Herbs by the window sill during rainy day

yesterday, another rainy day. brilliant! well, at least i can say that these days make me feel really happy for working at home. it feels so good to get out of bed, making breakfast, and don’t stress out about driving to work, or umbrellas, or rain coats! it feels good to work cozy at home, in the silence listening to the rain! and of course, after i moved my office to the living-room, i can look through the window and embrace the weather.

i bought a few herbs this weekend and change them into pots! they are probably going outside, but i loved them by the window sill like this. and the light was so beautiful. anyway, indoor plants and rainy days sometimes make me happy!

Rosemary by the window sill during rainy day Ranunculus by the window sill during rainy dayRanunculus by the window sill during rainy day
rain is kind of poetic actually… but i’m ready for spring. come on spring, you can run, but you can’t hide. let’s go girl, you can do it, don’t let all this rain get to you!


  1. I have to start planting too, but probably end of march as it’s still cold here. Good photos :)
    And I had a gorgeous foggy-sunny sunrise, perfect for photographing if I didn’t had to go to work. Tomorrow the rain is back :(

    • thank you miss lilly!! oh such a shame you couldn’t stop for a while and take advantage of that foggy-sunny sunrise!! oh rain… we’ve been having rain too in the last couple of days, so tired of it! :(

    • olá nani, obrigada!!! que bom ler estes comentários assim!!! espero que continue a aparecer por cá! beijinhos!

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