wednesday find :: the glossy queen

hello there, how are you doing? to be honest i’m actually driving myself crazy and i’ll explain why! construction work is being done on my street and they are breaking the whole road, the noise is impressive and not even the music i’m playing is doing any good! so, asides from all the heat these last days, now it’s this noise… which is great when you have so much work to do, creative work, as usual! well, but let’s see if i can concentrate on what i have on my hands today, which is sharing something with you that i absolutely love since the first time i laid my eyes on it – the glossy queen. i know, i know, the name doesn’t ring a bell, right? what if i tell you to see this?

the glossy queen is jennifer elizabeth and this girl is filled with energy and good taste! i love when i find beautiful work and nice people behind it! the whole experience is so much more positive if you can feel a smile behind the products and the photos, right? as it’s an online business, you really need to do this in order to bring customers to you. and i think that jennifer does this in the right way! let’s see what else she says about herself, shall we?

“i’m jennifer elizabeth, a passionate nomad on a dream-filled journey. resonating vibrant frequencies far & wide! my etsy shop is full of 3 dimensional objects that were once only abstract thoughts. i find the process of creating is miraculous. it puts me in a trance-like state where i know anything is possible. though creating is a deep love i have, my being is eclectic. other areas of affection include: music, travel, reading, fashion {obviously}, philosophy and most of all… connecting with other impeccably styled individuals such as yourself! so let’s connect!”

i love the colour blocks on her bangles, the neon colours and the photos are delicious! on a business point of view, it’s really smart to gather some of the bangles, as they look pretty good together! the colours are absolutely summer-ish and that is what we need, right?  and i always love to see someone using the products and jennifer did that, on a very stylish way! you can follow the glossy queen on twitter and catch up with her work on her blog, but first explore her stunning shop, to see more fashion accessories she has prepared for us, like bib necklaces, bangle bracelets and also a clearance section just for you!

images: the glossy queen via etsy


  1. awww I’m sorry to ear from the noise, I hate that!! As for the weather it will be back to normal tomorrow, so it will be easy for you to have a walk.
    For the glossy queen, love the idea, it’s an original touch to a grey suit. Love it!

    • well miss lilly i think someone heard your thoughts because today there was no noise whatsoever! however there is a huge machine on the road again and i think tomorrow won’t be an easy day! and about the bangles, you are so right!

    • obrigada diana!!! tb adoro pulseiras! entre brincos, pulseiras e colares, pulseiras é o que uso mais tb!

  2. I hate having to deal with construction like that. It really does put a damper on creativity! I love this shop, though, and now want a couple of those bracelets!!

    • hello my friend!!! yes, i also hate this construction noise, though today was a silent day! tomorrow i think i’ll have to deal with massive noise again! and about the bracelets, these would go with your amazing outfits!!! ;)

  3. I love this find… Shes truly gifted. Just wondering why this blog went from English to not? I wish I had a tranate button on my iphone

    • Thank you so much Jeanine! So sorry for the language confusion though! Since 2013 that this blog has become bilingual, as you should find it 95% of the times. However from time to time, I just write something rather on the personal side, that I honestly just feel like sharing in my own language, as it’s the native way of my expression. But as I said, you’ll still find most of the posts written in both languages, so that you don’t lose any info! Cheers!

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