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hello there lovely friends, how are you doing? did you have a nice weekend? ours was spent on a wedding on saturday and resting on sunday! we deserved it so much! and now we are ready for another wedding next saturday and will be counting down the days for our small vacations on our beloved island! but until then, i still have a lot to do, mainly a few photo sessions + editing a wedding + managing all the orders that have arrived due to the bogo sale + blogging here and there + finishing a logo + a blog and that is it! and what about today? well, today i’m bringing something that i have found on simplesmente branco (this place is filled with inspirational stories and amazing portuguese vendors), and the name is delicious… really, delicious is the word – caramelo. if you know me well, you know that i love illustrations, i love custom work and lovely details! i love fresh blood with fresh ideas and tremendous creativity + strong will! and i believe that i can find all this on this brand! liliana is the amazing girl behind, along with her fellow companions!

but let’s explain all the concept first! what does caramelo do? well, mainly it helps you to create something special, either it is a gift for someone or something you need for your wedding, your birthday party, or any other celebration, or if you are a company and need something to offer, well, in any of these situations liliana will be there to help you! and everything tastes really good, like a sweet… like caramel!

from everything i saw, my favourites are the illustrated stories and the calligraphy illustrations. i love this kind of work, and i would not be able to do it, not in a million years. it’s so detailed, it requires so much patience and dedication! and it does bring a little bit of fresh air to your party or invitation! and what i also loved was caramelo’s introduction note:

“logo que nasci, caí num pote de doces redondo e irresistível. só que, em vez de chocolates e cremes açucarados, estava recheado de letras e sons! as crianças não sabem que nem tudo o que parece é, e nem tudo o que é parece bem. colocava então os dedos na boca a pensar que seriam trufas e comia frases a sonhar com bolos! até que um dia as palavras começaram a desabrochar dos dedos. primeiro enrolavam-se nas mãos miúdas, mas logo cresceram, com o resto do corpo. depois de alguns anos transformaram-se, finalmente, em caramel. a provar que as ideias também se fazem com coisas doces… que se derretem no coração!”

“as soon as i was born, i fell into a round and irresistible pot full of sweets. but, instead of chocolates and sugary sweets, it was filled with words and sounds! children don’t know that not everything that looks like something, it’s that something, and they also don’t know that some things don’t look that good on the outside! so i would stick my fingers on my mouth, thinking that they were truffles and i would eat sentences, dreaming with cakes! until one day, words started blooming through my fingers. first they would roll on my tiny hands, but then they grew up, just like my whole body. a few years later they transformed themselves, finally, into caramel! just to prove that ideas are made with sweet things… melting in your heart!”

and how about you? do you liked what you saw here from caramelo? would you order something from them? what would it be?

by the way, caramelo also has a blog, inside their gorgeous website, and facebook, of course! so, show them your support and follow their work! they surely deserve it! and if you are into creative souls + portuguese entrepreneurs, you can always peek into this page! it’s filled with amazing people!

images: caramelo

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