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it’s interesting how things evolve in our homes and how you do things that you didn’t usually do. i always found really interesting to read those stories of people who find couches, tables, and other furniture pieces on the street, ready to get dumped, bring them to their homes and give them a new life. a new fabric, a new colour and recycled furniture is ready to another life, ready to gather more stories of that family, ready to be a part of that home and the daily life of those persons. however, here in portugal we don’t find furniture on the street that often, and for most people picking those from the street into our homes, might be weird.

nevertheless, whenever i see something on the street to get picked up by the city hall men, i always try to figure out if i can use any of those pieces at home. usually things are completely broken and i have no means to save it, or by saving it i would be spending a whole lot of money. but here and there i find something that is worth taking with me! and the good thing is that mr twiggs is already into that mode too! i’m so proud of him!

here are three things we brought recently from the street! and i decided not to paint either of them, because i like their raw state!

IMG 4714 at home :: new old things IMG 4708 at home :: new old things IMG 4718 at home :: new old things IMG 4719 at home :: new old things

an old drawer i found next to a tree. it was immediate “oh cute, you’re coming with me!”. when i’m walking mr kobe, i often come home with things, most of the times, just fruit wooden boxes to paint and use here and there. but i loved this small drawer with a dark grey colour! it serves so nicely hanging on this wall! and that is the living-room you are seeing and that is the door to the kitchen!

IMG 4724 at home :: new old things IMG 4725 at home :: new old things IMG 4729 at home :: new old things IMG 4736 at home :: new old things IMG 4737 at home :: new old things

these two tables were brought by mr twiggs! he found them on the trash, and i like them like this. i was going to paint them white, but then i liked the way their raw look contrasts with the silver, the glass and the mirror! and of course, those ikea pillows also help on that corner!

i’m also a fan of using greenery around the house and branches i bring from my walks with mr kobe! i want to sew some hearts and hang them on the branches one day! so this is it for today! have a lovely weekend you all!



  1. Love the drawer. Have two similar street found drawer hanging on the wall of my kitchen. So functional/free/cute.

    • exactly, functional, free and cute!! loved your website! you also shoot film, that is so great!

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