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well, believe it or not, i had everything ready for the post today! i was going to feature a really cool portuguese brand on local markets, but then i figured out that as the blog was shut down for vacations/rebranding and i have a lot of news to share this month, i better save this month for that, than get back to all the usual features (and now i just forgot that yesterday i failed my newest feature #2 – monday’s favourites! where was my head yesterday???). oh and by the way, can i just thank again for the wonderful feedback on the post about how to improve a blog? really grateful for all the insight you gave me and the issues you shared! please, do not forget to send out your questions, so that i can answer them on the blog!

so, rebranding process, how it all started and ended like this?

Moodboard / Colour Palette 2012 // Hello Twiggs

these were the images i gathered from my pinterest design inspired moodboards (illustration & prints, art & design, beautiful logos), as several designers do, i use pinterest for a source of inspiration and also use it so that my customers can dive into these moodboards and find inspiration for their projects. this way, if they share with me several images that have something to do with their idea, i’ll get much closer when designing their blog or logo. so when it came to my own rebranding, i did the same. i tried to gather several images i liked and create a moodboard, which would lead me to a colour palette!

2012 Hello Twiggs + A Place for Twiggs Logos

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if you want me to design your logo or work with you on a branding project, please drop me an email!


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