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there are a few things that i really like to have around the house, plants and bottles are some of them. usually i save every transparent bottle i find and all the jars that arrive this home, are usually washed up, the stickers come out and are saved in a kitchen cabinet. mostly because i know that some day i’ll use them for something and my head has several ideas for them that involve, most of the times, small diy projects, usually those that take 2 minutes to complete!

and today when i was thinking about today’s feature of simple things, a few came to my mind, but i chose this one because it makes me happy just by looking at these bottles. i love ivy and i’ve been gathering a few branches when i go on a walk with mr kobe. it’s incredible how easy it is to watch them grow just by putting them into water. they simply add something to the living-room! and then a few doilies, dry lavender and strong sticks are what’s needed to have a lovely table center or just to put on that shelf you have!

Bottles + Plants - DIY projetcs // Interior StylingBottles + Plants - DIY projetcs // Interior StylingBottles + Plants - DIY projetcs // Interior Styling

i love to make small improvements, from these quick diy projects, because i always believe that from simple things we can create huge changes for our homes. and working from home, it’s really important to enjoy my surroundings! so every little detail counts! here i placed two paper doilies over the bottles (i used a glue runner i brought from new york) and i added a cotton ribbon i use for my orders in shades of white and pink, with really small flowers. if i used some white candles to mix with these bottles, would look perfect for a dinner table, don’t you think? and now, i’m heading to a great friday with dinner and fado! cool, right? tomorrow, i’ll be here with some question to answer! enjoy yourselves!


  1. i save little glass bottles and use them for vases too. so simple and sweet, they compliment whatever is inside them, rather than compete for my eye’s attention. yours are lovely!

    • you are so true, they do bring attention to whatever is inside! and they let light go through it, so it’s really good!!!

    • oh yes, lavender is such a nice detail and it makes everything smell so much better!

  2. great idea indeed!!! it looks amazing! I have one transparent bottle in my living room, and some DYI plants made from fabrics, so they can last long :D But love the idea of the dry lavender, I’m actually planting lavender, so it’s something I could easily do.

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