kitsch & vintage in porto

hello there, how are you my friends? did you have a nice weekend? i hope so! we’re on cruise speed towards august, during which this blog will be something lighter to match summer days, so let’s get going to something juicy before the holidays, shall we? so as you know i spent last weekend in porto, which is such a charming city and i’ve been wanting to share with you the place where i stayed, because it was such a fortunate situation and such a cozy place to stay, that i fully recommend if you’re in town! but first a little story on how coincidences are so delightful sometimes… and quite handy!

back in may i received a message from a lady on my facebook page, suggesting that whenever i traveled to porto to shoot i should stay at her brand new bed and breakfast. i sneak-peeked at that time their own facebook page, but as i didn’t have any plans to go to porto, my interest ended there. but then a bride contacted me to shoot her wedding in early july. we agreed on every detail, i would travel by train (so much better for me!) and by what she wanted me to capture there was no need for me to stay for the night. i checked the train schedules and it was all good!

a few weeks later i was arranging everything for that day, checked the train schedule again and noticed that by my mistake i had forgotten that train schedules are different during the weekends, so i really had to stay for the night. and then i remembered that message on facebook, emailed that lady and booked a room! what a fortunate coincidence! right on time and exactly what i needed! this new bed and breakfast is called bandeira rooms and it’s right in the center of porto and with taxis lining on the front door, that was actually perfect!

the mood was kitsch and vintage, the lady of the house was really friendly and always there if i needed anything, the breakfast was simple, but diverse enough and delicious, perfect to start the morning, the rooms are bright and modern with a twist of vintage/flea market finds and though it’s right in the center, it’s pretty quiet all the time! there are only three bedrooms, two are for a couple, and the third one has three beds.

my bedroom was the one below and it was so bright and comfortable! i had the most restful night after a busy day that started really early in lisbon to catch the train, then taxi to the bed & breakfast, then matosinhos, where the wedding was happening and arriving again at 11pm, exhausted after a full day of work!

so, what do you think? a winner or not? i absolutely loved the experience and i’d love to go back for sure, so clients in porto, can you please book any of my services? thanks! so you can check their new blog and facebook page, in case you’re interested to check their prices!

bandeira rooms
rua sá da bandeira, 512

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, i booked a room here and paid for it, took these pictures and wrote this post on my own will, and i was not paid for any of this. if you book any of these rooms i won’t get paid either. thank you for reading!


    • definitely sanda, it was really good!!! and as they have the three beds room, it’s perfect for your family!

  1. É incrível como há tantos sítios simpáticos como este a nascer na minha cidade! Nem sempre tenho oportunidade de ficar a conhecê-los, como é lógico, sobretudo tratando-se de hostels e assim… que bom ver as tuas belas fotos do interior, é lindo!
    Tiveste mesmo sorte ;)

    • olá!!! claro que nós que vivemos nas nossas cidades nem sempre conhecemos esta parte! mas foi de facto uma surpresa muito agradável encontrar um espaço tão acolhedor, acessível e tão giro!!!! um beijinho!

  2. ohhh it looks so cosy and charming!!! I still don’t know if I’ll make it in Porto for summer, but if I do, this is indeed an excellent option. It was bad luck the train times, but it was for you to discover something really good. as always love your photos :)

    • yes, but i was so thrilled for booking this room, even before i arrived there, because this way i would have a full day in porto to take some pictures!

  3. looks so cute! i love visiting places with fun style like that. i’ve got to scope out your Lisbon recommendations now :)

    • hello agnes!!! whow thank you for your visit!!! and let me know if you need anything on the lisbon recommendations, will you? ;)

    • hello krystal!!! thank you so much for your amazing comment, i’m blushing!!!! and yes, i felt so lucky!! it was such a inviting and colourful place! i loved it!

    • maybe if you come to lisbon, then you’ll be able to travel up to the north and visit this city as well! :)

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