wednesday find :: marisa seguin

this morning i was having breakfast and going through my facebook, when my friend peggy of the delightful blog paul et paula, commented that she was going to paris. i cringed after reading this, because i want to go there again so badly, then i put myself together (!) and while i was leaving her a comment, i was going through my head looking for a way in which i could fit into her bag and go with her! well, that won’t happen, but anyway… she also shared a print that is similar to one i have on my pinterest and that i love (and yeah, that was a hint for you to join me on pinterest!). so long story short, someone asked about the print, peggy shared the link and i finally found out who does these prints! and it’s marisa seguin!

i can see these in a nice white frame, in a very pretty and bright living-room, with white floors… there! see what happened? this is what happens when i spend the weekend catching up on my reader focusing on the scandinavian blogs! but anyway, wouldn’t this look really good as i was imagining it? if only marisa drew one of new york…

so who is marisa anyway? i bet she’s really nice and a cool girl!

“i am an illustrator originally from vancouver, bc and now residing in milwaukee, wi. when i’m not illustrating, i enjoy baking obnoxiously coloured cakes, dancing around my living room, and spending inordinate amounts of time reading blogs.”

oh such sweet colours and details! marisa also has a website and a blog so that you can know a little bit more about her! her illustrations have usually these kind of colours and texture, it’s so nice when an artists finds his own voice and you can recognize their touch and mood in whatever they do! marisa’s work is exactly like that… i think of it as cheerful, full of energy but at the same time, a bit of a quiet mood, due to all the pastel hues she uses along with stronger colours. it’s almost like eating a cupcake with a hot pink icing! you can find her prints selling on etsy here!

images: marisa seguin via etsy (click on each one for further information on each print)


  1. awww first of all I can hardly wait to go to Paris again!!! Miss that, and it must be so beautiful right now with summer. Plus I think the prints are so adorable, with lovely colours :)

    • oh i so agree with you miss lilly, it must be gorgeous!!! but spring must be a true delight as well!!

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely words about my work! I particularly like the cupcake analogy. Have a great Sunday!

    P.S. New York is in the works ;)

    • i’m so happy that you have enjoyed this marisa, i absolutely love your work!!! it means a lot to me your visit here! have a lovely sunday and i cannot wait to see new york by your hands!

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