on the creative side of life – part ii

hello there friends, how is your day going on? it’s been quite busy here lately… it’s pretty hot now and once again, i really need to mention the fact that i’m going away on vacations in a couple of weeks and i’m feeling so thrilled! other than that, i’ve been booking photo sessions and after this post, several emails asking for a quote on web-design projects and logo design arrived on my email, so it has been such a good week! today i posted a challenge on my facebook page and it was amazing to read all the answers! it’s really good to notice that people are not afraid to say what they think, to give their honest opinion when asked! and it also made me think about a few changes! so today i wanted to bring the designs studio to the blog, as i already covered my web-design work!

1. to live a creative life 2. let’s make love

my creative process with these designs is very unstable. as i do all these things at the same time (blogging, photography, web-design, marketing, design…) i put less pressure to certain things, and these designs are one of those things. i design whenever i have an idea, or i feel the need to changing something to a previously designed poster. i use a lot of colours and teasers, i try to innovate with the message, but sometimes i just pick up some inspirational quote and design something around it. the idea of a black sheet on photoshop or illustrator makes me feel thrilled, maybe just like a painter with his brush in hand ready to draw the first line.

3. i love new york 4. those were the times

sometimes i just use a photo i took (like this new york poster above) and work with it, to make it look like an illustration. i think the main thing is to create as i please, and most of all to have fun! i’m not that good at drawing and maybe one year or more ago, i really tried to draw things, as i was trying to learn my way through illustrator. but i reached the fabulous conclusion that i suck at that! and we must face these bumps in the road and learn something from it! so instead of drawing, i use pictures because that’s what i do and i know i do it well!

5. never stop believing 6. seek and you will find (yet to be published)

and so as you know i have this vintage, whimsical and dreamy tone on my work, and yesterday i designed three at the same time! i designed these two above, using some textures i had bought from the fabulous eva ricci and wrote a few inspirational quotes. i guess that we all need to use these as a reminder as we go through on our lives, right? and then while working on a logo, i was searching something on the web and suddenly had this idea to create something with a vintage vw van! and that was the challenge today on facebook! i designed two versions and couldn’t really decide on which one to go with! care to give me your opinion, in case you haven’t already on facebook?

so, which one do you prefer?

have a beautiful day and see you tomorrow! oh, tomorrow we shall have the beautiful sylvie and a few recipes to enjoy the weekend, eating better!

ps. all designs can be purchased on society6 or etsy! society6 is running the usual free shipping campaign, as they do from time to time!


  1. awww I really love all your works, they are so clean and beautiful. It seems easier to do, but actually I find it hard, I have no idea where to start doing something like that. as for your last question, love the 1st one, looks so vintage and cute. the 2nd would look nice stamped in a t-shirt, which is also an idea for summer

    • thank you so much miss lilly ♥ and also thank you for your ideas! that t-shirt idea was awesome!!!!

  2. I think it’s wonderful they way you manage to juggle so many balls in the air at once! You deserve your holiday, have a good time! xx

    • oh thank you sweet friend!!! i hope your husband is feeling better! and now i’m leaving for a very wished weekend! ;)

  3. I love your work and how you manage to do so many things at the same time. I’m trying to pursue my creative life too, but with a 10months baby and another one on the way i can´t seem to find the time…

    Continue the great work and inspiring all of us <3

    P.S. I prefer number 1 :)

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