sunday with mr kobe

[this is an entirely inspired post on the feature sunday with beatrice, by dabito of brand old new]

so a quick hello on a sunday, because we just got back from a long 1h30 walk, where we had time to get really tired and thirsty, really lost among a very calm and rich neighbourhood and mr kobe even stopped a few times letting me know how tired he was, how thirsty he was and i was left all alone with the guilty feeling about the whole getting-lost-in-the-middle-of-all-this-heat-situation!

i took the camera to take some pictures of this neighbourhood or just random details… would you like to come?

here i thought we weren’t going anywhere for a long time. he just laid down and looked at me like saying “are you out of your mind??? i’m so tired, i cannot do this any longer!” i waited with him for a couple of minutes and then insisted with him to keep going and then he got up and kept going with me, though he was really conscious the whole time about where was the shade, so that he could go that way.

i hope you had a fabulous sunday! now we’re just waiting for mr twiggs to come home with sushi for dinner! ah, what a nice way to end a good sunday!

ps. and check the blog i mentioned above, it’s so cool!


  1. awww did I already told you I love Mr. Kobe??? well I do! Can’t wait for the day where I can have a big house, with a nice backyard so I can have a dog (I grew up with dogs, so I love them). Enjoy your Sunday dear and hope you have a nice week too

    • oh miss lilly, mr kobe always loves to know someone loves him!!! :) thank you so much for the nice wishes about the upcoming week! and let’s cross our fingers for that big house, shall we? :)

    • i’m sure he liked it, but he would have liked it much more if i had brought some water with me!!! :)

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