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hello lovely friends, how are you today? we’re a bit late today, aren’t we? but i have two posts for you coming right up! i’m sure you’ll love them though! so keep up with me! who do we have today? the loveliest emma lamb! this wee lady, who i have known for so long through flickr and has been such an adorable friend over the years! she has enough talent for herself, me and you, a great sensitivity for colours and beautiful vintage details! actually she says that she’s addicted to colour and honestly, who can blame her? colours are indeed amazing to work with! emma is one of the newest sponsors on the blog and as usual we’ll get to know her a little bit through an interview!

Crochet garland hanged on the wall by Emma Lamb

hello there! how are you feeling today? so, let’s pretend we don’t know each other, what can you tell us about yourself? my name is emma and i’m feeling fabulous today. i am a british girl who grew up on the north east coast of england with it’s wonderful stony beaches that i still love to visit as often as possible. i now live in edinburgh, scotland, with my gorgeous man and our seven year old english cocker spaniel called spanner. i am a textile designer, crochet and blogger who is slightly obsessed with colour!

hum, very nice! when you think about your life and journey so far, what makes you proud? knowing that i’ve always worked hard and honestly for everything i’ve ever achieved and that i’ve always strived to be as true to myself as possible.
do you know something… i will meet your best friend in a while… what could he/she say to me about you? my best friends are my man, my parents and my dog. i am sure if you talked to spanner he would tell you in his own ‘woofy’ way that i don’t give him nearly enough biscuits, i take him on the best walks wound edinburgh – by the river, along the beach and around arthur’s seat. he might also tell you that i’m generous with my kisses and cuddles… maybe too generous!

Colourful Crochet Flower Garland on the table by Emma Lamb

imagine that it is 1985… what are you doing? in 1985 i was seven years old and probably just starting junior school. i was a very quiet and not that confident wee girl but i loved school and worked very hard at all my subjects. this was way before i properly discovered my creative soul but i think that was the age i was obsessed with colouring books. i wish i still had some of them, it would be lovely to look back on my ‘work’.

in three words… can you describe me your work? pretty. colourful. crocheted.

Crochet garland hanged on the wall in Spring pastel colours by Emma Lamb

let’s say i love crochet and end up on your shop… what do you think will make me buy something from you? on your first visit to my shop i would love for your first impression to be… ‘oh my, what beautiful and cute products!’ because i am not an impulse buyer it would make me happy if you weren’t either. it would be wonderful if you left my shop, but then couldn’t help yourself thinking about that garland… ‘you know that pretty pastel garland, mimi i think her name was? oh, she would look so perfect in my living room!’ then it would be super lovely if you came back to my shop but this time i would hope that you would also see the quality of my work, the level of dedication i put into each piece i crochet and it’s presentation. hopefully then you might want to buy a piece of my work!?

what would be your next step as a crafter? i’m not sure yet. i have a number of ideas that i would like to try but i’m keeping those close to my chest at the moment. whatever will be next for me i know that i will always be making and designing in some way.
if you think about your business, and your ups and downs, what do you think has worked for you in all these years you’ve been an entrepreneur? always following my gut feelings on any decisions and a real inability to do anything that doesn’t make me truly happy. it will probably make a lot of small business owners shudder when i say i’m a girl without a plan. i like to feel my way with my business, let it grow and develop naturally and organically. i make and do things that feel right to me at the time. when a great opportunity arises my gut feelings kick in and they guide me on whether i should seize them or not. even though i don’t have a plan i always feel in control of my business and that suits me perfectly.

Crochet Flower Mobile hanged on the ceiling by Emma Lamb

what is your favorite handmade shop and why? oh my, this is always the toughest question I get asked! there are so many wonderfully talented designer makers out there doing such incredible work and i wish I could include all of them here, but there are two that cannot go unmentioned. the first is my mam, a crooked sixpence, and her gorgeous hand knit designs. she has been knitting for as long as i can remember and as a child i had lots of beautiful hand knit clothes. plus it was my mam that taught me to knit and crochet when i was a wee girl.

the other is my dear virtual friend ivy long of edera jewelry, whose crocheted jewelry designs are astonishingly beautiful and so unique! i have a stunning aqua blue and silver necklace that ivy made for me and it will be one of my most treasured possessions for the rest of my life.

Crochet Pincushion hold by hand by Emma Lamb

and this was the interview with the lovely emma lamb! she’s absolutely adorable and of course i have a crush on her work and dog! spanner is such a gentleman! her work is so colourful and beautifully styled when she takes pictures! you can read more about emma on this interview on etsy, because she was a fortunate featured seller! i love her smile on one of her pictures and that office of hers is adorable! my favourite work by emma must be the garlands and the nursery mobile, how sweet is that for a baby’s room?

update: almost forgot, but i hope not many of you have read the post without this news! emma is giving 10% discount for you lovely readers! just feel free to browse through her shop and enter TWIGGS10 at check out for the discount to take place! it will be running until she closes the shop for christmas holidays!

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images: emma lamb (click on each one for details)

do you like emma’s work? leave your thoughts here! the both of us would love to hear you on that!


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