random stories :: i do not want to get married…

… unless… i would get married in romantic & idilic settings… with a vintage flavour and faded colours… a moody sunset and white chairs… and just a few friends & family. 

… getting married was never my dream, unlike so many girls. maybe because as i was growing up, i attended weddings with my parents that were far from what i believed was an beautiful party. and also because i always felt annoyed by the idea that i would study and leave my parent’s home to get married & settle. so.. instead i dreamed about living my parent’s home to live in… new york. ambitious? a little bit… and i actually never did it. oh well, moved to lisbon alone. i think that counts!

so, this post is about a girl that never wanted to get married, but has a secret desire to be in one of these settings with the one she loves. delight yourselves…

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pancake breakfast 17 random stories :: i do not want to get married...

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desert reception table random stories :: i do not want to get married...

Untitled 3 random stories :: i do not want to get married...

outdoor wedding jp 121 random stories :: i do not want to get married...

… and this is it, enough with watering mouth images…

hope you have enjoyed this {random} story!

may your monday be a sweet one!

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number’s editorial :: ilaria

hello sweet friends, how are you doing?

i hope this was a good week for you! as in for me, it was a really good one… 

+ as in a urge of courage i started to share my blog with my closest friends last week… and this week, i have created a page on facebook under the name {twigg’s place}, and as a huge and very good surprise, i found so many friends there! 

+ i wrote a guest post on {gathering spriggs}, which invitation left me all proud & delighted to write for such beautiful and inspiring place!

+ today there was a delicious event… {rue magazine} was posted today and oh my… eye candy buffet, just as they say. 

so, let us go to our main subject today. as we are in a design mood, our guess for today is a lovely italian girl, which taste for interior styling is so fresh, with a smooth remembrance of the seventies… white with drops of light blue & orange. 

+ she has taken the handmade pledge as she makes beautiful pieces in crochet, with which she decorates her corners. 

mosaic58a6dd967ab7263989cf22d27e6531ba312ec27b numbers editorial :: ilaria

… so let us see what this lady has to say about numbers & words!

Number :: 29
During my twenty-ninth year of life I moved to the Nederlands from Italy and I got married with the love of my life, after 9 years together. We married on the 29th of August, it was a hot summer day in Italy.  Moreover, the number 29, describes my age, and as living a unforgettable period of my life: I’m enjoying living with my husband, I like my new job, and I have a huge number of ideas that I want to realize. I hope that all this things of my life will stay with me until the number 29 will be reversed… at 92!

Letter :: F
I have three words that start with a letter F: one is in english, one is in italian and one is in dutch!

1. F is for Family 
I grew up in a very close family, and although I’m far away, my relatives are always with me. I’m very greatful to my family for the support that they gave me, and for helping me realize all my dreams and projects.

2. F is for Fotografia (Photography)
Photography is one of my greatest passions since the time that my dad gave me his own camera when I was young. I have always thought that taking pictures is a kind of gift…by turning something normal into something special. That’s what I try to do with my pictures.

3. F is for Fiets (Bicycle)
The “fiets” represents my actual lifestyle here in the Nederlands. It is my favourite way to discover new places: I don’t enjoyed walking a lot, but on my bike, with sun, rain or snow on my face, I can go everywhere!
llariav02 numbers editorial :: ilaria

A perfect day is when…
wake up and is a wonderful morning during holidays. I’m in a place I’ve never visited before. Regardless of whether I’m still tired or not, I just rush to discover all the beauty that is awaiting for me… and my trusty camera.

One thing I would love to learn is…
… to be more patient..and finally speak dutch very well!

Would you rather be an english woman in New York, or a New Yorker in England? 
Mmm… and why not an italian woman who lives in NYC and that loves tea as an english woman? 

… as you see this was a very rich interview… i loved the fact that ilaria chose three words instead of one… and in three different languages (loving languages like i do… it was easy for me to say “yes, be creative!” when she asked!).

besides all this, i must say that this has been the guest whith whom i have more in common… i am 29 years old as well, i have just started a new job two months ago… i am living with my loved one & loving it too… and finally, i would love to be a portuguese to live in new york city & as in for tea… i love tea as much as the next one! 

