photographs by emma case

it’s been quite a while since i wrote one of these posts, right? but you know sometimes it’s good to go with the flow! and today i decided to go back to these features, because i have this pretty lady, really talented photographer, deeply in love with her pete and her work, and i thought you might want to know her! her name is emma case!

so who is emma case anyway?

“my name is emma case and i am an alternative wedding photographer. i specialise in shooting couples who want to do things a bit differently. i have a husband called pete and a cat called maximo. i love boiled eggs and wearing head bands. i’m fluent in british sign language. we live very close to cadbury world and i’m obsessed with charity shops and car boots. i love rilo kiley. I have a thing for the colour mustard. i prefer vinyl. i had the best wedding day ever. our cat, maximo can say my name. i point at things… a lot. i love my husband and will forever find it funny that i can call him that.”

and who is pete?

“i’m pete smyth, the hairy other half of emma case photography. i love steak, i quite like big sticks. i’m obsessed with music, i sing and play drums but not at the same time (not at all like phil collins). i eat fast, dance hard, laugh easily. i’m only fussy about my footwear and a decent cuppa. i love old cars, houses, shoes, vinyl records and playing outdoors. i married my best friend in the most perfect way.”

awe, sweet pete! i absolutely love his last sentence! oh melting heart of mine! i love emma’s work for her different way of seeing things, of making you look at details that could be left unnoticed if it wasn’t for her approach. i love her smile, as she always seems to be happy with a camera in hand, and i confess that i always read her blog, imagining her voice in a very cute british accent!

by the way, this this is emma and pete on this photo above! i believe i found her work through the magnificent and talented noa-sclater of feather love photography. they made a photo session with her by the time noa was in london with her husband and his band and it was gorgeous and it was on a church! how different is that? so you better be clicking on the images to jump to emma’s website + blog and find more about her! she also runs photography workshops and as these are in london, i would love to give it a try and it’s so much closer than the usual ones i see around, that usually happen on the other side of the world!

images: emma case photography


    • hello my friend!! really? that’s so good to know! emma just rocks! and she seems soooooo nice! i’d love to meet her! maybe we could both attend her workshop! :)

  1. I didn’t know her work but I love it!! And my heart melted when Pete said he has married his best friend! How perfect is that??? Love her works, so different than usual but yet so passionate. Beautiful! You always discover amazing talents :D
    Enjoy your week

    • oh i so agree with you miss lilly, ain’t that the sweetest thing to say??? i’m also really glad you found another inspirational photographer through me! :) have a great week as well!

    • hey kat, thank you so much for your visit and comment! yes, i so agree! emma is amazing!

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