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hello weekend (and friends!), how are you? oh my, we have reached the weekend again and i so hope you are enjoying it perfectly! i wanted to pop in just for the latest news on twiggs photography sessions, so that you are fully on track with my work in these last months!

1. love birds session 2. newborn session 3. bachelorette picnic 4. maternity session 5. wedding 6. friends session 7. a secret yet 8. children session 9. wedding 10. a secret yet

it has been so good to have all these experiences, meet all these clients and even become friends of some of them! it’s amazing to feel their trust, to feel that i grow as a professional with every one of them, and that even if there are thousands of photographers in the world, i feel that i’m making some difference. and for all of you that wonder if the world needs another __________ (insert your dream job here), i can assure you that if you’re good, if you wish to become better, if you really believe that you have something to give, then yes, the world needs another one!

and if you need anything from me, just drop me an email! happy weekend!


  1. ohh Dear you have such an accomplishment here, as I’ve said several times, it’s a dream to actually wake up every morning to do what you enjoy doing. I like to work and I like more or less what I do, but I’m not passionate about it. I can hardly wait to find what I really enjoy doing and then do it! It’s not all very dreamy and pink and easy, but working hard and achieving something on our own is something we always should be proud off. And as you know, I’m very very proud of you :)

    • you are always such a sweet-heart! THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart!!!

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful! you have really transfered the feelings throught your photographs to us and that’s the most beautifull part! Congratulations girl
    *the second pic is sooooo cute :-)

    • oh natasa, you are so kind! thank you so much for appreciating my work! it means so much to me!

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