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… ikea for a press conference! oh i was so excited! the press conference was about their new 2013 catalog and i was so happy to find out the news! well, we didn’t quite had the catalog in our hands, but they did let us sneak-peek the cover of it! but the main point was that this next year their focus will be on textiles! they showed us a video where we could realize the importance of textiles. what if textiles didn’t exist? what if we dressed ourselves in tree leaves or paper bags? or sleep on solid wood laying our heads on a huge tree trunk? and though this is the easiest concept, the thing is i had never thought about it. textiles are everywhere, on our clothing, on our towels, on our couches, on our sheets, pillows, underwear, and so many other things. so i was pretty excited to realize that their news would also cover this product in general – textiles!

the romantic style is always an option on ikea! i like it a lot, though it wouldn’t be my personal choice! i absolutely love the lamp (below) and their ideas about covering details with the same fabric as the curtains! and did you know that gabrielle kai was the photographer behind these postcards above? i met gabrielle’s work through flickr and now she has actually shifted her style to something different, but i was quite excited to see her work here! oh and also, check their idea about using fabric to cover the bedside table’s legs! so adorable!

now tell me, how gorgeous is this? oh so beautiful, the roses, the huge silver vase, also available in black/gold, and then this beautiful white drawer chest! and the news on this bedroom, for example, is the textiles. they are working on giving more and more ideas so that every customer is able to customize his own place. the room is so charming! someone was actually saying that this felt like a really fancy hotel bedroom!

and that was the new cover for the 2013 catalog, which i am all excited to see! and after this meeting, that took place in a 25m2 studio (quite impressive!), i wandered around because i need new solutions around the house, like a new rug for the living-room, a new couch, a new chest of drawers and i’d love to come up with an idea about the laundry! i can’t handle the basket inside the bedroom any longer! i’ll share my choices in another post!

so, for those who actually think that ikea is cheap or that it makes our homes look the same… please, think twice, because that is only up to you! i think their effort in providing with nice solutions and affordable ones for every one is actually really cool! for example, i have not a single piece of their stockholm line, because it’s more expensive! so, it’s really up to each client to figure out his needs, see what they offer and feel at least inspired by their solutions! it’s not meant to buy a whole room just like it is on the store, but to feel inspired! once i fell in love with a dark blue paint they had on a kitchen wall! but i need my house to be lighter than that! and this is it!

ps. and speaking of inspiration, why don’t you grab something from my designs store and buy a white frame from ikea? i always picture my designs on a huge white frame! oh, there is free shipping on both stores now, and there is a new newsletter for the designs shop! come and see and sign up!


  1. Ikea is so much fun! I love that they stress you don’t have to spend a lot for style. The new catalogue looks lovely, too.!

    • so true!!! but start adding things to your wishlist and then you’ll see the amount of money! ikea is always so tricky! in a good way, of course! because, for example, i go there just to buy candles like i will spend about $10. i live with a $60 receipt because in the meantime i grabbed this and this and that… :) all needed of course!!!

  2. that is so cool!!! I would have enjoyed the session too!!! Love your photos, my favourite is the one you’ve just shared on facebook. I love ikea’s minimalistic and functional decoration :D

    • yes that is also my favourite, that vase is gorgeous!!! i’d love to have such a wide room to go with that huge vase! they have so many fancy things now!! i’m always amazed when i go into that store! maybe i should just move to sweden!

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