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hi there friends, thank you for coming! it’s wednesday, which means that the weekend is not that far again! do you have any cool plans? i think we’re headed to the beach house to relax a little bit, and i may have a photo session included somewhere in the weekend! it’s so good actually! i always feel so excited before photo sessions! well, but moving on to our topic of the day, which is the find… i found a really cool store, called folklore, which not being that small as usually all the others mentioned on this feature are, is rather cool!

what do you say about these milk bottles? aren’t they just amazing? i love the plain white along with the glossy golden stoppers! so elegant and modern! they have a lot of other products that would be perfect for my home (if only i had room for more things!). but though this ain’t an etsy or big cartel shop, this is curated by a sweet couple, in love with these creative folks who produce these beautiful items!

“folklore is an independent london and online store set up by danielle reid and her husband rob. we started the company with a simple idea that better living is possible through design. folklore curates mindful design for home and life. we source a selection of goods that are created with care and made to last. our range includes homewares, furniture, lighting, art and lifestyle goods.”

oh the chair, this chair is so gorgeous! love the dipping effect! though i never thought about having a  store, and i may have said this before, this would be my kind of store! look at the place on their blog! isn’t it just beautiful and it’s like you are breathing high-quality products created by amazing designers, for a better home in style!

this table below is also one of my favourites! it costs a lot (but make this a lot, a lot) more than i could ever spend, but i’d love a table like this on my living-room! i love the weathered wood, that still maintains the look and the quality!

i strongly advise you to pop in to folklore and if you are able, just walk in to the store itself! it may be a really nice place to wander around for a while! they also have a blog, as mentioned above, and as usual they are also on facebook!

images: folklore (click on each item for further details)


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