the most important thing is…

“… getting out there and taking shots! don’t worry too much about what film you use, what camera you use, what lenses you have, or any of that stuff! all that matters is your eye, because it’s you that takes the photo, not the camera.”

yesterday i spent a lot of my morning wandering around the lomography site, on my lomo home, looking at other photos from other lomographers, searching for different films and cameras! i used to do things quite on an impulse, and as that attitude made me spend a lot of money in the past, i am quite prudent right now. i only buy something that i really need or at least that i feel that i deserve that little thing. and yesterday i was almost buying this camera, ended up not buying it, but purchasing this lens instead for my yashica.

and then i read this article regarding buying film cameras and that sentence really hit me! sometimes we are so surrounded by these expensive cameras, expensive lenses and everything in between, when we need is to practice our eye! of course, as a professional photographer, i need to have professional equipment, which is expensive. nevertheless, my view will always start within myself. so for all of you that enjoy photography, at least this summer, just give it a try, carry your camera all day long and challenge yourself!

note: this is a part of the august break, which means that i’ll be blogging on a lighter mode, no usual features, just pictures and a few words! remember that on the last week the blog will shut down for a new look! looking forward to it!


  1. awww the light is beautiful, it’s more a matter of perspective and daring to take the shot than the equipment, I totally agree :)

    • yes completely!!! it’s so easy sometimes to hold on to the equipment you have and thinking that you cannot do more than that!

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