early mornings on the beach

i absolutely love early mornings on the beach. everything is quiet, the beach is almost empty, just a few families arriving as well. i have this idea on my mind about early mornings on the beach that comes from my childhood! i grew up in a the center of portugal, and we had several beaches to choose from just a 15min drive from our home. we always spent summer vacations on the beach, and i remember packing our small car to spend the whole month of july on the beach. i remember making friends that lived in france with their portuguese parents and were on the same beach to spend summer vacations. i remember learning how to ask their name and age in french, as i also remember how were these friendships when we are just kids. i was not a self-confidant kid. i’d be sad with attitudes that were meaningless. i have extraordinary memories from my childhood, but somehow i’d hate to go back.

i have another memory of an early morning on the beach… about 20 years later in spain with one of my best friends! we drove from lisbon to bilbao, then san sebastian and ended in biarritz. and as if this wasn’t enough, we went for two weeks to india 4 days later after we arrived in lisbon! 2009 was an awesome year for traveling, as it was 2008… with road trips from lisbon to seville, and then from berlin to amsterdam! but speaking of that early morning in san sebastian, we got up from our hostel and went to la concha beach for breakfast right over the (still) empty beach. i remember having a delicious croissant with strawberry jam, orange juice, coffee and milk. and it was such a dreamy morning! it was one of those moments in which you feel really relaxed, no pressure at all, just appreciating the warm temperature, the bright blue sky, shining sun, the flavors and the air, you feel that all the hard work to get to that relaxed moment was worth it!

and this weekend we enjoyed a not so early morning on the beach, but still morning! we went there with mr kobe, and though the beach season has started and dogs are not allowed, we went to another side of the beach were those rules don’t apply. we absolutely love to play with him on the sand and play catch on the sea. he was really afraid of the waves when we started to take him, but now he’s all adventurous and jumps in the waves to get his stick! well, maybe not as adventurous as we’d like, but still… really full of courage! he was all wet and sandy when we got home! but he loved it, for sure (you just gotta love this next picture!!!!!)

we should do this more often! and how was your weekend? tell me all about it! are you on vacations already? what are your plans?

ps. just a quick reminder that both shops are on sale until july 31st!


    • oh i knew you’d love that!!! isn’t just a thrill for us to see them that happy? i just wish i could be on a bikini, to go inside with him and make him a lot more confidant about the water and the waves! does zé swim on the sea??

    • not really, he gets wet up until his chest, but he doesn’t like to actually swim. Plus he’s also afraid of waves, he stays away from the water if the waves are big… he prefers it calm. Some dogs are swimmers and other aren’t… it’s in the genes, nothing we can do to teach them, i’m afraid!

    • really? i always thought that they would swim if they needed to! well, not sure if mr kobe is a swimmer, but we’ll try to at least expose him as much as we can to the waves so that he can actually enjoy it even more! :)

    • All dogs know how to swim, but not all dogs enjoy it…If he has to, if his life depends on it, he will swim, but he doesn’t do it just for fun. Maybe try a lake or somewhere without waves, you might have more luck!

  1. awwww amazing photos as always!! I guess I don’t need to say much, being born in South Portugal. My childhood is directly connected to the beach and the amazing times I’ve spend there, but mostly not that long ago, my morning walks in the beach, either taking photos, or just walking and talking with my dad. Even if I was feeling down, these moments would always cheer me up and I miss that like crazy! Can hardly wait for my holidays to have those walking moments again, and it needs to be early moment, because I love the light, and because August in south Portugal is just chaos

    • ah south of portugal is really crowded during summer months, you are so right! you need to go really early, if you want to enjoy an empty beach!

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