a break from the usual things

well, this is not one of those highly personal and perhaps highly emotional posts, in which i state how tired i am, and how in need of a break i am, but instead just a “here’s what i have in mind for the upcoming weeks” post! you know that last year i was a part of august break, which was something as blogging lightly. because let’s face it, right now people have their minds on their vacations, and summer days, summer joy, and not being stuck inside in front of a laptop, so let’s make it easier on us the bloggers and you the readers, and this way we won’t post anything major important or the secrets for a very successful small business from home (not that i know those secrets anyway), and you can just do whatever you want to do in order to have some time for yourself.

(yeah so what? you’ve done this last year, and you’re doing it again, is that it?) yes, but not just that! i’ll be redesigning the blog. well, not entirely, but a few things will change. i always feel that by this time of the year, i need to prepare things for the last months of the year (already? are you kiddin’? no i’m not!). last year i had the calendar for 2012 ready to sell by the end of august! and it feels that by this month in which usually things are a bit slower, i need to think about what has been done so far, what i’ve learned, and what goals i wish to achieve, so a blog change seemed a good thing to do. let’s face it, as addicted i am with change, it’s incredible as this design has maintained for so long! i’m still not quite sure of what i want, or if the design as you see it will actually change. i just started to write some ideas down, like features i want to keep doing and others that will end. so for now, those things will change. and there’s a new feature i can already start talking about, because it involves you!

i have started countless numbers of features and some of them just hang here for a few times, have no mandatory schedule (which is much easier for me), and sometimes they just feel weird to have them, because they are published just a few times (remember the sneak-peek vintage treasuries? i published three of these!). so i have this business ideas that was something i wanted to start publishing almost every saturday, but the truth is that i figured this out when i was at home on a weekend and i was feeling like blogging. and boom, a new feature was born! but i think there’s so much to it, that i just can’t let go! i have learned a lot in these last years of blogging, starting and maintaining businesses, either on etsy or as a photographer, or web-designer. so i want to keep doing that, but this time i also want to involve you!

so i’ll start posting about what i’ve learned so far, but you can send me your question as well, for me to answer! it can be photography related, or blogging, or a small business doubt, web-design… you name it! as long as i have an answer for you that i feel comfortable with, this is, being self-taught in all these things, i might do something a certain way because it was the way i figured out of things to work out, but might not be the cleverest way of doing it or the most correct even!

so shoot your questions, friends! ask me something! just drop me an email and let me know your doubts! i’ll start answering your questions in september!

what do you want to know?


  1. I loved your August Break idea last summer, and this year as I became a full time blogger, I love it even more! Can I borrow it? :))) And I’m sure you’ll make a beautiful redesign to this sweet place of yours. Have a wonderful summer Twiggs! :)

    • hello natalie, so glad for your comment! but the august break idea was not mine, but i totally grabbed it too! it was created by another blogger and she invited others to jump in the same ship! isn’t just wonderful? :) have a lovely day!

  2. ohh please keep your posts coming, even if it’s only a picture of yours and no words, believe me there’s no summer in UK, so I can’t think of summer apart from the countdown for my holidays. Well seriously, I can hardly wait for the changes because I know I’ll love them. I love the current format, but the same way we love to go to the shopping stores and find something new, the same is valid here.
    So good luck with your new ideas, can hardly wait to see them. And please, enjoy the Lisbon sun for me :D

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