friday i’m in love with…

… summer clothes. yes my friends, i am fully back, but i do need to confess that these vacations didn’t feel like enough! as last time i was away for three weeks, this one week felt a little short for my needs! and yesterday i was completely convinced that it was wednesday! so as you can see my mind is not fully recharged! i may need to go back to my special paradise! but i’m happy to be back, though coming back from vacations is almost worst than going away, as you hurry to leave everything done, but then when you return there is a huge amount of things for you to catch up and deal with! fortunately tomorrow i’ll be able to rest and do some things in a quieter rhythm! so what have you been up to? are you planning your vacations? where are you going?

and because i came back from a beautiful island and because it’s almost summertime, let’s make a roundup of beautiful summer clothes for us to pack for a summer break in the south of france, shall we?

1. beige jemima hat, platform wedges, peppy straw bag, large sunglasses, woodbridge floppy hat
2.  stripe jersey dress, brown sandals, vintage tote baglarge sunglasses, straw boat hat
3. wide maxi dress, toe post sandals, straw leather tote, hazelnut sunglasses, straw large hat

so today there is a challenge for you! which one do you prefer? i’ve always wanted to drive to the south of france! i’m a road-trip kind of girl and i believe that france is not all about paris, and there is so much preciousness and beauty to explore. from beautiful, small and charming cities, to vineyards, countryside villages, castles and dreamy beaches… i would love to plan a two week road-trip to the south of france and maybe all these would be packed! so,which one do you prefer?


    • hello barbara! thank you so much!! number 2 is so beautiful right? ;)

  1. Love all the looks and you should go to the South, I have spent many happy months there and the light will knock you sideways. I have no way to explain it, you will just see. You must visit Antibes, Beaulieu & Eze my favourite places. Number 2 look if pushed. Have a great weekend darling. ax

    • oh now i want to travel there even more!!! that light aspect is what we look for right? i hope you had a great weekend as well!

  2. Haha, as a south of france dweller I can tell you definitely n°2; you’ll turn your ankle in the high heels of N°1 on the cobbled, hilly paths and N°3 wouldn’t work with the bag you can’t put over your shoulder! If the South you want isn’t the chichi and overpriced Riviera but the real South of “beautiful, small and charming cities, to vineyards, countryside villages, castles and dreamy beaches” then come here for a visit!

    • oh of course my dear! you live there! well i understand the thing about #1, but don’t forget we have cobbled streets here as well, so i kind of graduated in walking through those streets in high heels :) but i skip those every time i can! so flats are much my thing! i’m so into traveling there…

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