friday i’m in love with…

… windows, fences and random details in lisbon! it has been like this on facebook all day long! come along folks, let me show you around!

IMG 3808 friday im in love with... IMG 3811 friday im in love with... IMG 3799 friday im in love with... IMG 3801 friday im in love with... IMG 3806 friday im in love with...

+ have you been catching up with my film project?

+ i’ve been really inspired by peggy wong travel photography!

+ i’ve discovered another beautiful blog by a gorgeous photographer, kjersten madsen!

+ have you seen the last wedding i photographed?

+ do you have a blog and want to change it? read this, it may help you!

tomorrow i’ll be going to oporto to shoot another wedding, so i won’t be here, but i hope you can have a delightful weekend! enjoy as much as possible folks!


    • thank you miss lilly!! i’m sure that every time you’re here, you look at lisbon in a different way, for being away!

  1. hey miss twigs, thanks for appearing out of nowhere in pinterest!
    i am loving your blog – gorgeous pictures – and am so grateful that you share your views on lisbon
    que saudades <3
    xx joana

    • olá joana, que bom receber-te aqui! sabes de onde veio? veio de uma imagem no pinterest com uns pastéis de nata, e que alguém me falou que tinha sido pinned pela bonnie tsang e daí fui parar à tua conta! estou incrivelmente surpreendida pela tua mudança, porque não conheço ninguém que tenha mudado de vida de forma tão drástica! estás mesmo a viver no paraíso! já estou a acompanhar o teu blog tb! um beijinho grande de lisboa!

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