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and yes, we have a brand new feature! i decided that as there are other friday i’m in love with features around other blogs, i ditched that one and i’m starting a new one on mondays, with some of my favourite things! and today my favourite things are logos and designs with banners! i’m a great lover of banners and i think they look cute in so many occasions!  actually the best-seller on my designs shop has a banner! i’d love to have the chance to design something with a banner for a client though, like a logo or elements for a blog!

Banner Designs - Monday's Favourites

is there any particular element you enjoy seeing in designs?

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  1. adoro o design de todos eles, sao todos amorosos em tons suaves, adoro a harmonia das letras nos primeiros 2. Lindissimos mesmo

    • exactamente, as palavras que me ocorrem são essas, suaves, amorosos… e muita harmonia! tenho de aprender a desenhar este tipo de banners!

    • olá olá!!! que bom receber visitas novas!! um beijinho grande e obrigada!!!

  2. Twiggs, you made a good work here. I like the lightness and the brightness you put in it! And yes, september is perfect for great changes (I’ve made too some rebranding and restyling to my blog). Good luck with the new brand girl! :)

    • hi natalie!!! thank you for your kind feedback on the re-branding!!! i’m off to your blog to check the news!!!! and yes, i agree, september has this change in the air thing, right? good luck to you too!! :)

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