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ok, not that much of new work, but i haven’t yet spread the word about it! so let’s start from the beginning! ines is the young lady behind aramar, which was already featured here on the blog, exactly on local markets, our main feature on tuesdays! a couple of months ago she contacted me in order to ask for a quote for a rebranding project! she was a bit tired of her old logo, so she wanted to do something else to change it. as her business grew, she also changed the products in which she worked with, so in her mind the logo she had no longer made great sense. so we got together for a cup of coffee, talked about what she wanted and a few weeks later, after some revisions, we finished the project with success! her brand new logo had her name all over it and was just as cheerful as she and her work are!

this was my inspiration for the logo… a hand painted wood necklace!

Hand Painted Wood Necklace // Aramar

// logo & front side of business card

Aramar - Logo Design - Rebranding // Twiggs Designs (4)

// back side of business card

Aramar - Logo Design - Rebranding // Twiggs Designs (5)

// facebook cover

Aramar - Logo Design - Rebranding // Twiggs Designs (1)


// etsy header

Aramar - Logo Design - Rebranding // Twiggs Designs (2)

// blog header
Aramar - Logo Design - Rebranding // Twiggs Designs (3)

everything matching and coherent, like it should! not that i think that everything needs to be matchy-matchy, but i do believe in coherence! actually it was coherence that lead me to a rebranding of the blog and my whole business hello twiggs! ines was thrilled about the results and thought that i was able to get what she wanted, without her saying exactly what she wanted, because she didn’t quite know herself what she wanted. and ain’t that what happens to us too? most of the times we want to change, but we don’t know exactly what to change and in which direction we should go! i hope you have enjoyed this new logo for aramar and of course you should definitely check out her shop!

and if you are in need of a new logo, drop me an email! i’d love to hear your thoughts!


    • hello noomiy, thank you so much for your visit and comment!!! it’s been really good to share the creative process behind!! :) so happy that you liked it!

  1. I just got home and it was such a good surprise to see this post! Thank you so much for understanding me and being so patient :) It was great doing business with you! Obrigada!

    • and i had a great time designing this for you!! thank you so much for picking me for this project of yours!!! it was a pleasure!

  2. wonderful project indeed, love the inspiration, the colours, everything looks so clean and it fits so well her works. wonderful! really

  3. Wonderful design! Very creative and the colour combination is great. I really like your work as new designer. I think I will learn many things from you. Your posts will very useful for me. Thanks for shearing your ideas.

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