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[crazy long, but filled with awesome travel photography, jump in please!]

if you follow me on facebook, you must have heard something about my weekend in porto! i traveled there on saturday morning to shoot a wedding and then i walked around the whole sunday taking all the pictures i could, in order to bring some of that charm with me! the thing about porto is that this is a really different city, different from lisbon, i mean. i am in love with lisbon and don’t get me wrong, but lisbon is my favourite city in the whole world and it’s home. lisbon is all about light, flowers, narrow streets, orange rooftops, the seven hills and much more! i can never get tired of shooting something here! there’s always a new corner for me to explore! but porto is darker, the architecture is different, a lot of stone is used, they have their bridges over the river and it’s quite charming in its own style! i only had been there when i was a kid on a school trip and then a few years ago, it was common for me to travel there, but only to work, and i had little time or none whatsoever to explore the city… until this weekend.

let’s start with the people! i think they are reaching the awesome characteristic! they make you feel at home, they try to help you in any way they can and then there’s this typical accent and this also very typical way of calling you “young lady” (menina). i think that even if i was 45 they would be calling me that! it’s so cute and it’s like they are already taking care of you! let me tell you a funny story and let me remind you that i absolutely love lisbon, but once a taxi driver was driving me to the hotel and i was chatting with him and out of the sudden he goes “you’re not from lisbon right?” and i said that i wasn’t born in lisbon and lived most of my life in another city and he went “i thought so, you’re so much nicer!” this is like the typical idea about folks in lisbon… but i beg to differ, of course!

and now let’s talk about the architecture… what was that? i mean, was that city really rich decades or centuries ago? i mean the details are absolutely stunning, i never studied architecture, not even close, but i cannot get enough of that looking up, admiring everything about those buildings. and it’s not one that is like this, it’s a whole avenue… whow! they have the richest details i’ve ever seen on a city before, most buildings have sculptured tops, the richest statues or figures, it’s quite impressive.

 and i think that by now, my idea of porto being a little bit dark has also changed, though some parts of the city have such narrow streets and buildings, with tiny windows and are painted in darker colours that you actually get the darker feeling. however i was quite surprised to find such narrow streets as in lisbon, beautiful and adorned white windows, small balconies, flowers and everything so typical in portuguese buildings.

next week, i’ll share more about this trip, as i have lots of other gorgeous details to share with you, and i felt like going back soon! i really love this country and it’s so easy to forget about the amazing cities and villages we have, not to mention the food! oh don’t get me started with our food! it’s by far, one of our most precious characteristics! and now it’s time to go and finish editing that wedding, because i cannot wait to share it with you!

images: twiggs photography


  1. I can’t wait to visit this precious little pearl once I’m set in Portugal for the fall! These pictures are gorgeous. As always!

    • hello anna!!! make sure to have some days to catch a train up to the north and visit this (not so little) gem! it’s indeed full of charm and everything else you can imagine!!! thank you for your sweet comments!

    • faltou-me comer assim à séria e namorar! e claro, passear mais um bocadinho!!!

  2. I’m always delighted with Porto, it’s my home town (well, not exactly the city area but very close) and I’ve lived and studied there…so those corners are so familiar to me. It’s definitly very different from Lisbon but is very charming!

    • it’s really charming, i can so understand why people that were born there, or live there, or just because they call it home, why they love it there. it has a special charm! maybe just like i wouldn’t quite trade lisbon for another city, they would never trade porto for another one. it’s such an impressive city!

  3. Can’t wait to be there ♥
    Thank you for showing us this beautiful city, dear Claudia!
    The photos are really nice!!
    And PLEASE talk about the food =)

  4. There’s so much to appreciate in architecture. It’s definitely art in its own way. Lovely captures. <3

  5. I’m about to cry, but believe it or not I’ve never been in Porto!!! My sister only went there this year and I can hardly wait to go to :) It’s such a beautiful city

    • my dear, don’t cry, you’ll have plenty of time to visit porto for sure! it’s indeed a fab city and so so charming, i bet you’ll love it there!

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