friday i am in love with…

… amazing and elegant neck straps! whow! girls be prepared for this! these are not cute… these are amazing and stylish, and elegant and i want them all! i must confess first that this friday feature for me is, sometimes, a real pain in my head! sometimes i spend such a busy week that on fridays i have no idea of what i’m love with! and i have to come up with something! it’s more like “let me see what i love, or what i’m loving now!” usually i go to pinterest to get come inspiration and to remember of something that i really like! and this morning i was catching up with my friends on facebook and my friend andré, also photographer, shared this link and obviously he had this male opinion on his mind, when he shared this. however all the ladies commented like ” whow!”, “these are gorgeous!”, “oh my goodness!”… and there you go, the story of how i came up with this for you today! so ladies, today is all about neck straps, but most of all is all about bloom theory.

so let’s tell a bit of this story! bloom theory is owned by two lovely and beautiful girls, who are in fact photographers! and for me this is an extra point, because no one will understand our needs in terms of neck straps better than photographers themselves! and as photographers they felt the need of making something different and for what i can say, they did it!

“bloom theory was born from a dream. a fantasy vania and christine, founders of simply bloom photography, envisioned in late 2011 to one day revolutionize the world of camera accessories. it wasn’t long before the european gals began working hard to make their dream come true. after months of product and market research, engineering, delegating, sketching, testing and designing, their dream had become tangible. with an acute sense of aesthetic, the girls strive to create designs that are unconventional, dramatic, yet still practical and efficient.”

“ we want photographers around the world to love their necks in bloom!”

to be really honest, as a photographer i’m not even this fancy! usually women that are photographers always care about purses and other things, in order to carry the equipment in something both fancy and casual… well, let’s say that i’m a backpack kind of photographer. i love my backpack and having it on my back is comfortable and i can keep my both hands free and all my movements are free, so no purses are around me in any way! and every time i see some neck straps, beautifully handmade in the most cute fabrics… well, they are cute, just not the kind of cute i want to put on my camera. but this is just my opinion, of course! but when i saw these… whow! these are so amazing and stunning! i just wonder if the camera comes with the strap as well! (ah, kidding here!), but talking about cameras, i love the film cameras they used for the individual photos!

these are my favourites, but i’ll invite you to delight yourself with the entire shop, and you might as well as explore their photography business and follow them on facebook!

images: simply bloom for bloom theory (click on the images for further details on each product)


  1. I’m in love!!! Totally!!! This is so gorgeous and beautiful! I had no idea I could find such a thing, it’s original and it seems to be very elegant and comfortable, better than my canon one :)

    • hello ariana!!! the camera is a pentax k1000, a sweet loving film camera!!!

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