weekend stories :: pizza + the best chocolate cake

well hello, how are you doing my friends? did you have a good weekend? i truly hope so! i had one of those weekends, where pleasure and work happen together, and there was also room for relaxed moments, exploring new-to-me places in lisbon, laugh with friends and catch up on my reader, which i might have to add that i haven’t finished yet (phew… more than 1000 new items to read takes a lot of time!). but let’s move on to the weekend stories, because yesterday was a real treat! we went to lx factory to have pizza with another friend, then we delighted ourselves with the best chocolate cake ever (yes, i’m telling you! i have photos!) and wandered around chiado for a little while until we got back home by dinner time!

whenever i see a mirror, i cannot resist to take a photo somehow! and those bottles? what was that gorgeous shade of blue? there were boxes and boxes filled with these empty bottles just there all alone and i was quite tempted in bringing one with me! i thought that looking from above they formed an interesting pattern!

and now every sunday there is lx market, which is that same market i used to sell my fine art prints + posters, but since january they changed management and has been a little bit different! at least i see a lot more promotion going on and that was one issue we used to talk during those sundays! due to the rain and strong wind, the market was held inside a huge warehouse! and there are a lot of new-to-me sellers and things, like these plants and herbs! i wish i had spotted that succulent on the left side, it would have made the journey to my house! and then we went for pizza on a new place for me, as well! the concept is really interesting so i’ll save more information for next thrusday, for the stories from lisbon feature!

after the pizza we went for chocolate cake! i’ll also share more photos of this place on another post, because i have tasted several chocolate cakes around the city and i even tasted the so called “best chocolate cake in the world” and though i really like it… this one got me hooked! look at this cake!

when we were going to the car, we passed by this wall and this message was so brilliant i had to take a photo of this! it’s reality, people are not getting divorces as much as they used to, because they have tons of debts, so they stick together to at least share these… so this message is the sad truth nowadays on this country!

so, and how was your weekend?

ps. have you seen the wedding sneak-peek on my professional blog? it was all about love and nothing else! and now i also write it in english, so you can follow/read with no problem at all! by the way, are you getting married on a civil ceremony? maybe i can take your pictures… how about that?


    • thank you connie!!! and it was DELICIOUS! i couldn’t believe what i was tasting… it was melting in my mouth… oh i want a piece of it now again!!! :)

  1. wow it’s really impressive how you can make the simplest details look so beautiful, I’m in love by the bottles photo! Gorgeous blue tones.
    also I miss the best chocolate in the world, it’s so creamy and delicious!!! Miss it!!!

    • oh dear lilly, this one has nothing to be considered less “best in the world”! trust me. i was all “huuuum, yuumm, oh my god!” while eating the cake!! and thank you for your lovely words!!!

  2. I’m also thinking about going to LxFactory with my film camera. It’s a place that always inspires me so much!

    • oh yes inês, you gotta do that! i feel the same… there are so many details that are worth capturing… and every time you go there, there is always something or something going on! quite worth the day there!! :)

    • hello noémie! whow, thank you for your visit!! yes, it was a delicious weekend indeed! those that give you enough energy to start the week! ***

  3. Dear Twiggs,
    thank you for your sweet words. You always amazes me with your breathtaking photos. You are so good and I hope we one day will meet! Lots of love, Jeanette

    • hello jeanette! thank yous o much for your visit and for your kind comments on my photos! maybe one day i can takes photos of you!! lots of love coming your way too!! :)

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