the ugly feet

oh i’m so thrilled today because i have finally edited all my summer vacations photos! but please don’t worry because i won’t be posting them all… at once! kidding, i won’t be even posting them all, of course! i think it’s a matter of respect and care for you, to take some time choosing the very best and if possible divide them into sub-topics! and that’s what i’m doing today as i chose ugly feet to be that first topic (really??). well, do you have beautiful feet? i’m so jealous of you!

mr twiggs is always making fun of my feet (as if he wasn’t bald! yes, we’re always teasing each other about our gorgeous features!), but hey those are the ones i have and maybe their lack of beauty comes from the years i wore high heels. and who cares about that when i know i had some gorgeous high heels? well, move a couple of years later and i don’t actually put on high heels that much, but on the other hand, i love to take these kind of pictures… yeah, i know, tremendously a cliche! and by the way, did you know that i have a feet oriented project? yes, on film! take a sneak-peek on my film photography blog, please!

ah those were the days, when i could rest after lunch and read something on this hammock bed my friends brought. it was my first time on such thing, can you believe it? yes, i’m such a newbie on so many things! and yes, one time i did fall to the side, fortunately i could hold on to my camera high enough so that it could be safe! and now i’m off to edit some wedding pictures and prepare some really good news to the etsy shop (you know, calendars and stuff!). how’s your summer going so far?

note: this is a part of the august break, which means that i’ll be blogging on a lighter mode, no usual features, just pictures and a few words! remember that on the last week the blog will shut down for a new look! looking forward to it!


  1. hahahaha You and I really need to meet! I have been teased about my feet my whole life, but I have also met men along the way who loved them. Although nobody in my family belives me when I tell them there were men in my life who said so…
    I am jealous that you edited all your summer pictures, I still have to edit some from last year :-(

    • that is so good!!! we have beautiful feet, at least for ourselves or for just a few others in the world! ahahahaha

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