local markets

what is local markets? a few months after i started blogging i noticed that there were fabulous communities in other countries that showcased the best in design-making. those people really helped each other to get noticed… and i felt that something was missing in portugal. so i thought about creating a community called local markets, dedicated to the very best portuguese talented & independent artists that strive for an original work and exquisitely executed handmade design & photography.

who can join the local markets? anyone! spread local markets to the world! i would love to see some love for local markets on the web! (to begin with, you can grab a button!)

and what about this blog’s feature about local markets? once a week, there will be a special feature for these artists, to spread the word about their talent, to introduce you to new & fresh work. if not sharing someone’s talent with an interview, i also might share photo sessions made in interesting stores in lisbon dedicated to original designs and small business owners!

can i submit my work? not anymore! sorry folks, but this feature ended in december 2012. you can read more over here!

the image chosen for this new edition is already shown in this blog and you can also copy it and place it in your website… spread the word about local markets. grab a button, go ahead! have you seen these colours?!

Showcasing the Portuguese Talents - Local Markets // A Place for Twiggs 110×110

Showcasing the Portuguese Talents - Local Markets // A Place for Twiggs 150×150

Showcasing the Portuguese Talents - Local Markets // A Place for Twiggs200×200

and so far, since november 2010, the guests were…

1. tricotaria
2. the spotless loop
3. joana c photography
4. pombamarela
5. saídos da concha

6. rosa e chocolat
7. 2 pink sardines

8. noussnouss
9. kase-faz
10. fric de mentol

11. matilde beldroega
12. tia anica
13. cooler & wooler
14. marta mourão

15. pink nounou
16. a place for twiggs
17. otchipotchi
18. les petites choses
19. couve

20. aramar
21. rosachicolate
22. pistachio
23. catarina zimbarra

24. mariana, a miserável
25. gennebra
26. mercado mundo mix

27. anapinatelier
28. bolo de pano
29. poppies are red

30. iquantascores
31. adoro
32. by deva
33. bijuteria encantada

34. arc fotografia
35. arte e luar
36. fios de linha
37. i love kutchi

38. kanpai
39. perdi o fio à meada
40. de alma e coração
41. simplesmente branco

42. made in paper
43. carolina bernardo
44. senhor de si
45. maria joão arnaud


46. moldarina
47. planeta tangerina 

48. raparigas como nós
49. little upside down cake
50. you + us = fun!

51. pinga amor
52. instante fotografia
53. videoart storytellers

54. outras flores
55. antiga barbearia de bairro
56. caramelo

57. marta costa studio

58. cátia teixeira beauty and make-up

59. josé gourmet
60. caravana bazaar

61. arminho
62. trincar uvas
63. inspirarte
64. joana rosa bragança
65. wise-up weddings

66.  kjoo
67. mi mitrika
68. catarina batista interiores

69. ana ventura

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