where the butterflies fly

last saturday i went to the botanical garden for a photo session with… the butterflies! i’ve been wanting to go there for quite a while, i remember two years ago i had been there in june and the butterflies were so beautiful. everything was really quiet and you could almost feel the butterflies touching you gently! this year i wasn’t able to go there in june, so i attempted an early july visit, taking advantage of my new zoom lens! i never had a zoom lens before, as i bought my first dslr with a prime lens that i had chosen, so this was quite a novelty for my hands (and arms, boy that is one heavy lens!) and it’s a bit of a show-off as well. also, not used to that either! but the butterflies… oh so lovely! they were being born that exact day! it was like 3pm and since noon, 22 had already been born!

did you notice that those two above are… you know? yeah, i had to take a picture, they were being so cute together! and then i just wondered around the garden, it’s huge and has so many trees, really high trees! it’s perfect for a walk, to get away from all the heat, to rest for a while! i just wanted to embrace everything, because there were so many nice details! unfortunately, my mind is a bit stupid sometimes and though i had taken my film camera, which had still a few shots left to take, i didn’t even considered packing another roll of film. and then when i saw this, i regretted so much, because i had none left after the butterflies!

(aaah the advantages of a zoom lens, let’s me sneak-peek into other people’s backyards… ok, i promise not to do this often, but you agree that this is gorgeous, right? and i couldn’t get this sentence centered… go figure!)

and then i went for a huge ice cream, ran into the lovely susana of simplesmente branco and got back home. it was such a nice afternoon! oh i have a new project in mind regarding photography! i have some handicaps that i need to fix, totally a personal project, but i want to share it with you, so as soon as i have some news, i’ll let you know! but i’m really excited!

ps. have you seen the renovated film summer days? yes, i said renovated… again in one week! well, that’s me, addicted to change!


    • olá sílvia!!! obrigada!!! que bom que gostaste! eu adorei ver as borboletas assim acabadinhas de nascer e este jardim botânico é sempre uma delícia! beijinhos!

    • obrigada sara!!! :) a lente é uma 70-300 da tamron! li bastante antes de a comprar, uma série de críticas comparando esta com as da canon no mesmo segmento, e esta ficava sempre acima! não posso dizer-te que de é melhor ou não, mas estou a adorar esta lente! tem um foco muito rápido, silencioso, estabilizador (o que é ótimo porque é pesada) e é sharp sharp sharp! :)

    • Obrigada! Ando há uns tempos a pensar comprar um lente zoom, obrigada pela dica.
      Pesada, pois, agora com a 5D e uma lente zoom vais ficar com uns super braços!

    • podes crer… super braços! ainda hoje voltei a agarra na 550d e aquilo pareceu-me quase uma compacta de tão leve que era :p

    • oh thank you so much miss lilly!!! i’m so happy that you liked the butterflies!!

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