary!

sneak-peek {aplace for twiggs} for more!

fresh+goodies+%232 {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeksfresh+goodies+%233 {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeksfresh+goodies+%234 {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks     fresh+goodies+%231 {random} stories :: creativity sneak peeks
feel free to ask anything if you have a question!
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{sneak-peek blogs} :: wolf & willow

hello sweet friends, how was your monday? well, today is a national holiday… so no work for me! and because a little bit of cold is starting to get here, i will cuddle for the entire day! yay!! so, but first, i must tell you about one thing. a very important thing. well, let me start in another way. i will ask you something. if i tell you these two words {willow} and then if after a moment of silence… i say {wolf}… do you think of something? oh, you got that right! welcome to {wolf and willow} blog… which means…

4582149425 810f0de42a z {sneak peek blogs} :: wolf & willow

{nancy in wolf and willow studio}

…welcome to lady nancy alice wood. {wolf and willow} is a very magical & sweet place. sweet because it is full with shades of pink… magical because lady nancy takes us throught several inspirational images and diy that are beyond exquisite!

but how did this all started?

“i started {wolf and willow} because, as an exhaustingly creative person, there’s not much i don’t love learning, making, designing or doing! and i really needed someplace to put it all… i also wanted to connect with other creative types and let them know how much i love their work. the fact that so many wonderful people around the world enjoy popping by, well, I’m just thrilled! how special is that??! it’s wonderful to see so much positive energy and love in my inbox each day, it’s really quite addictive.”

nancy combines stories from her daily life & findings, sharing the work of talented artists. she writes several editions concerning flavoured subjects that make you dream… about different places & different ages.

Flickr+Announcementv02 {sneak peek blogs} :: wolf & willow
{vintage icons}

6a0120a6a93724970b0133f36ebdf2970b 800wi {sneak peek blogs} :: wolf & willow
{pretty palettes}

{wolf and willow} is the blog that inspires, uplifts and delights daily. it is the girly, pretty blog that encourages you to be good to your imagination and, hopefully, get creative with me!”

asides from all this, nancy also delivers {freebies}… like…

Flickr+Announcementv03 {sneak peek blogs} :: wolf & willow
{free desktop wallpaper & free sewing patterns}

… or {style me…} editions…

Flickr+Announcementv04 {sneak peek blogs} :: wolf & willow

{etsy love} findings…

Flickr+Announcementv06 {sneak peek blogs} :: wolf & willow

{flickr fun}

Flickr+Announcementv07 {sneak peek blogs} :: wolf & willow

… and also hosts {giveaways} for lovely photographers… (hello kristi!)

6a0120a6a93724970b0133f49b5125970b {sneak peek blogs} :: wolf & willow

and this was it, sweet friends! err… well, not actually! how about saying hello to lady nancy? do you twitt? so does she! twitt twitt twitt! + a facebook page! & as i usually say… x-mas is just around the corner… why not delight yourselves & the children in your family with these sweet treats? so, now this is the end for today! hope you have enjoyed it! as in for me, i must thank lady nancy due to her kindness in being apart fo this blog, and for this i mean that i understand fully what she says about the thrilling part of receiving encouragement words from the readers… thank you nancy, it was a real pleasure to have you here! have a sweet tuesday, lovely readers!