sweet pastels

as i told you i’m thinking about a new redesign on the blog and if everything works well, i’ll be shutting down the blog for a week, for an intense week of web-design and bringing you a new logo and image! while going through some of my favourite images for a colour palette inspiration, i bumped into this gorgeous and delicious-looking cake! this is probably the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen to decorate a cake! such gorgeous colours and font! these come from signe sugar!

gotta love pastels with gold! so beautiful and elegant! and no, the new image won’t be in these colours, but i’d love to work with someone whose inspiration was these images! so if you’re looking for someone to work with you on your image or blog, you’re reading the right person! but let’s until i get back, shall we? yes, right now i’m on my way to alentejo, that great and wide side of our country, with delicious food and amazing landscapes! see you tomorrow!

images: signe sugar

note: this is a part of the august break, which means that i’ll be blogging on a lighter mode, no usual features, just pictures and a few words! remember that on the last week the blog will shut down for a new look! looking forward to it!

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