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you know that i don’t have kids, i think that so far we could only afford to own one dog, though a huge dog, mr kobe. therefore i don’t post much about kids, or anything related to kids, unless of course, like today, i find something that is sweet and cute, and all the things in between. and definitely i’d and i’ll post anything that i would buy for my own kids! and that is the case today, though i don’t think that if i ever get to be a mum, i’ll have girls. i always imagined myself as a mum of boys! i don’t think i’m programmed to have girls! and mind my ignorance if that’s the case, but i think that raising boys much be a little bit easier than girls! who knows, right? well, now getting to the point! today i have something girls would love! dolls! handmade crocheted dolls!

elena is the lady behind this beautiful shop named ooshki, which means “little ears” in russian. elena was already a guest here on the blog on the feature “at home away from home“, as she comes from ukraine and she is currently living in toronto, canada. elena is a fabulous photographer and i met her through flickr. i was amazed by the beautiful colours and the light she was able to capture. her photos always had this clean look, where everything is beautifully arranged and put together, almost like a magazine cover. flowers and old cups of tea were some of my favourite subjects from her photography. she also has an etsy shop, where you can actually buy some of her prettiest flower prints! and then it was with great enthusiasm that i found out elena had opened a second shop with something far distant from prints – handmade crocheted dolls.

the colours remain sweet and the details are precious. every doll has a name and some kind of sweet characteristic, like a handbag, a hat or even a beautiful black dress with a white collar. i also love the way the dolls stand on the photos, along with pretty details such as paper garlands and flowers!

you can find elena’s crocheted work on her shop, follow her daily stories on her blog, and as usual follow her on facebook, twitter and pinterest!

images: elena kovyrzina (click on the images for further details on each product)


    • you are welcome my dear! as long as your work keeps impressing me, i’ll share it with the world!

    • yes, they are so charming… even without kids, we seem to be fond of these, right?

  1. Although I do have four daughters who would love these adorable playthings, just like you, I find much to appreciate about their design and the cleverness of the photography that makes these much more than pictures of toys. Thank you for pointing out their many charms.

    • hello diane! thank you for your visit!!! four daughters huh? whow1 it must be a full house! and you are so right about the photography, it’s what calls for the attention at the first place and then you look at the dolls and realize they’re beautiful!

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