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hello there, you amazing friends! first of all, i’d like to thank you for the loving messages that you all left to this post! it’s quite impressive to see that though i don’t know any of you personally, excepting miss lilly, you all seem to understand and to feel almost the same, though in such different business fields. and the thing is that yesterday when i was catching up with my reader after dinner, i found another post of another photographer i absolutely love and admire, stating feelings of self-doubt. it’s quite amazing to realize that the ones we admire so actually go through those same doubts and questions and have the courage to confess those. i believe that making things look perfect is not the way of doing things, though of course, i also believe that as a blogger i shouldn’t be whining and i should put myself together, within a dose of reality. as a blogger i also believe that i should be inspiring you at the same time i share the hard times as well, so that you (and me as well) feel that you’re not alone, because even in different paths, we all go through the same bumps! so enough with the chitchat, let’s go to the main topic of today – the local markets!

today’s post will be a surprise post to the artist, because i must admit that this lady has been leaving comments for quite a while and i don’t think i had clicked on her link before, or if i did, i didn’t quite see what i saw yesterday. because when i clicked in her link yesterday, the idea came to my head immediately “oh my goodness, these things are gorgeous, local markets now!!!” and the lady is marta costa! marta is a psychologist, just like me, but also a maker, and she makes the most adorable things with her hands, using bright colours, traditional techniques, with modern patterns. as soon as my eyes laid on her shop i was amazed by all of it!

tell me, isn’t this a really pretty overview of her shop? i fell for the colours and the bright photos! and i have chairs just like this one! marta talks about her brand on her website and says the following:

“marta costa studio is an handmade soul purpose business where i sell modern, stylish and sustainable textile creations for you and your home (mainly crochet & knits). as i try to balance my ecological footprint i wanted to help others do the same without loosing comfort, modernity or sophistication. i wanted to create cool and attractive products that had a positive impact in the environment!”

1. crocheted pillow

“from top to bottom of my business i try to use eco-friendly, natural, organic, recycled and vintage quality materials. i hope to grow to a future with 100% organic! and by choosing to purchase handmade you’re decreasing manufacturing energy and promoting ethical labor practices. besides making a real person happy, who can make a living being creative.”

1. crocheted pillow 2. baby blanket 3. pot holder

marta also runs an etsy shop, but if you live in portugal you might find it easier to order from her shop. and as it is always nice to know a little bit more ab out those who are behind these gorgeous products, you can also follow her lovely blog, with a bright look, and her inspirations along the way! of course, marta knows the pwer of social networks, so she’s on facebook, twitter and pinterest!

images: marta costa (click on the captions for further details on the products)

what is local markets? a community dedicated to the very best portuguese talented & independent artists that strive for an original work and exquisitely executed handmade design & photography. once a week, there will be a special feature for these artists, to spread the word about their talent, to introduce you to new & fresh work. local markets is an original feature from a place for twiggs. you can read more about this feature here and join the facebook page for news on this feature!


  1. wow I didn’t no Marta too and now that I know her work I have to love it! The pillows are so adorable!!!! All her work is beautiful (she has a nice surname too hihihiih) I will follow her works, thanks for sharing!
    And btw, I’m glad you feel supported and much better, thanks for trusting us your personal worries and thoughts :)

  2. Yes, a totally surprise!!! I just found out (I was not at home yesterday) and I’m non-stoping happy dancing :)
    This is beyond huge for me and I can only say that “thank you” is not enough.
    I really appreciate this feature and your amazingly lovely and kind words, Claudia!

    THANK YOU, from the heart!

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