that one time i went to the movies all alone

well, have you ever done that? i’ll be honest, i’ve always wanted to do this, but i also struggled with my own mind whispering to my own ears that i’d be alone in the movies because there was no one to go with me. and that’s not because i didn’t have any friends, but as i already told you i’m quite an independent girl, and i’m used to do things on my own, though of course, i do a lot less as i live with mr twiggs! and the truth is that going to the movies is a social thing for me and has a routine. going to the movies usually includes having dinner out, buying a large bag of popcorns and commenting on the movie when we come out. going alone… well, this time it had nothing to do with this routine.

but first, why did i go to the movies alone? i had to entertain myself in the mall for about 2h30 while my car was being fully washed, cleaned and vacuumed! and now it’s also the moment i need to explain my thoughts on malls… i hate them! i find them cold (not as in temperature) and there’s too much appeal for consumption for me. it seems that all the people there wandering around every single shop have this need of buying stuff. i know, this only happens on my thoughts and maybe there are actually 30% of the people there who don’t act this way. i went to this mall that is closer to my home, which is great because this one is not so crowded as all the others in this city, and i knew that i had to wait a while, but as the process would take more than expected and my car is not exactly small, i decided to go to the movies, instead of wandering around for so long.

well, that was probably the most stupid movie i’ve ever seen, and i think i may ask this question: how are they allowed to produce these kind of movies, anyway? i saw ted with mark wahlberg and mila kunis. i didn’t know nothing about this movie, just the general concept of it. and i was so bored, i was this close to have two new experiences that day – go to the movies on my own (that was accomplished) and leaving before the movie ended (that didn’t happen). it seems that it has some kind of great reviews, which i don’t get it, but we are entitled to our opinions, and fortunately i was not the only one! oh and then something happened before the movie started, you know when you try to solve some situation you think won’t have any consequences? well, on this mall, seats for movies are chosen (hate this), and when i got in, i noticed i would be sitting really in the back, like last row! i thought to myself “com’on, this is 3pm session on a saturday in august? i’ll choose another one, i bet this won’t be full!” well, you’re guessing right? no, i didn’t have to go back to where i was supposed to be sat, but i had to change twice because people would arrive, look at me and say “you’re on my seat!” (oh greaaaat!). and then i had this couple next to me eating, drinking and commenting in french (hilarious!).

well, at least my car was fabulous when i went back to get it! and i just drove back home, singing some songs i found on a cd from 2004!

note: this is a part of the august break, which means that i’ll be blogging on a lighter mode, no usual features, just pictures and a few words! remember that on the last week the blog will shut down for a new look! looking forward to it!


  1. I used to think that going to the movies alone was weird and that people would stare at me, and then about 6 years ago my partner went away overseas for 6 weeks with his Mum. Whilst he was away, a couple of movies I really wanted to see came out and they only have about a 2-3 week run, so I had to go alone. it was great! I could sit where i liked and didn’t have to share any chocolate!

    The most recent movie I saw alone was Titanic in 3D. My Husband refuses to ever watch it. I’d seen it 3 times at the cinema on its first release and many times on video and dvd. It was creepy watching it alone, there were only 3 others in the cinema and we all nervously looked at each other, knowing we were in for a really full on 3 hours! It would have been good to have a hand to hold during the bits where Rose is running about below deck. I had a travel pillow with me and was squeezing it so tightly!

    I’m sorry you didn’t like Ted, but hope you go to the movie alone again. It can be fun!

    • hello kell!!! thank you so much for your comment!! i think that i’ll just need to go to the usual movie theater, to feel more comfortable, because it’s my favourite after all, and choose a great movie! i liked the experience, i just didn’t like the movie! but yes, it’s such a great thing to do after all! i’m a firm believer that we need to be able to enjoy ourselves before being a great company for others!

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