friday i’m in love with…

… polaroids! i just got my beloved “instant love” book today and if there’s one thing on my wishlist, it certainly is a polaroid! but the vintage ones! and it’s not because these are cooler or whatever reason you may thing of, the true reason is they are so gorgeous! yes, that reason! i want to put my hands on an old and vintage, but amazingly charming polaroid sx-70, because asides from the magical thing about using polaroids, these are extremely beautifully made. it’s like my yashica, i like it for the weight, and the mix of black leather and silver.

the book was written by jenifer altman, susannah conway and amanga gilligan, quite known in the blog world and for being absolute lovers and followers of the polaroid movement! well, i could even say that these ladies created a whole polaroid movement themselves! they even organized a retreat in morocco this last june for polaroid lovers. now that would be a dream! morocco must be such a lovely place to take hundreds, if not thousands of pictures!

this video is so magical… i think that i bought the book 30 seconds after i saw this video! and i felt the urge of shooting small flowers, dressed in a beautiful summer dress. and i think that polaroid brings back that magical feeling. asides from the fact that you take a picture and you have it in your hands moments after that, it’s the whole mood on the image. the colours, the haziness, the dreamy feel.

and this is it for today! a new weekend is right around the corner, and i just hope for you to have a lot of fun, relaxed moments! it’s for that reason that we actually have a summer season! by the way, what books are you guys reading? i’m not much of a reader actually, so i jump of joy whenever i buy a book, even if it’s not a novel, a romance or a fiction book, but a book like this! last year i bought this one by jose villa! so you see my point on books, right? have a great weekend!

images: #1 is mine | #2 is a video, just click to jump to the original source | #3 a polaroid on etsy, click to read more about this product

ps. have you got any question about business, photography or blogging you wanna ask? just shoot your question + read this and i’ll get to the answers in september! looking forward to receive yours!


  1. first of all I love books, they are normally so magical, love this one too. I confess I never tried film photography, but after watching the movie I’m so tempted to do it!!!

    • yes miss lilly, the movie that does that, right? i felt like floating around that magical light and beautiful images coming out from the polaroid! oh i cannot wait to read the book and to have a roid ;)

    • whow? six??? i’d be happy with just one! i only have two film cameras, a yashica and a holga, but though i’d love to have another film camera, like the canon ae-1 or the pentax k1000, first i’d rather buy a polaroid! it has been on my wishes for so long! but it’ll be such an expensive hobby too! even more than film!

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