mr kobe :: 18 months-old

this guy was born 18 months ago, he’s been with us for 16,5 months now and i have no words to describe the joy of having him around! he’s our little family member and we couldn’t be a family like we are, without him. the more i get to spend time with him, the more i read about dogs, the more i’m sure these animals are extraordinary and friends like we shall never have again. no matter what people say, their love is truly unconditional, and they understand what we say. more than we think. but they will always be there… no matter what.

and as mr kobe wishes for all dogs in the world to be happy, he asks you to join this event by coisas (something like craigslist) and with just one click you’ll be contributing for pet food! it’s so easy, you won’t stop clicking! the shelter where we got mr kobe is also one of the shelters that will be receiving the pet food, so please i’m asking you for one minute of your time, nothing more! have a great day and we say thank you!

ps. and by the way, having a dog is also great to save on your gym as he needs to be walked several times a day. for those who work from home, it’s excellent for your concentration and mood, to leave your work behind for one hour to go for a walk outside. and last, but not least, it sure helps you smile and laugh during the day, so this will make wonders if you are easy going for depressions or sadness. oh and for the dating part, yeah, having a dog can help on that too… so i heard!


  1. They are the most loyal companions we can wish for! I wish I could have a dog, but as I don’t spend any time at home that’s impossible right now. I grew up with dogs and I always loved them, at the moment I only have a cat (with dog personality) but he no longer lives with me. Ohh I really miss him. Your Mr. Kobe is so adorable!!
    You will never feel lonely if you manage to win a dog’s heart, and that means much more than relying on some people :)

    • so true, my friend, so true!!! it’s exactly like you say! and maybe one day you’ll have a different schedule and you’ll be able to have a little dog!! it’s such a treat!!! and yes, some people are far away from a dog’s friendship and loyalty!

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