+ she came to spend her vacations in portugal… & when i was complimenting one of her souvenirs, she told me that these were bought at a small fishing town, surf’s main spot in portugal… where i happen to spend my weekends, as the loved one was raised there! what a delicious coincidence!

so… ilaria, thank you so much for being here… it was a pleasure to discover you through these random questions!

and this is it my friends!

may you all have the sweetest of weekends!
for those who love capturing moments & making them special… feel free to share them next week!
looking forward to see you!
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{random} stories :: on another place

hello there my friends!

how are you doing today? this will be a very short {random} story, because the really important words will not be here at {apft}, but i would like to thank all of you that supported yesterday {…a place for twiggs} on facebook. its presence there is under a different name (though, not that different), because i wanted to be something between my photography work and my words written here. so… {twigg’s place} took its place on facebook.

now, let us go to one other special {place}. today i shall invite you to {gathering spriggs} as twiggs (just for the rhime!) wrote some words there. 

sweet heather, once a guest here, invited me to write a guest post on her delightful blog… and with no doubts whatsoever, i said a humble “of course, i am thrilled for this”. so.. and with no further ado…

…sneak-peek here and read the words by twiggs on {design}.

Flickr+Announcementv02 {random} stories :: on another place

thank you heather, it is a pleasure to be on your {place} with your guests!

& by the way, joyful readers… do not miss {number’s editorial} tomorrow, with a very stylish italian girl!


{treasure hunt wednesdays} :: miles of light

hello there friends, how are you?

today i shall bring you some beautiful and unique treasuries, in a very different style from the previous ones. one thing that i have realized through these months exploring blogs and etsy… was that i can not resist and was always drawn to clean images in a rustic background. and for these frequent inspirations i am currently striving for a rustic table for my living-room. err.. i mean… it is on the wish list, not actually striving for.

so, today i shall present you something very ecological, clean, with a smell of fresh nature. 

this is one of my favourite names of all times… {miles of light}

i truly hope you enjoy snooping around these treasures i got for you.

il fullxfull.145566713 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: miles of light

il fullxfull.163014283 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: miles of light

il fullxfull.145566603 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: miles of light
il fullxfull.163014264 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: miles of light
il fullxfull.163012358 {treasure hunt wednesdays} :: miles of light

+ these amazing images, miss romina has a website that is a pure dream… and by this i am not over complimenting. it is a dream. what would you say to a website that has these words on the front page?

“the woman who dreamed with her eyes opened”

… please embrace yourself in discovery, and have yourself a moment to “dream with your eyes opened” in these beautiful & dreamy images… 

miss romina has divided her work in several editions… so we have {autumn}, {winter}, {spring} & {summer}. then {book projects}, {in the air}, {polaroids}, {wings stories}… and a lot more of exquisite moments. 

embrace & delight yourself in these {miles of light}
& do not forget to snoop clean & dreamy here!

oh, i almost forgot… {…a place for twiggs} is on facebook now!
have a nice & sweet week!

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{sneak-peek blogs} :: life through the lens

hello sweet readers! how was your monday? joyful? so… today we have {sneak-peek blogs} and the blog i want to share with you is clean… simple… joyful… it makes me dream in pastel & soft clouds… & colours. i shall present you…

who writes in this {life through the lens}? the lovely kristi jackson.

I love to create things, I’m an aspiring photographer, a thrift store lover, a digital scrapbooker, a worrier, a little on the shy side, adorer of kindness & generosity, a seeker of simplicity, but my most beloved roles are being a mommy, wife, daughter & sister. My family is my life. ♥”
life+through+the+lens+collage {sneak peek blogs} :: life through the lens

“I capture life through photography. Photography helps me slow down and look for details that I otherwise might miss. I feel most alive when I am creating & sharing things of beauty. I believe Aaron Siskind best describes how I feel about photography perfectly, “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

il fullxfull.152857885 {sneak peek blogs} :: life through the lens

“I find inspiration everywhere from my children, nature, the simple things, soft colors, natural light, quotes and life.”

lady kristi has several tutorials on her blog, and one of the most popular ones & my favourite one was about {flower headbands}… how romantic.

tutorial+final {sneak peek blogs} :: life through the lens

… and besides these tutorials, one of her features is called {2 photographers 1 inspiration} and on a weekly basis lady kristi and lady melissa find themselves a prompt and invite everyone to share their idea. one of my favourites was {favourite colour}

favorite+color week+3 {sneak peek blogs} :: life through the lens

will you accept one advice for the day? follow {life through the lens}. it will brighten your day… i promise! say hello to lady kristi here! sneak-peek her delicious treasuries here! follow her steps here! twitt twitt here! hope you have enjoyed this week’s edition of {sneak-peek :: blogs}. i sure did! thank you kristi, for being such a doll!