friday i’m in love with…

… my wishlist on pinterest! first, you can follow me on pinterest if you’d like! second, i usually pin from time to time, and i like to see my boards all organized! and also from time to time, i re-arrange them and delete some old pins, or something of my own that i don’t actually love anymore. i also try to delete all those pins without a proper link to source (it’s a matter of respect!) and i absolutely hate when the source is something really specific like… that’s like google. it’s a whole world there! (by the way, read my experience on searching for original sources here)!

so i was organizing my boards (and stunned by the number of boards i have) and ended up looking at my the wishlist board! i fell in love with so many of the items there, some are not even available now! but it got me thinking about what i would love today. and this is the story of how i got to build this wishlist here!

by the way, that font up there, is my handwriting! i managed to do this! phew! i’m really gonna try more often! so let’s talk about this list, shall we? first that tote! i love fabric and handle brand! so simple, so beautiful! then i’d love to get my hands on a skinny coloured jeans, whether green or light pink, coral, that’s on my wishlist now… and some golden sandals as well! then i would love to try some iced coffee! yap, i never tried it, people here drink expressos like there’s no tomorrow and i drink a huge cup of coffee in the morning every single day! all my american friends talk about this and that recipe seems delicious (and this one as well, via emmadime)! and then i end up with a really stunning and comfortable living-room! we have the smallest couch on earth. usually one of us is there and shares the rest with mr kobe. and i’ve been thinking so much about a couch that could fit for all three of us + that would do to just rest my feet on it! wouldn’t that be great for a weekend? oh by the way, when you click on the #4 to check the living-room, you might as well check the whole house! it’s amazing!

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(all images were found on pinterest, but the links are to the original sources)


  1. how did you do that? I mean your handwriting? I wish I could do the same, but I can’t write on my computer, it doesn’t look the same. Plus l ove the idea of creating a wish list in Pinterest and I guess I’m about to create one :D

    • oh i wrote on a blank sheet of paper, scanned it and worked it on Illustrator! :) almost easy!

  2. Followed! Your boards look good. I already found some interesting pins over there.

    I’ve got a wishlist on Pinterest as well. It’s fun to add stuff to it, it’s kind of dreaming out loud, if you catch my thought. I also re-organize my boards in time to time, sometimes creating new ones and moving or re-pinning (whichever feels more appropriate) to them.

    • thank you mervi!!!! but you are right, it’s like dreaming out loud or how to keep a list to santa :):)

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