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hello there friends, how are you doing? did you have a great weekend? enjoyed the weather and did something cool? well, i cannot say that i enjoyed the weather that much because it was gloomy all weekend, rained a bit here and there, and was actually cold sometimes. i’m really on a spring mode here, so cold temperatures are not the favourite thing for me right now! but well, saturday i went on a mission on the west coast of this country, in search of some blooming trees my brother-in-law had told me about, but instead of those i ended up going to obidos again and entertain myself with both digital and lomo cameras, two lenses for the digital and snapped away like crazy, delighted with the light and the flowers! last time i was here for a photo session it was in august and things were so different! it amazes me to visit some locations on different times of the year, because these locations will show different moods! it’s amazing!

first i stopped by the train station which got me all thrilled because this is an old train station and little or nothing at all was changed over the years. so out of a sudden it seemed that i was on another country or century. priceless… i can see a fabulous photo session taking place here! hello dear potential clients, care to join me on this adventure?

and then came the wisteria heaven… these are probably my favourite flowers. they smell like heaven, their colour is amazingly beautiful and pure delight to capture. i just want to be shooting them from every possible point of view.

you may recognize this beauty here above from one of my well-known prints! this bike stands outside a shop and was formely painted in neon pink and now has this white cover with a twist of green! i always love the way they place scarves and flowers… and how about this idea below? isn’t this teapot just gorgeous?

i think that óbidos is one of those places that can never disappoint me! it’s always gorgeous and magical, a little bit like sintra. and the curious thing is that i happened to go there on slightly rainy days, with all the light grey clouds above, always threatening to start raining and what i end up is with a glorious light, no rain and a bunch of beautiful photos on my memory card. i drive back home with a smile on my face!

and just like that i had spent 3 hours in obidos wandering on the narrow streets of the village inside the castle, forgetting that there is a world outside. and this is how i feel when i’m shooting… and i think that this is how i know this love is for real!

ps. for the ikea fans, did you know that i’m their blogger this week? yay!!! read here (in portuguese)!


  1. awww perfect really. I love Obidos as well, it looks so medieval but so charming at the same time, the flowers give quite a unique touch, I love those flowers as well, they make me feel quite happy.
    I always love to visit Obidos, although I think I only did it twice and I’ve never visited the station, which is quite a pity.
    Beautiful photos as always :)

    • i found the station this week as well, because i was driving from peniche on the secondary road, not the highway, so i had to cross the train rail. i really had to stop and do some photos!!! have a lovely day!!!

    • and it is my dear, you would LOVE this place! let’s go with our film cameras, shall we?? :)

  2. Que fotos inspiradoras ! Fiquei com imensa vontade de lá ir também !
    Tens razão; Óbidos tal como Sintra são sítios mágicos !
    Um abraço e uma boa semana :)

    • e acho que deves ir!! é maravilhoso e ainda por cima acontece-me sempre ir ao sábado à tarde ou de manhã e nem por isso encontro assim muitas muitas pessoas, mas evito circular apenas pela rua principal! é giro é percorrer as ruelas todas e espreitar por todos os cantos!!! anda-se quase sozinho… perfeito para tirar fotografias!!! beijinhos!

  3. Oh! My gosh! I’m in complete awe :) Now I just can’t wait to spend my next semester abroad in Lisbon!

    • oh anna you’ll love it here!!!! though this is not lisbon, you can be here in about an hour or less, driving. and it’ll be totally worth it!!! enjoy!!!

    • oh whow, thank you so much my sweet friend!!! wisteria is indeed my favourite flowers!!! i cannot resist to their smell and looks!

  4. Estou mt contente por finalmente encontrar fotos das nossas coisinhas! :) O Bule azul é da nossa loja!! imensa gente tira fotos mas nunca as chegamos a ver!!
    Parabéns, está linda!

    (já agora, a bicicleta já mudou de cor, está castanha! eheh)

    continuação de bom trabalho!


    • olá raquel! que bom saber!!! adorei o bule, está um mimo!!! hei-de voltar a óbidos para fotografar um casamento no início de agosto, se puder dou um salto à sua loja! um beijinho! ps. bem tenho de tirar mais uma foto a essa bicicleta! :)

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