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oh my, i’m such a happy girl when i find nice things! have you found something that made you think “oh man, can i pretend i invented this?” or “can i just move into this store and pretend that i own it?”, i believe i’m not alone on this and you have already felt this way! i know i felt this way when i found room6 (what is this??? such a cool and beautiful spot to work!), i loved when i found umba box (such a lovely banner logo!) and now i felt that way again when i found olive box!

first the name is sweet, i’m a true fan of olive colour (hence my love for mrs olive green!) and the website is so lovely with all the pastel colours and sweet illustrations and watercolour (oh watercolour, i’m currently obsessed with it!). the idea behind it is quite innovative, and though it’s not original, there are not many of these kind of businesses yet. and i just love paper!

Olive Box

so what is olive box?

“here at olivebox, we have always loved snail mail and paper goods of all kinds. their beauty, their timelessness, the effort implied in their delivery is all so much more meaningful than anything electronic. after an age of electronic everything, we are finally back to being excited over beautiful, handwritten letters and receiving a physical gift in the mail. everyone is so busy these days and we think it’s time to press pause. take a moment to enjoy the journey, and savor that moment whenever you get the chance.”

Olive Box

“to share this joy we are excited to introduce our new olivebox subscription service! as a member you will receive a delightful box of paper & lifestyle products delivered to your front door each month. from cards to artwork to inspiring books and gifting ideas, you never know what exciting products you will unwrap each month. each box will have a surprise theme and will include goodies that have been transformed by the beauty of paper.”

Olive Box - How it works?

now isn’t this just sweet? i love receiving packages and they make me remind of when i was little and my american parents would send me packages with girly goodies from the states! in portugal we didn’t have half the offer american had, regarding kids’ stuff, so i was always so delighted to see the mail man arriving with a box for me! and if you are a lover of paper goods, you’ll love olive box for sure! you can also find them on facebook for more daily dose of goodness!

images: olive box


  1. I just discovered Umba Box some weeks ago and I definitely love the idea. Olive Box looks really interesting. Thanks for the tip!!

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