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hello there fellow friends, how are you doing? well, it seems that summer has started right? and you are probably counting the days to your summer vacations! well, if by any chance you’re thinking about coming to lisbon, you are in the right place! asides from all the suggestions about lisbon that i have shared with you, this is especially for you that need a place to stay! i thought that asides from the places i go and visit, i should be doing some research about the cool places there are in the city for you to stay while you’re visiting! i know i’d love to read something about this whenever i travel! so i decided to start a “where to stay” kind of suggestion guide! and the first place i’m suggesting is that awesome! it’s amazing for its location, the mood, the decor and the folks that run this place! the name itself is also amazing – the lisbonaire apartments! it makes me think of airy spaces, huge windows and bright rooms! and that’s about what you get!

when i found about these apartments, i immediately wrote them an email introducing myself and asking permission for a photo shoot. they were kind enough to accept it and they were kind to show me around, explaining their goals when they first started and how things are going at the time! the fact is they bought the building with the apartments and started with a simple idea, they wanted the apartments to show what portugal has for quality products. it would have been easy to just buy things in some department stores, and maybe they could have been much cheaper or not. we all have this idea sometimes about costs, and when we really try to find out, costs are not that higher. they tried to maintain everything portuguese, they weren’t just successful with most of the electronics, though the coffee machine is from a portuguese brand.

“the lisbonaire apartments is experiment’s inception in the hotel industry, by invitation of a young company, with a solid background in cultural and entrepreneurial fields. experimenta took on the creative direction of the lisbonaire apartments, developing different aspects such as product design, graphic design, branding and identity.”

so each room was delivered to a designer and left to that person the choices for decorating. so each room has a different look and mood! i was shown just two rooms, the ones available or expecting guests to check in, but i especially loved that first with the wide white bed, and though you cannot see there are windows on most of the wall, letting the beautiful lisbon light get inside. this room below is perfect for a family, because it has this single bed, another one besides it, and a big white and wood bedroom with a minimalist look. this room was decorated by the notorious music group member, tó trips of dead combo, who also develops graphic design for the music industry.

“during concept development, it was deemed fundamental to incorporate the geographic and cultural context around the lisbonaire – the visual and graphic patrimony of baixa and chiado, which spans through three centuries. each of the 19 apartments invokes a specific instant or place that provoked the designers, who created unique pieces that decorate each apartment.”

the whole furniture was specifically designed for this project by pedrita. i particularly love the bedside tables, the lamps and the office tables. to take over the whole building, they didn’t neglect the basement, but instead they improved it and made a chill out area, where you can hang out with your friends, take your meals down to the huge table or just read, play some snooker , whatever you can think of.

“the basement is a place to read, listen to music, play a game of snooker, watch a movie, or just lounge and relax. it is an ample and comfortable space where people can meet and share experiences, since people are always the best memory you take home. the basement also serves as an exhibition space where you’ll always find a display about lisbon, namely its graphic diversity and richness.”

their main idea was to create a place in which you could feel a little bit at home, even when traveling. so there are no room service features, no breakfast, just cleaning after you check out, but you’re invited to use all the utilities in the apartment, so that you can watch tv, cook, or even have guests if you have friends around here. and i just love their manifesto: keep it simple, keep it real, keep in touch!

oh and yes, prices are extraordinary! i wish i had these prices with this comfort and looks when i travel! i’d be one happy camper! you can choose which apartment you want (there are 19) and book it right away! and besides all this the location is fabulous, keeping you close to the action, but on a quiet street! and yes, it’s possible! and do you want to know the cherry on your cake? you’ll this almost on your doorstep! i hope you can find the time for a visit to lisbon and hopefully you can book one of these apartments, so that you can enjoy a full experience of lisbon and portugal all together! and for more on lisbon, take a sneak-peek into the city guide!

the lisbonaire apartments
rua da glória, 16
1250 – 116 lisbon

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, i went to visit this place, took these pictures and wrote this post on my own will, and i was not paid for any of this. if you book any of these apartments i won’t get paid either. thank you for reading!

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  1. wow I’m really impressed!!! I love the apartments, love the whole idea, the decoration is fabulous! It’s a modern chic Lisbon and the prices?? really good!!

    • oh yes, really impressive! that’s why i had to snag some pictures! this place is fab! i’d love to find such a place when i’m abroad and i bet you’d love to spend time on such apartments when you’re traveling!

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