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good morning lovelies, how was your weekend? mine was good, starting with a delicious typical portuguese food dinner + fado on friday, working on a beautiful indoor maternity photo shoot on saturday and yesterday i was dragged by mr twiggs to see batman for almost three hours and i couldn’t have had more fun! i loved the movie and christian bale was quite amazing in his role!

so today i wanted to bring to you some of my monday’s favourites and though i usually do not talk much about clothes or fashion, i’m tired of not paying attention to those things. i don’t follow fashion blogs, because usually they are just about fashion and make-up and most of the times, they follow brands that are way too expensive for me and i couldn’t care less about the last marc jacobs it bag (see how clueless i am, there’s probably not a single it bag by marc jacobs!). but i do like to know what is good, well designed and beautiful!

fashion is a need, but also serves as a statement, to at least those who think of it that way. for me is a need, but somehow a slight statement as well. i’m not a fashionista, nor a fashion victim, but i do have my style and i think i recognize a strong personality (in a fashion kind of way), when i see it. and of course, not having money for everything makes me usually spend on clothing just when i really really need it, and not when i think something’s nice. it’s always a matter of need and not pleasure.

but pleasure comes with those needs. and though i do not see myself as a superficial woman, i love to buy new things and to feel good about my new things. it’s like a refreshment for my ego! and we do need to take care of our egos, not just too much. and there’s nothing wrong about feeling good about buying new shoes, new handbags and new make-up, just for the sake of pleasure. i got to this point after years of buying just for the sake of need. and though i probably won’t have money to change that, it makes me feel good to browse through some label with nice things for the new season. and i happen to love fall! and that’s when i found about les composantes via miss moss. good gracious, this is one beautiful collection! morgane sezalory is the woman behind it and just like me, she’s a self-taught designer!

Les Composantes - Fashion Design - Fall Collection 2012

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

i love the colours, that are perfect for fall, the textures, the relaxed mood, the photography and the design. so beautiful and soft! they are not cheap, but on the other hand, how could they be? wouldn’t make any sense! but they are not ridiculously expensive either. i think it’s that price that you can save for and if you get that piece, it will make you really happy, you know what i mean? when was the last time that you saved to buy yourself something? isn’t that so precious as well? i have my eyes on that #1 dress! it’s the same as the one you see on #8!

so are you looking for something in particular this fall?

images: les composantes


  1. Adorei a inspiração Cláudia!! e também me identifico muito com este estilo de roupa! Confesso que já tinha saudades do Outono, dos casaquinhos, sapatos fechados e o cheiro a castanha assada no ar! Lisboa tem um aroma especial no Outono! Ah e concordo contigo: o facto de gostar de comprar peças novas para mim, não faz com que me sinta uma mulher supercial e materialista! So, lets go shopping?! :)

    • obrigada pelo comentário e por me fazeres lembrar do tempo que se aproxima, o cheiro a castanhas em lisboa! que bom! e sim, concordo contigo, não gosto de comprar desvairadamente, e aborrece-me aliás. mas quando compro sinto-me bem, e não pode haver nada de mal nisso! ;)

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