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hello there, how are you my friends? enjoying this wednesday? did you like the outstanding work of videoart storytellers that i brought to you yesterday? i hope you don’t mind about bringing so much about the wedding industry and i surely don’t want to turn this blog into a wedding blog, but as i told you, the industry in portugal is changing and i feel the need of spreading the word about those who are doing something different! but moving on to something i found recently through frankie magazinewhite horse home.

white horse home are frankie’s magazine sponsors and i clicked because the image with some pillows had me curious. and when i got to the website, i really enjoyed what i saw… the products are simple, but have some attitude and the images featuring the products are really interesting, with a nice interior styling displayed. and of course, give me something with a strong message like “today is a good day” screen printed on a white paper and you have me (i really need to learn this process!).

and i also enjoy their motto “white horse home exists to create simple pleasures for the home enthusiast. all of our products are 100% australian made. we source the very best materials from both near and far.” it’s so simple, isn’t it? simple products with clever and interesting designs… definitely something to create a better mood, or at least a different mood for the “home enthusiast”. of course i cannot leave without notice, the vintage objects they added to their styling shoots, as well as some plants, which for me is such a winner strategy! if you want to explore at your own pleasure, then go through their website, blog and of course, facebook!

images: white horse home

ps. also note that wooden tripod on the 5th image… now that is something i’d love to have on my home! oh it would fit perfectly!


  1. Gorgeous! I spotted an image on the shuttlecock pillow on craft gawker and came by to have a look around. You’ve created a great blog! hi from me!

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