photographs by anna ådén

hello there friends, how are you doing? did you have a nice weekend? i hope so! i went to the north to shoot a wedding, ended up spending the whole weekend there and i just loved it! so much to see, so many details to photograph, it was so amazing! i just wish i can come back, this time with mr twiggs, so that we can go out for dinner and see much more together! well, but now i’m back to my favourite city in the whole world and also back to work! and let’s start by one amazing photographer, shall we?

last week i was going through the facebook pages i liked and opened a few, because honestly i didn’t remember why i had liked those pages, because the names didn’t ring a bell! and then i started to discover (once again, i suppose) talented people and i spent a while just exploring their websites and blogs! one of these people was anna ådén from sweden! she’s one of those girls that though young, are incredibly talented. she’s 25 and she lives up in the north of sweden, among high trees, foggy mornings and the sounds of nature. i was completely smitten by her work, and as you may know already, i’ve this crush on all those nordic countries, so i couldn’t let go of her blog.

she does amazingly interesting portraits of women and nature or women among nature, she plays with light, either the golden sunset light or the evening low light, she plays with our imagination… and everything seems to come out from another time or from a dream. the clothes women wear, or the way they stand among the forest is so beautiful and almost with this sunny haze, in which you fell like diving into. below it’s one of her autumn fields series and it’s quite stunning. though we’re right in the beginning of summer and most countries have been dealing with some kind of heat wave, these are are nostalgic, yet so brave and almost effortless…

i was going through her blog and just couldn’t let go of the mood of every single image, the low light, the misty mood, the soft details… she lives in such a different country, almost in the middle of the forest, everything is so different from what i usual see on my daily life, that it brings me to some kind of dream. i would love to spend a few weeks in such corner of the world. it must be so magical! these below are a part of the lilly of the valley series, isn’t this dreamy? like screenshots of a beautiful movie…

i hope you have enjoyed anna’s work and feel the urge to take some time to also explore her world! i think that you might not regret that! i absolutely love to travel in my mind through the eyes of others, and anna is so talented, she captures what i think is in a perfect way, everything i love about the forest and what i imagine it must be living in such part of the world! have a lovely monday!

images: anna ådén


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