wednesday find :: joy st. claire

can i still call it a find, if i already mentioned this lady before? maybe i cannot, but i love her work so much that i cannot, nor want to resist. i met joy st. claire through flickr quite a while ago and her story moved me. asides from all the personal aspects of her story, she had a love in her life, maggie, her dog. and they both lived counting on each other’s love to keep going… until one day that maggie got sick, and to get better, joy had a huge vet bill to pay. so by that time i decided to help her and spread the word here in order to let the world know that by buying a print you’d be already helping!

fortunately those moments are already behind their back, they are still together and living quite happy! but joy still amazes me! she’s my colleague on society6, where we both have our work, and she’s one of the most popular artists there! and i can understand why, her work is magical, whimsical and everything in between… it’s like she’s able to capture nature at its best all the moments, whether is spring, summer, fall or cold winter. she can nail the colours, the textures, the perspective and add her special touch. joy is my find once again!

as usual, society6 is also very popular for the products they have for our art, such as iphone covers, laptop cases and most recently they have added stationery cards. so if you loved these images, go on and explore more of joy st. claire’s shop, because there is much more magic there!

images: joy st. claire via society6 (click on each image for further deatils)

ps. did you read the amazing interview with jonathan canlas?


    • oh really beautiful and maggie is such a doll, you’ll love her! ;)

  1. Twiggs you are a true delight! Thanks so much for the kind feature! Your work has always amazed me & you are a true inspiration in your own right! And of course I love that you are a fellow dog lover! ♥

    • oh my sweet friend, you are so talented and have such a sensitivity in your eyes… ;) and yes, i knew you loved that detail (a four paw detail) about me ;) ♥ yay for dogs for being our partners and such loyal friends!

  2. Love the natural and sweet colors of the last one! I’ve looked at the society6’s side and there is so much eye-candy there! Both of you are really talented.

  3. Oh my goodness. These pictures are incredible. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and I’m finally getting the time to look through it. I can’t stop hitting the older entries button! good to see that Joy and Maggie are doing well now.

    • hello keiko! thank you so much for your visit ♥ it’s so good to read those words! i hope you can find the time to read more and to see more about what is going on here! :) take care!

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